Tiger lover 16: Hello to everyone who reads Peanuts fanfiction. This story is something I just couldn't get out of my head recently, and whenever I tried writing about some of my other stories, thoughts of this story just kept getting in the way, so of course I just had to write it. I notice there aren't a lot of Peanuts-Harry Potter crossovers, so I don't have to worry too much about originality. Now before I begin, let me just say this is my first time writing for the Peanuts gang so please don't get mad if I didn't do a perfect job with everyone, I'm trying to write everyone in character for this story, but certain plot points will require some OOC moments. Plus, everyone's three years older for the magority of this story, with Charlie Brown and the magority of the cast being eleven and Linus and Sally being ten, so they should be at least somewhat different by now. There's also going to be several differences from the strip and animated specials, particularly with the characters birthdays and ages, but hopefully you'll be okay with that. It also takes some of it's more dramatic tones from Harry Potter, my drama's not very good though, so bear with me. Well, that's all for now, enjoy the chapter.

Prologue: You're a wizard, Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown leaned against his usual hangout, the wall. As usual, he was here thinking over his life and worrying over whatever was on his mind. But today it wasn't failure to win a baseball game that was bothering him. Nor was it his misconception that nobody liked him or that he wasn't good at anything. What bothered Charlie Brown was something... something a bit more unusual.

It had started the previous day. Things seemed to start out normally for Charlie Brown, he'd got out of bed, fell down the stairs, fed Snoopy, had breakfast, finished Sally's homework for her and left for school. The strangeness started when he ran into Lucy Van Pelt in the park. She was making her annual attempt to get him to kick her football, and as always Charlie Brown fell for her tricks. As Lucy pulled the ball away and Charlie Brown flew into the air however, something peculiar happened.

In the brief moment he was in the air, Charlie Brown lamented how he had been tricked once again and, remembering the back pain he'd suffered from all his previous football incidents, Charlie prayed he could just land on his feet for once. And you know what? He did.

Charlie Brown had no idea what happened, but for that brief instance before landing his body just seemed to stop in mid air and he was pushed forward, so that he landed clean on his feet. Lucy had seen this and was certain she was having hallucinations, so ran off to splash her face with water.

How did that happen? How did Charlie Brown manage to land safely on his feet, when every other time Lucy had pulled the football away he'd landed on his back. Though he was always determined to succeed at something and never gave up, Charlie Brown never succeeded at anything, and he knew it. The thought drove him to the point of depression, so that his confidence almost ceased to exist. But somehow, in this one instance, he'd got lucky. Charlie Brown got lucky! He never got lucky, never. Something was seriously wrong.

It was not two hours before the next strange incident occured. Via his usual misfortune, Charlie Brown had managed to knock over a small tree, which fell in a puddle of mud, splattering local mean girls Violet and Patty with the filthy substance. And despite his attempts to explain himself, Charlie Brown was chased all over town by the angry girls.

As he ran, Charlie Brown kept his eyes closed. How many times had he been chased by people he considered his friends, how many times! And if they caught him, Patty and Violet would show no mercy, he'd be beaten to a pulp. How he wished he could get out of there, how he wished he could get to safety. And when he opened his eyes, he saw... a chimney?

Defying all logic, Charlie Brown found himself stuck on the roof of Linus and Lucy's house, and was stuck there for half the afernoon until Rerun came by and set the ladder up for him.

"Just how did you get up there?" Rerun had asked. Charlie Brown would have liked to know that for himself. It just didn't make sense, one moment he was running along the street to avoid Violet and Patty, the next he was on a roof. There was no way he could have run up the side of the wall, and he certainly hadn't done any climbing. So just how did he get up there?

Charlie Brown went home that night feeling more confused and worried than ever before, and that was saying a lot for him. He couldn't sleep, not for one second, because every time he closed his eyes he thought, how did he land so safely, why did he seem to stop in mid-air and move forward, and how the heck did he get on that roof?

When the clock rang the next morning Charlie Brown ended up knocking it off his bedside cabinet, causing it to smash against the floor. He didn't care, he was just too tired to care.

After being nagged half to death by his sister Sally, who was outraged that she'd earned only a C- on her homework, Charlie Brown trudged out of the house, mustering all his strength to walk in his tired state.

As it was a Saturday Charlie Brown did not have school, so had sought out Linus to discuss the odd events that had been occuring. Linus was usually the most philosophical of Charlie Brown's friends, he always gave great advice and would surely be able to solve the mystery of what was happening to Charlie Brown. At least, that's what he'd thought, but after hearing a full account of each incident, Linus was stumped by the illogical acts.

