Smoke and Mirrors

As Hiro sat at the edge of his bed, he grabbed one of the cigarettes he took from Stein and lit it up. His instructor would undoubtedly find out that they were missing and Hiro knew it, but at this point in time he just didn't care. As the smoke began to befall his room like a thick fog, Hiro began questioning himself as well as his conviction of being a meister for the DWMA.

What the hell am I even doing here?

I've been at the DWMA for two years and first year students from NOT classes show more promise…

Though these thoughts weren't anything new to Hiro, but after a mission with a low-ranking Kissin Egg going horribly wrong; they've taken a stronger hold on him. It took a week's worth of apologizing to finally get the weapon who briefly worked with him to finally tolerate him. No not forgive, tolerate. And now Hiro would once again have to find a new weapon who wasn't completely disgusted with the idea of working with him.

I hate this…

I hate that I'm always wrong and am the one apologizing.

But why!

Why do I feel this way, when I can't remember a single time when I was right?

Hiro has asked for advice on the matter before, and they always give the same generic answer for him to strengthen his soul and train to get stronger. Though everybody assumes he's lazy, they never seem to notice that he's always the first one in and last one out when it comes to a gym or a classroom; going as far as do additional training at home until late at night causing him to fall asleep in class, which gave him the reputation of being half-hearted.

As Hiro's cigarette began to reach its end, an even sadder truth dawned on him. Hiro had grown to anticipate his own failures and short-comings no matter what it was he was attempting. The thoughts of self-loathing growing thicker as the cigarette smoke began clearing, as he continued his facade of being completely oblivious.

A.N: Being going through personal problems and haven't really felt like I'd give you my best material on my other works (considering they're comedies). This one-shot is kind of reflective on where my mind is right now, and since Hiro is probably the most neglected character in the series I decided to vent through him (Sorry for the OCC-ness). Don't worry this slump will probably pass, and I'll be updating something eventually! Please favorite and/or review so I can get better and am honestly curious as to what you guys think. Thank you for reading!