Harry Evans the Boy Who Survived

By Mathieu Leader

Chapter 5 Explaining Things

Harry was rushed up to the third floor into what was once the Defence against the Dark Arts classroom in Harry's first year, which was now converted into an office with a large desk lined with shelves of books with red curtains that adorned the windows.

"I was wrong about the Dementors Harry I came from a future in which I'm the headmaster of Hogwarts I came back to set things right..." Snape spoke flustered

Harry ignored Snape's paranoid ramble and just stared in abject disbelief at this newfound room.

Harry asked puzzled "Professor your office is in the dungeons this is not your office?"

"No Harry this room belongs to all the teachers of Hogwarts it is our schools archives... Until your first year then the Archives of Hogwarts, had to be moved to the Headmasters Office until last year where it returned to its rightful place..."

"Why on earth did you bring me to the archives?" Harry shouted in annoyance

"Because Harry did you ever wondered why your friend Hermione has managed to achieve so much this year in a short space of time." Snape spoke calmly

"She's Hermione she's good at everything..." Harry sulked

Snape then removed from the desk a small metallic moon shaped pendant he explained "This device is a Time Turner; it allows wizards, and witches, to go to the past or to the future dependant on the user. Moreover it is very rare for a student to have one. But sometimes a student like Ms. Granger is allowed to have one because of her level of maturity and intelligence but when a Hogwarts student is given one it is preset to only work within school hours. However as a teacher I'm not bound by these limitations because of my age and my role within school. But I was tempted Harry to put the wrongs I made. Because of my intentions I'm doomed to die..." Snape spoke skittishly his hands shaking.

Harry watched as the small moon pendant spun around and around within a ghostly white blur, Harry now sat on his bed in Privet Drive as Harry's aunt Petunia returned from hiding without Vernon who had perished by the Snatchers at their hotel in Dover.

With a trip within Severus's memories and having inheriting Time-Turner from Professor Snape he experienced what would his life would been like not as Harry Potter but as Harry Evans so from then on in Harry knew what a great man his former potions master was.

Story notes:

This story is open ended I will do a sequel/prequel which involves Snape's funeral but also the changes in Harry's relationship with his Aunt Petunia.

Also a HP story with an unconventional Sci-Fi Twist

As well as mystery project