And it was not long before the third bizzare event took place. While passing by a tree in the park, Charlie Brown and Linus met up with their good friends Peppermint Patty and Marcie.

Deciding he didn't want to talk more about yesterdays events, Charlie Brown instead got caught up in discussions about baseball and had to listen to Peppermint Patty brag about her team's victory over his, while Marcie simultaniously tried to cheer him up, pointing out how he hadn't done TOO badly. During a brief moment where they were left alone, Peppermint Patty and Charlie Brown sat under the tree and discussed that strange concept called love. As usual, it ended with Charlie Brown saying the wrong thing and Patty yelling "Chuck, you drive me crazy!"

Sadly, Charlie Brown's normal morning ended there. Snoopy had showed up in the park in his flying ace persona and, seemingly mistaking them for German soldiers, had gotten into a fight with two local bullies named Joe Agate and Thibault. Both boys rounded on Charlie Brown, and during the argument they turned their attention to insulting Charlie Brown's friends and, do to her intense arguing, had ended up threatening Peppermint Patty.

The local tomboy encouraged Charlie Brown to stand up to the bullies, and after a bit more taunting demanded he slug them. Though Charlie Brown wanted of all things to avoid a fight, Joe Agate and Thibault seemed all up to the idea and prepared to strike him. Charlie Brown panicked and covered his face, hoping some miracle would save him.

And that was when it happened. A split second before Joe could land a punch on Charlie Brown he suddenly froze in place and, after a moment of awkward silence, was sent flying through the air by some invisible force, along with Thibault. The duo landed in the kite eating tree, which mistook them for kites and tried to gobble them up. They were alright, the tree spit them back out when it realised how awful they tasted.

How did that happen? How the h### did that happen? Charlie Brown left without another word, not stopping to respond to his friends calls for him to come back.

And that's where we are now, at the wall, where Charlie Brown pondered over what had been happening to him. These were no mere coincidences, his landing safely after missing the football, his sudden appearance on the roof and Thibault and Joe Agate's flight into the kite eating tree. Charlie Brown couldn't understand why these things were happening, all he could work out was that they all seemed to happen at a moment when he was scared for his life.

He worried he'd break his neck landing on his back, he lands on his feet instead. He gets chased by two angry girls, he finds himself sanctuary on a roof. He gets attacked by bullies, they're thrown backwards through the air. How could this be happening, none of this should be happening. It just didn't make sense.

"You ok Charlie Brown?" Linus appeared by his best friends side, Charlie Brown grunted to show he'd heard "You're confused about what's happening to you, aren't you"

"Yes, yes I am confused Linus" Charlied Brown nodded sadly "I just don't understand. Everything that's been happening lately is just too weird to put into words. I want to know what's going on, but I haven't the slightest clue. I'm scared Linus, I'm really scared"

"I can tell. But there's no use worrying Charlie Brown, if you worry you won't be able to think straight and you'll never figure out anything" Linus said smartly.

"I know, but even if I wasn't worried I still probably couldn't work it out. I mean, these things that happened are just plain impossible" Charlie Brown stressed, Linus couldn't help but nod in agreement.

"I agree with you that these three things that happened may seem impossible, but there's got to be a logical explanation for them, there just has to be" Linus said in a would-be-firm voice.

"If there is, then you should figure it out, because I can't" Charlie Brown said, slumping his head miserably against the wall. Linus hummed, deep in thought.

"Well, I suppose your landing seems the most understandable. You said you felt like you stopped in the air and that your body was pulled forward so that you landed on your feet. Well, what if you only imagined that part, and it was simply a lucky landing" Linus said confidently.

"No, it certainly felt that way. I could just feel my body hanging there above the ground, and Lucy saw it happen and she was shocked" Charlie Brown pointed out unenthusiastically.

"Yeah, but she said she might have been seeing things" Linus replied, and after another moment of thinking "Well, I'm not sure about the roof. But you said you had your eyes closed, maybe you did climb up but you did it self-consciously and you didn't notice"

"Then where were Patty and Violet when I was on the roof, they were nowhere near your house when they were chasing me, I didn't see them again all day" Said Charlie Brown, Linus could think of no good answer to that.

"Well... moving on to Joe Agate and Thibault. Well-" Linus hesitated, he seemed at a loss for words "... ... Maybe... well, maybe they just got hit by a strong wind?"

"I didn't feel any wind, did you, Peppermint Patty or Marcie feel the wind when it happened?" Charlie Brown asked, knowing the answer.

"I know this is strange Charlie Brown, but when you think about it, none of what's happened has been all that bad" Linus said hopefully, and in response to Charlie Brown's quizzical look he added "All these occurances seem to have happened at a time when you were feeling scared, and each time you managed to get out of trouble. So, while these events define physics and are nerve-racking to think about, in the end they work to your advantage"

Linus had hoped that would cheer Charlie Brown up a bit, and to his surprise, it actually did. But only a little bit.

