Those wounds that I cannot touch,

for fear they will burn

I foolishly hope that the past will not repeat

While the cycle has already come round again

Even as this world continues

Spinning endlessly on

I cannot accept nor forget

These aching feelings and burning thoughts

This is of my own doing, this pain I've known before

Bonds are shattered, but not ours… why?

Why do you fight and tear yourself apart

For a worthless thing like me?

To protect is why I do these things,

To guard is why I take up my blade

I will not hesitate, I will look forward and chase after you

I have been given another chance, and now I say with certainty

Ore ga mamoru-

A/N- I disappear off the internet for weeks and then I write some random, somewhat angsty poem... ah, well. welcome to my life. ^^' anyways, there isn't much to explain for this. I just got hit by the sudden inspiration to write something poetic and somewhat angsty. Nuff said. And as for the excessive line breaks... well, fanfiction's being mean and eating all my other attempts at putting some sort of breakage between the stanzas, so it had to be done. don't worry, it annoys me as well.

Finally, I'll update this with a quick little credit to whoever manages to guess 1- who's POV this is from, and 2- when the vague story hinted at in the poem takes place. You're one hint is that it's in the canon, so have fun figuring it out. (I took a second look at this and thought 'no one is going to get all of this' and decided to add another hint-there's a trick to it. and, since this isn't as obvious as i thought it'd be, it involves the stanzas. now, which question this applies to is another matter entirely. Is it both? One? The other? I'm not telling!)

It shouldn't be too hard.

Oh, and last thing: I DO NOT OWN BLEACH! There, my job is done. Happy lives to all of you who need the luck.