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It was Valentine's Day. Everybody was very excited, especially the members of Glee club. Mr. Schue had told them to choose a love song to sing to the ones that they loved. Sam had found a great song to sing to his girlfriend, Mercedes, and he was sure she's gonna love that song. The year before, he hadn't got a chance to sing his love song to Quinn, his first love. She had cheated on him with one of his best friends, Finn. She had broken his heart on their first Valentine's Day together. It had hurt him really bad of course, but he had moved on and he was happy with Mercedes. Quinn and him were still good friends. He needed to forget about what happened last year and focused on the song that he was going to sing to his girlfriend.

"Sam! Wait up!"

Sam heard someone calling his name while he was walking down the school hall. He immediately stopped and turned around, "hey, Quinn!"

The girl with short, blonde hair smiled as she walked to her ex-boyfriend, "good morning."

"Good morning to you, too," he said, smiling back.

It had been so long since they talked to each other like that. Quinn couldn't be more happy to hear his voice and to see him smiling at her. They had broken up a year ago, but she was not over him. She had made a huge mistake letting him go. She had never stopped loving him, and seeing him with his new girlfriend hurt her a lot. She always wished that she could have him back, even though she knew that her wish would never come true.

Last year, I cheated on the one I love on Valentine's Day. This year, I have to watch him singing a love song to another person, Quinn sighed at the thought as she kept walking with him.

"Are you singing to anyone today?" Sam broke the silence between the two of them.

"No, I'm lonely on Valentine's Day…" Quinn answered with a nervous laugh and Sam just nodded his head.

"What are you going to sing today?...for Mercedes…" Quinn asked quietly.

"It's a surprised. You'll find out later," he said, giving her a smile and she could feel the inside of her chest getting more painful. Mercedes was so lucky to have him. She loved Mercedes, but it still hurt her very bad whenever she thought about how happy they were together. She tried so hard not to care about that but it didn't work. She couldn't wait for Sam to finish whatever he was going to sing. She knew it'd be so hard sitting there and watching him singing a love song to another girl.

They had finally arrived at the choir room. The whole Glee club was already there. Sam gave Quinn a smile and walked over to the seat next to Mercedes, giving her a sweet kiss on the cheek. Quinn just sighed and tiredly went to her seat next to Brittany. When the bell rang, Mr. Schuester entered the room with a big smile on his face.

"Happy Valentine's Day!" he told everyone and they all cheered loudly, except for Quinn. The teacher wrote on the whiteboard two words: Love Songs. Everyone looked very excited. Quinn took a quick glance over at Sam and Mercedes. She saw him whispering something to his girlfriend and they both laughed. Oh how she wished it was her.

"I'm gonna go first," Rachel's voice brought Quinn back to reality. Of course Rachel's gonna go first, Quinn rolled her eyes as the teacher asked the short girl to come in front of the room. Everyone clapped their hands and Finn was the loudest. Quinn didn't pay attention to Rachel's performance or any of the other performances. She just couldn't wait to leave.

"Mr. Schue, I'd like to sing next."

Quinn quickly turned to Sam, who was raising his hand. Mr. Schuester nodded his head and Sam walked in front of the room in the cheering of his friends. Quinn looked at Mercedes, she was smiling happily at her boyfriend. That was the same smile that Quinn had have on her face when Sam sang 'Baby' to her.

"I'm gonna sing this song to my girlfriend, Mercedes. The song called 'Next To You' by Justin Bieber."

Another Bieber's song, Quinn thought to herself as Sam grabbed his guitar and started strumming,

You've got that smile,

That only heaven can make.

I pray to God everyday,

That you keep that smile…

Sam held his guitar and walked to Mercedes. Everyone was dancing in their seats during the whole song, but Quinn wasn't. She didn't even bother to look at him.

When Sam had finished the song, Mercedes ran up to him and pulled him into a kiss while everyone were clapping their hands, cheering for them. Quinn couldn't stay there any longer. She grabbed her bag and stormed out of the room. She heard Mr. Schue calling after her, but she just ignored him and kept walking away.

Quinn got into her car and turned the key then slowly drove out of the school's parking lot. She didn't know what had gotten into her. She was just so mad. She's mad at Sam, Mercedes, everyone in the Glee club and herself. She tightened her grip on the steering wheel as her knuckles turned white. Her mind was so messed up. She thought about their first met, when they sang lucky together, when he proposed her and she even thought of the kiss in the auditorium with Finn…then a little wish came to her and it kept repeating inside of her head. She wished she could turn back in time and be with Sam again. She wished that they were still together and they had never broken up.

"Beep! Beep! Beeeeep!"

Quinn got pulled away from the thought as she quickly looked up at the car coming toward her. The other car collided with hers. Glass flying everywhere. The next thing she knew that she was lying on the ground with the broken pieces from the cars, covering in blood. Her head hurt, her body was in pain, she couldn't move, and then everything turned black…

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