Harry Evans The Boy Who Survived

By Mathieu Leader

Chapter One I'm A Wizard!

It was an unseasonably mild start to July. Harry Evans had left Rosewater Primary School.

Harry has another month of holidays to look forward too before the start of his years at Secondary School.

Due to the alarming nature of owls that swooped in on Ms. Evans's humble abode in the last couple of days. This scared Aunt Petunia so much that she had booked a room at a new Premiere Inn near the M25 which was close to the town of Cokeworth where Petunia and Lily grew up on the outskirts of Manchester.

But at breakfast a letter had arrived given to him by a tall thin man with long jet black hair who had a pale face and wore brown trousers with a blue shirt.

The stranger had joined Harry's aunt for breakfast as all the other tables where full.

"How are things with you Petunia?" asked the odd looking stranger

"Fine Mr. Snape what brings you here," Petunia asked suspiciously

"Ms. Evan's you know why I'm here for Harry's welfare regarding his future schooling," sternly retorted Mr. Snape

"I've been offered a place at private school!" Harry exclaimed with delight and surprise that had just started eating his cornflakes.

"Yes you can say this school that you're going too is very exclusive and private," smiled Snape laughing dryly

"But Harry has never been that smart! he only scraped at level 4 in his SATS?" Petunia questioned Snape curiously

"Harry's been enrolled on our list ever since he was born nearly 11 years ago. Surely you've told him how special his mother Lily was?" Snape asked briskly

"Yes his mother died giving birth to him and his dad James was killed in a shooting. As he was a policeman..."

"Well, I guess you've told him the best interpretation you could. In light of the circumstances with him being raised a Muggle,"

"What's a Muggle?" Harry asked perplexed

"A muggle Harry is somebody who is not able to do magic because Harry your a wizard," Snape said kindly

"But I got a magic trick set from Mrs. Figg last Christmas; I was not very good at it..." Harry groaned unenthusiastically

"No no Harry... What Mr. Snape means is the strange things that you do from time, to time, for example. When you turned Mr. Prentices fruit to giant size in his allotment or when you jumped on the school roof and they called 999..." Petunia cooed softly

"So Mr. Snape you must be wizard if you told me I'm one?" asked Harry brimming with excitement

"Yes I am and I'm going to teach you Potions at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in September..."

"Can you do a trick?" Harry asked happily

Mr. Snape nodded and clasped the white mug of coffee in his hand, then suddenly in a red light the mugs content of coffee had changed into hot chocolate and had completely been refilled.

Snape said proudly "Read the letter Mr. Evans,"

Harry opened the letter it read:

Dear Harry Timothy Evans

You are now a student of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

It is important to know that once you've started at Hogwarts you need not perform magic after the school year has finished as it is against the International Code of Secrecy.

Signed Albus Dumbledore Headmaster of Hogwarts School


Black robes x 3

One pointed black hat to wear in the day

2 pairs of gloves Dragon-Hide preferable

1 winter coat

Students need the following equipment

1 brass set of scales

One telescope

1 cauldron

1 wand

A cat, frog, or owl as their student's animal familiar

Find enclosed a ticket for the Hogwarts Express:

First-Year students if they are without a broomstick. Hogwarts will provide a broom for students in flying practices

Your train will leave from platform 9/3 quarters at 11 AM on the 31st of August

Yours sincerely

Minerva McGonagall Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry

Harry was awestruck at his letter taking deep breathes and taking a sip of his hot chocolate and then Harry asked abruptly "Does my birthmark mean I'm a wizard? Do all wizards have scars?" pointing at the thin jagged lightning bolt scar on his forehead covered by his long fringe.

"No Harry it does not your wizard. That is a scar from your attack from Lord Voldemort an evil wizard whom you vanquished when you where a mere babe. Unfortunately Harry your parents bore the brunt of this dark wizard's onslaught and died... You are the only wizard known to have lived the attack I was there the night your parents died." Snape said calmly

"How am I going to get this stuff?" Petunia panicked

"It will be waiting for Harry on the train we don't want any unwarranted attention from the neighbours..." Snape glowered ominously at the other hotel guests

Then Mr. Snape produced from his trouser pocket a glass case with a narrow long wooden stick inside

"This is your wand Harry, it is 12 inches phoenix feather think of it as an early birthday present from your godfather," Snape said kindly

Harry smiled happily...

Then the night before Harry Potter was due to go to Hogwarts. Harry had a nightmare

Harry saw himself standing beside a smouldering ruin of a house. A giant in a moleskin overcoat, who wore a big black motorcyclist's helmet, was carrying a bundle of clothes in a woven basket onto a scarlet motorbike. Then he saw a black robed figure come out of the house, with a wand raised; a brilliant beam of green light shot from it.' The light formed a skull the skull came closer to Harry till it was right in his face.

It spoke in an unearthly cold hoarse voice,

"Either one shall live the other must die the fated duel the prophecy speaks of Evans... This event comes to pass not today or tomorrow but in the future. Wherein the Great Castle will be in flames, from which one will be The Master of Death arising from the ashes. Then only and only then will I truly die!"

The smoking skull then suddenly vanished in an instant.

Then a tall elderly man wearing scarlet robes with bright blue eyes appeared from the bushes.

The elderly man had a wand; he then raised it in a salute.

The elderly man muttered ominously "Another tragedy has befallen the village of Godric's Hallow, home too many a great wizard. Including myself..."