"Maybe you've got a point there Linus, maybe I shouldn't be so worried about whatever's going on. I get into some kind of trouble almost every day and I'm always hurting myself, it might be nice to have whatever strange force is doing all this to watch my back" Charlie Brown said optomistically... but then his grief returned in full force "But I'd still like to know why it's all happening. And after what just happened to Joe and Thibault, I don't want the same thing to happen to everyone else I know. And what if things suddenly change, and I get off much worse next time"

"Charlie Brown, I can honestly say I haven't got a clue" Linus replied gently "Just try not to think about it too much, maybe if you just ignore it and go about your daily life, these weird occurances will stop"

That's what Charlie Brown had been hoping for when he got out of bed this morning, for everything to go back to normal. But it didn't stop, and if his hunch was correct, it wasn't going to.

Charlie Brown's hunch proved to be more than correct, but rather an indisputable fact.

After a few normal days, Charlie Brown had convinced Lucy to once again hold the football for him. The second before his foot could make contact however, she pulled it away and Charlie Brown went flying through the air. But unlike the last time he wasn't suddenly stopped and pulled to his feet, he landed on his back as normal.

After profoundly thanking Lucy, much to her confusion, Charlie Brown skipped off to celebrate his return to a normal, boring and lonely life.

However, while crossing the street he had absentmindedly forgot to look both ways and was nearly hit by a large truck. Charlie Brown froze like a deer in the headlights, fearing this was the end. But rather than run him over, the truck flew over him.

Now I know that sounds weird, but it's true. One moment Charlie Brown had been standing there waiting to be crushed, the next moment the truck suddenly lost contact with the road and floated over his head. The driver had clearly felt this effect, becaue within the next minute he had crashed into the side of a building and was chased down the street by a woman with a rolling pin.

"Flying trucks" Charlie Brown moaned "Good grief, what's next?"

And the weirdness only increased as time went on. Within the next three months Charlie Brown had performed a five hundred foot jump in gym class after his gym teacher threatened to make him run a thousand laps if he didn't at least get to the one mark this time. Another time he had been eating lunch with Linus and PigPen when Joe Agate, still sore about his flight into the kite eating tree, demanded his lunch. Charlie Brown meekly complied, and after enduring many rude remarks from the pathetic bully, his peanut butter and tuna sandwich exploded right in Joe's face. Linus and Pigpen exchanged glances and burst out laughing. It was this event that taught Charlie Brown these instances were also triggered by anger.

Another time in Gym, Charlie Brown had been forced to climb the high rope. Shockingly, Charlie Brown had managed to make it near the top, but in his excitement to ring the bell and impress his classmates, in particular the Little Red Haired girl, he had goofed it up and fell a great way down to the floor. But what saved him this time was not him landing on his feet, but rather the floor felt as soft as a cushion when he hit it, and he didn't get a scratch. Now that certainly fascinated his peers, just not in the way he had intended.

"This is starting to become too much" Charlie Brown complained to his friends one day, some months on. Besides Linus, Charlie Brown had also told Peppermint Patty, Marcie, Pigpen, Sally and Schroeder about his odd predicament. None of them had believed him at first, but over time they had all bared witness to his miracles.

"I don't see why you're complaining Charlie Brown, with the luck you're used to having I'm surprised you're not happy with all this good fortune" Schroeder had been the first to say.

"I am kinda glad I'm not suffering so much, it's the uncertainty that's bothering me" Charlie Brown replied, holding his head in his hands.

"I must admit, in all the time I've had to contemplate these events, I cannot find a reasonable explanation for them" Marcie said thoughtfully. She had indeed tried to figure it out, she and Linus had worked almost non stop to come up with just a single explanation for what had been happening to Charlie Brown.

"So then why not try an unreasonable explanation" Peppermint Patty suggested, to odd looks from the rest of the group "What, I'm just saying is all"

"Actually, there is something I've considered-but it's absolute nonsense" Marcie replied, Charlie Brown's head shot out of his hands when he heard this comment.

"What is it, what?" Charlie Brown asked, delighted at the chance to solve his mystery. Marcie looked somewhat embarrased.

"Well... it's really not very realistic Charles, but... these things keep happening when you're either frightened or frustrated, which I think we can all admit is common for you. And as these instances all seem to work to your favour and seem to defy the laws of reality, I thought..." Marcie paused, clearly uncertain she should finish that sentence, but her friends faces begged her to continue "I thought, perhaps... these occurances are all a result of some supernatural power you possess, which you have only just begun to tap into"

Marcie was clearly expecting everyone to laugh and ridicule her suggestion, but it came as a surprise when they all looked thoughtful, as though they considered this a perfectly reasonable answer.

