"Navy Commander Neil Corby: I started considering all the possibilities with Tedrow. And I landed on this one. There's this story that's passed around the JAG guys. NCIS has an undercover operator who can turn himself in anyone at any time for any reason. Gets his man and he's gone. Like some urban legend. Doesn't even have a real name, just... Callen."

So we all know, that this is exactly what Callen is. A legend. But what does his team think about him?
This is from the point of view of every team member, which will show you their most hidden thoughts
I don't own NCIS:L.A. or any characters!

Sam's Point of View:

"G. Callen is my partner. We seals have a own, special way to get along with our partners. They aren't just friends and they are even more than brothers. Your partner is the guarantee of your life and you are likewise to him. Partners trust each other with their life."

Callen has never been a seal and this couldn't be more obvious. Still, they were getting along well. Sam trusted him with his life and so did Callen. They were friends.

"I've got a family, but still, I think the one I'm closest to is G. Though sometimes he surprises me and sometimes it feels as though I don't know him at all. But even that is ok, because nobody knows him. He doesn't even know his own name, poor man. He's searching for it and in the meantime searching for himself, his personality, I can feel it. And I will do anything in my might to help him. Because I love him. Like a brother. -No like a partner!"

They understand each other without words, they do rely on each other, they are a good team.

All the teasing and fighting is just a funny joke between them. And seriously, who doesn't ever fight with their brother?

"I'm always there to rescue G., but sometimes, he needs to rescue me. It is give and take.
Mostly he can fight his own way out. He thinks, he doesn't need anyone.

He's a lonely legend"