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Eric's Point of View:

"I like G.. We're all like family at NCIS. We worked our way through so many difficult cases together and we know each other. They are my big brothers, Callen and Sam. Teasing and being teased, that's our life. We're funny, we make jokes and all, but actually we're close and trust each other."

Eric accepts the authority of Callen. He admires his his coolness in cases and his bravery, but also his strenght. In his point of view, Callen is a legendery undercover agent.

"I'm sorry about G. being a bit lonely. I know, he's got us, but other than that, he doesn't have family. He doesn't have a wife or a girlfriend. Neither do I, but I'm a nerd. (:D) He deserves somebody to love him and to be there for him. But I also think, there's nobody that could match him. They'd have to be not only smart, but really clever, they'd have to get along with his lack of trust and his non-existant ability to fall in love easily. He won't find somebody like that. I'm sorry, but in my oppinion it'd be better if he stays alone"

Well, Eric's my fav character, buuut, nothing more to say about Callen from his PoV... I know it's very short.
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