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"Your love is my Drug"

A prologue from Usui

Usui's POV

My mind … it hurts, I need her. Her smile just like a medicine to me, I need her love, her cute little blushed face, her sweet voice and most of all … her beautiful silky black straight hair. I loves it, I loves everything about her. Even when she acted likes she doesn't care about me but he knows that she loves I, deeply in her heart.

But then … when it came to love, I always been messed up by her, she made me felt alive. What will I do without her? I couldn't stand the fact that she would be mad at me and ignore me for the last day before I transperring ... but she is the DEMON PRES of Seika High, she could be mad at anytime she wants.

And that night was the night Misaki came over, trying to surprising me because it was my BIRTHDAY!

Well ... she tried , but she couldn't because I found out but I was pretending that I doesn't knew

On that night, she made me surprised at what she was doing ...