"Your love is my Drug"

Chapter 1: I need you, my love-drug

Usui's POV

On that day, when I was waiting for her to came over, I was in the couch looking out thinking of what she really wanted.

Maybe she came here to tell something, or she planning to made me suffered and only she been satisfied.

Then the doorbell rang, it was Misaki my beloved cute little maid was outside waiting me to opened the door. I opened the door then she suddenly jump up and hug me right after the door was opened.

"Happy Birthday, my Usui!" she said, while hugging me, but then I push her and made her leaned to the wall of the living room.

That will surprised her, at least.I through, it does surprised her. I could told because her face was deeply red as I knew.

"I know that you had planned for this" I said, tried to make her blushing again.

"How about this!" she said and kissed me.

"Well…" I said and stopped for a moment

She…she …she caught me. HOW did she do that? I through, surely blushing.

"Usui … are you blushing?" she asked , as the same time teasing him. This is the first time she saw him blushing so deeply.

"Ye…yeah…" I said , letting her won this time.

"This is the first time I saw you blush, you do had some weak points too, ne?" she said and laughing so happy.

That laugh and smile, I couldn't help it

"It seem that you want to tell me something, spit it out!" I said, while carrying her to the couch and dropped her down to the couch (from author: i mean it, he did dropped her down to the couch)

"I ... want to ... tell you ... that I ... lo.." she said, just hearing half of them I knew that she is trying to confess me. She was sooooooo cute ;3

"That ..." I said , teasing her as making her continued too.

"Grrrrr... alright! I WANT TO TELL YOU THAT I LOVE YOU, BAKA USUI" In the end , she yelled at me in a happy as angry way.

"I know it, kitty kat!" I smile, hugging her as hard as I could.

"WHY YOU ..." she said then suddebly she was crying as I looked at her face.

"No, Misaki ... I didn't mean to hurt you!" I cried out , worrying that she may wouldn't forgive him.

"I DON'T CARE!" She yelled, making me worried til death.

"You know, Misaki. I love you too. You're my love drug to keep me alive." I said, trying to said what I felt.

"I'm your ... LOVE DRUG!" she was surprisedWEE

"Why yes because you're my love. I can't live without you, like a drug." I smile at her. She was blushing, but she was happy as she could after hearings those words.

"Could you ... could you be my girlfriend? I asked, blushing thinking that i'm gonna explored.

" Yes and dob't complaind." she said, making sure that I'll not teased her.

"Then could you stayed at my house for a week?" I asked , childishly.

"A WEEK! A day is the limit but A WEEK! You hentai uchuujin!" She shouted at me, she tried to punch me but I stopped her and kiss her hand.

"I'm not screwing around, kaicho" I said, I was serious this time. I'll not gonne let her go, not now not ever. Then I carried her to my bed room and yes dropped her down again (Now he's being cruel and violent)

"FINE, a week only... Takumi." she said, blushing all over. I was surprised that she would said my first name.

"Yay, I finally could live Misaki for A WHOLE WEEK!" I was cheering, like a child but I couldn't help it. I was so happy

to be continued