"In my mind, I have no doubt that young Evans here will be a powerful wizard. When he grows up to be an adult he is going to be greater wizard than I am. Well, Harry needs to be for the challenges that he faces for the future," the old man tearfully murmured

As Harry heard these words Harry felt himself rise through the air passing the big black clouds on a moonless night.

Then he felt himself fall faster and faster.

Till he sat askew like a piece of driftwood at the mouth of a cave, it was then in a gust of wind Harry was swept into the cave.

Harry got up on his feet and saw a stormy dark lake within the lake was a small wooden rowboat.

Harry saw who and what was within in the boat a young man about nineteen with long black hair with brown eyes in a yellow raincoat. With what appeared to Harry's mind a dishevelled grey miniature elephant with big glassy blue eyes it had a trunk like snout.

The man said nervously "Kreacher, I maybe scared. But if I accomplish this take then perhaps I will redeem myself in the eyes of Sirius, then I will truly bring back the nobility to the Ancient House of Black."

"Truly stirring words Master," the creature called Kreacher spoke with pride.

Harry watch the boat as it moved steadily across the silent lake. Then from his pocket, he flung a bronze locket at the marble pedestal in the centre of the lake. To which the locket gently sat at the edge of the pedestal.

But the strange calmness of the lake was shattered completely, as many ghostly white clawed hands arose from the lake they tore the boat to shreds as if it where a toy.

Kreacher grabbed the teen's hem of his raincoat, but the teen was too heavy. Then the teen fell into the deep ding waters gasping for air.

Harry watched distressed as with each gasp of air. He was getting closer to his watery grave helpless and alone.

The boy's creature sobbed loudly. Then the creature tearfully rasped "Goodbye Mr. Black, Alas an elf is without a master or a mistress. I'm alone with no household to serve," then the elf disappeared in a puff of creamy white smoke.

Harry awoke with a start and got packed and went in Petunia's yellow mini to Kings Cross Station where Harry had given the silver ticket to the guard, whom the guard slotted it into the crack in the wall.

To Harry's amazement the wall melted revealed a hidden platform where a brilliant scarlet steam train stood and crowds of people where waving to people.

Harry climbed aboard the train with tears in his eyes that fogged up his glasses. As the figure of his motherly Aunt Petunia now looked like a spectre. Because she was obscured by the purple steam which the train spewed swiftly as it sped away to its destination.

As Harry entered the train he felt a thousand eyes stare at him.

A mousy brown haired boy with dark eyes came up to him who was a year older than him and escorted him through the crowds to an empty compartment.

"I'd never thought I would be going to school with the Boy Who Lived by the way I'm Cedric Diggory,"

"Why on earth, do you have a badger badge on your shirt Cedric that's silly!" Harry giggled

"No it's not silly Harry this badge signifies one of the houses you'll be in during Hogwarts the Badger is for Hufflepuff, the Raven represents Ravenclaw, the Snake represents Slytherin, and the Lion represents Gryffindor," Cedric replied sternly

"But why do the houses have these animals in particular?" asked Harry intrigued

"The three founders had the ability to change into these animals... Helga could change into a badger, Rowena could change into a raven, and then lastly Salazar could change into a snake. But Godric chose the lion. As he was the Royal Mage for Richard the Lion Heart during the Crusades. His loyalty to the king is why he named the house Gryffindor," Cedric explained with amazed

Harry nodded hearing Cedric's words attentively and interest.

"How do you know which house you'll be in, Sorry if I sound stupid?" asked Harry nervously

"The Sorting Hat which belonged to Godric Gryffindor it gets placed on your head and it puts you in your house your personality suits you best."

"But it's anybody's guess really. Last year I thought I was going to be Slytherin as that was my mother's house when she attended but I went into dad's house," Cedric spoke reassuringly to Harry

Then the compartment door opened a uniformed guard brought in Harry's supplies

"Cedric did your supplies on the train too?" asked Harry curiously

"No mine did not, it's because your parent or guardian does not know magic... it's part of the Hogwarts rules all of the students who are muggle-born or are wizards and witches adopted by muggles have their supplies delivered to them on the train not to arouse suspicion from Muggles,"

"You know a lot about Hogwarts," said Harry miserably

"I plan on being a historian after I leave Hogwarts," Cedric spoke with rising excitement

As the train sped through the rain Harry fell soundly asleep...

When Harry awoke he heard a shrill squeak then a chubby black furry rat ran across the red carpet then jumped on the seat.

Then a ginger haired boy with green eyes with freckles came in with flushed cheeks looking embarrassed.

"Ron what's up?" asked Cedric tentatively

"Ratty escaped Cedric all the carriages are full," the boy called Ron glumly retorted

Cedric ushered Ron to sit next him with Ratty the rat sitting on Ron's lap.

"How's your dad doing Ron?" asked Cedric with interest

"He's captured a set of enchanted gloves that where in somebody's luggage at Gatwick Airport, the gloves they were from a witchdoctor in Gambia they where cursed. If the owner puts one they die by getting strangled," Ron shuddered

"So do you know each other then?" Harry asked politely

"Yeah we're from Penzance our dads work for the ministry," Ron grinned eagerly

"What's the Ministry?" Harry asked puzzled

"The ministry are the people in charge of wizarding Britain," Cedric said shortly

"Oh so John Major has wizards working for him," Harry answered happily

"Who's this Mr. Major?" Ron sheepishly replied to Harry's mildly surprised response

"Come on Ron, don't be thick John Major is our Prime Minister," Harry laughed loudly

Whilst Ron and Cedric stared blankly at Harry who was crying with laughter

At that moment Harry knew that the world he left behind that was so ordinary and the world of witches and wizards was going to be very different indeed.