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"No I don't do invisible, but I do this instead don't you think it's a lot more fun?" I told him but then I stopped hurting him.

He got up and smiled at the professor "I like this one, she got spirit".

Chapter 2

"Is there more?" The red-haired woman, jean, asked me. Even though she seemed nice and everyone looked in awe at me I didn't want to show the last.

I didn't want to show the last one, the one that actually could hurt someone. Hiding something for such a group made me nervous, I started fidgeting at my shirt "No, that's all." I told her.

But when I looked at the professor I could tell he knew that wasn't all, but he didn't pushed me. He just smiled politely at me, as if he understood what bothered me.

"Well I'll show you your room than" Ororo said and I followed her with my bags. Logan had offered to carry them but I told him I was fine. It was a normal sized room. I got my own closet, desk and bed I even had a small bathroom with a toilet, shower and washbasin. When I looked out of my window I could see a part of the woods that were around the house.

After I unpacked my stuff, which wasn't a lot just a couple of shirts and tank tops, shorts and three skinny jeans along with a pair of running shoes and an extra pair of converse. I couldn't stay in my room anymore, I wanted to know where I ended up I walked through the school. I saw a massive well-equipped kitchen, a large living room with a giant flatscreen, an Olympic swimming pool, a basketball field and many other rooms were you could do fun stuff.

"Hey you are new, right?" I heard someone ask behind me. It must've been a guy since the voice sounded deep.

I turned and saw a boy looking at me, how good am I? The guy was tall and looked strong, he had green eyes and black hair, you could see by the way he dressed that he liked rock and metal. "Yes, I'm new. My name is Ruby."

He smiled "Hey Ruby I'm Nick. So what music do you like."

I had to laugh, in a place like this where everyone was so special he asked a simple question about music. I looked down at my clothes, I wore black All-Stars a black ripped up skinny jeans and my black tank top with a white feather on it. My hair is naturally black and just reaches the middle of my back, and my eyes are electric blue. I'm about 5'5" and rather skinny but with the necessary curves. Really did he had to ask? "I like a lot but mostly rock but the harder rock. And also Metal. Yours?" I finally replied, if he could ask such an obvious question so could I.

"Same. Why did you laugh?" He asked. The guy, sorry Nick, seemed nice enough.

"Because it's such a normal question, and I didn't expected it." I smiled.

"It's not because we can do stuff normal people can't that we are freaks." he said.

I couldn't answer, that was exactly how I have felt all my life, a freak. I just gave him a weak smile as an answer. Starting to fidget with my shirt again, why on earth was I this nervous I never was nervous. But then again I've had stayed inside a lot recently.

"Niiiiiiiick!" a girly girl yelled from behind him she was dressed in bright colors like white, baby blue and hot pink. She swung her arms around him and gave him a kiss on his cheek that lasted longer than necessary. I could tell she didn't liked it that I was talking to him.

He looked sorry, but I didn't stay to watch what he would say. I turned and walked away I walked through the garden, it was beautiful and calming. When I saw there weren't any people around I sat down and closet my eyes.

I concentrated on happy thoughts, like the time I went to a concert with my best friend, that was before I found out of the 'great' powers I have, you should've noticed the sarcasm. But then I remembered the fight I had there I stopped the memory.

I had to find a happy thought, which was harder than it seems because well in my life I've had more fights and black eyes than I can remember, you could say they were a key point in my life. But that had stopped after I found out of my power and I locked myself in my room.

When I opened my eyes I saw that the professor was next to me. He smiled politely at me. "You know this is one of my favorite spots too."

"Yeah well it is very calm here." I smiled, that was true even though I couldn't keep myself calm it was a calm place in the house.

"That's true, I know that you have another gift." He didn't look down to me, but looked in the distance as if he was trying to remember, and by the smile on his face it had to been a good memory.

"I don't really call it a gift, the other two maybe but not this one."

"If you would be in control of it, you could call it a gift."

"I don't think I ever will be in control" I looked down at the grass.

"There are more than enough of us that will help you to get in control."

I looked up at the professor I could tell he meant it. "I could try."

"Just say when you're ready."

"Can I try today, this afternoon? I want it over as soon as possible."

"Of course, I'll make sure everything is organized."

"Thank you." I closed my eyes and concentrated on different noises. I heard the professor roll away.

I have to keep myself in check was all I could think about, if I couldn't control my feelings I couldn't control my 'gift'.

That afternoon I went to the room the professor told me to go. When I entered the dark room he was already there just as the rest of the people who had watched me this morning. But next to them there were a few other people around my age, the professor introduced them as Bobby, a cool dude with a constant smile, he had his arm round the girl next to him. The prof introduced her as Rogue, she wore gloves and a white streak in her dark hair she stood next to Logan. The next one was Candy, it was the girl who had run to Nick well at least her name suited her. Her clothes were like candy wraps but I don't think the inside was as sweet as one.

The professor gestured to the door and said "And this is Nick" and as on cue he opened the door and entered, it was the guy I met earlier in the hall. He smiled at me but Candy walked over at him and clung around him. It made me roll my eyes, she had to be the head bitch in this place.

"If you are ready you can enter the room we shall watch you from here. I have a feeling that's better." He said and gave me a little smile.

"Okay, yes it will be better if you stay here, good thinking." I but everyone could tell it wasn't a real one, it was one full of nerves. I turned around and walked to the other room and closed the door behind me. The room looked like a modern bunker with one big glass wall looking out into the room I just came from. I couldn't see the persons on the other side but I was absolutely sure they would be able to see my 'wonderful' gift in progress.

I went to stand in the middle of the room and closed my eyes. I let the memory from earlier come back. The night of the concert, my friend and I had the best time until a guy came to stand behind us and grabbed our asses. I had turned around and given him a grin and a black eye. That had resulted into a fight, I came home with a few bruises and a black eye. I could feel the tingle go through my body and I boosted up the hard memories the punch I got from a rather persistent guy when I didn't want to give my number. The fight at school which got me expelled. The tingle on my body seemed to come faster and I could feel the first flames come. The first big ones erupted from me and soon it consumed my entire body. I opened my eyes knowing how they would look like, pitch black with flames at the sides. Balls of fire were shot from me in every direction. I could feel I heated up more and more. The room was filled with flames coming from me.

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