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Chapter 1

"Ruby, there's someone at the door for you." I looked up from my book. I never got visitors, so I was curious. I got up and walked towards the living room where the visitors would be waiting for me.

When I entered the room I saw one older man sitting in a wheelchair and a woman around thirty next to him. The older man spoke up "Hello Ruby, I am professor Charles Xavier and this is miss Ororo. You probably know why we are here."

"No I don't know actually." I said.

"Well I have a school for gifted youngsters, and I can say you are a very gifted one."

So the man knew of all the crazy things I can do. "You know I am a mutant?" I asked.

"Yes I know, and you are welcome at my school where you can learn to control those gifts."

I looked over to my parents and they nodded. I knew they wouldn't mind if I was gone. They didn't know what to do with me, even though they love me they are scared as hell for me. "Okay I'll come with you. Euh... Can I pack some of my stuff?"

"Sure you can, we'll wait for you." the woman said.

I ran to my room and grabbed a bag, I put a bunch of clothes in and then I grabbed my messenger-bag and put my cellphone, Ipod and laptop in it along with some money and a picture of me and my parents. I went back downstairs and walked outside along with the man and woman.

When I saw the school my jaw dropped, it looked like a castle but there were too many children running in and out for that. The man and woman guided me toward an office. In that room some people were waiting, a red-haired woman that smiled warmly a man with red glasses who stood next to the first woman. At the other end of the room a rougher looking man with a cigar in his mouth, he looked fun to hang out with. The professor went to sit behind his desk and miss Ororo went to stand next to the smoking man.

"Ruby, this are Jean and Scott and on my other hand are Logan and you already met Ororo." The professor said.

I smiled politely at everyone.

"We were wondering if you could show us your gifts?" Ororo said.

Logan turned his head to her "Giftss, as in more than one?" he asked, putting more s-es then necessary .

"Yes Logan, Ruby here has more than one."

I swallowed, I had to show them? "I have to show it… here?"

I got no answer, You don't have to worry, They aren't going to hurt you. I heard in my head, and by the way the professor was looking I could tell that this was his gift being a telepath. I smiled, okay I would do it.

I started with the less dangerous one, I turned into a walking diamond. By being like this I was a lot stronger and people couldn't kill me.

Logan laughed "Just like Emma Frost, not very original don't you think."

I blinked and turned back to normal.

"What's the second one? Turning invisible cause we saw that also once before."

Okay here I go, I concentrated hard and I couldn't help but give a little smile. Logan squirmed on the ground in pain. That was my gift, making people feel enormous pain, well only mental pain but still it was excruciating. "No I don't do invisible, but I do this instead don't you think it's a lot more fun?" I told him but then I stopped hurting him.

He got up and smiled at the professor "I like this one, she got spirit."

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