"Well, that is a crazy idea Marcie... but it's the best any of us have come up with" Said Peppermint Patty, to approving nods from the others.

Supernatural powers? Good grief, how was he supposed to come to terms with that idea. While his friends had fun coming up with wild theories about how and why Charlie Brown would have super powers, such as him being an alien, a super hero or a "Time lord" (Wonder if anybody gets that reference) Charlie Brown just sat there motionless.

Powers, yeah right. How could he, Charlie Brown, the most unextraordinary, most unconfident and useless, and downright wishy washy child in the entire third grade, and probably the world, have any sort of special powers. If he was some sort of supernatural being, then why couldn't he fly a kite, why couldn't his team win a baseball game, why couldn't he ever talk to the Little Red Haired girl, and WHY couldn't he kick a football? It just didn't add up, he wasn't special, there wasn't anything supernatural about him, he was just a sad little boy, unable to accomplish anything. There was no way he could have any kind of powers.

And yet...what other explanation was there for all these events. What else was there for him to believe...

Charlie Brown groaned as he got out of bed and slipped into the bathroom to prepare for the day. He wasn't looking forward to going to school, what with his friends insistance that he was a super powered entity and their wanting to "Test the extent of his abilities"

Charlie Brown sighed as he splashed his face, cooling himself off. Most kids would have been thrilled at the prospect of having super powers, but Charlie Brown only considered it another reason to worry.

"It couldn't be, it just couldn't be" Charlie Brown tried to reassure himself, but to no avail. Charlie Brown looked at his reflection in the bathroom mirror. If there was one thing about his appearance that filled him with self-doubt, it was his head. He had always had a peculiarly shaped head, when he was about four it had been shaped more like a football, but nowadays it had taken on a round shape, which was just as weird.

And his hair, it was practically nonexistent. Of course he did have hair, but it was so short and light that it just seemed to blend in with his skin, making him appear bald. A bald eight-year old, how weird was that.

Charlie Brown looked downhearted at his weird cranium, and thought he noticed something strange on his forehead. He whipped his seemingly invisible hair out of the way, and saw a scar shaped like a lightning bolt.

Now this was an interesting thing about Charlie Brown that no-one ever saw. For as long as he could remember, he'd had that scar, that oddly shaped cut across his forehead, though it was always hidden under his hair, so that he looked like he had a normal, unscratched, bald head.

Charlie Brown had never known what to think of this scar, he'd had it for as long as he could remember. He'd always assumed he'd fell over as a baby and banged his head against a fireplace or something, it was just his sort of luck. But that could not explain why it was shaped so much like a bolt of lightning. He'd never asked his parents about it either, he was sure they would know but something always stopped him from asking them.

Charlie Brown didn't really dislike this scar, it had quite an unusual shape and was pretty unique as far as he knew. But he rarely paid much attention to it, and he kept it hidden so no-one asked him questions about it, because he could never answer them

What was the meaning of this scar. Charlie Brown found himself wondering that question for the first time in years as he left the house, and for a wild moment, he thought maybe, just maybe it had something to do with his "Powers"

For the rest of the year, Charlie Brown's powers continued to get out of hand in dire situations. Apart from turning Snoopy's dog house into a fighter plane (Snoopy was delighted, but there's no time to go into the details of that misadventure) and blasting the kite eating tree with lightning bolts from clouds that seemed to appear from nowhere, Charlie Brown had also made several attempts to make himself angry, to see if these events were really powers he possessed and because his sister Sally wanted him to learn to control them so she could use him for show and tell. The average result was his house falling down.

But as his tenth birthday passed by, Charlie Brown's concern with these powers of his had died down a bit. He was already so used to landing safely from a great fall or Violet's mouth somehow zipping itself shut that it hardly surprised him or any of his friends anymore. He had also long since come to the conclusion that he simply couldn't describe how his powers worked, so he no longer worried over how they worked, which did him a lot of emotional good.

Now when I say that, I don't mean Charlie Brown felt any better off than when he was eight. He was still a loser at just about everything and still held the misconception that nobody really liked him. He hadn't changed one bit. But then again, no-one else had either.

But there were more surprises to come.

One fine spring day Charlie Brown was walking Snoopy in the park. Today the lovable pooch was doing an impression of a rhinoceros, and was charging and bumping everything and everyone in sight, much to the ire of the local kids. It was as Snoopy finally ended this cherade and instead started performing a tapdance while Woodstock whistled "Hello my honey" That Charlie Brown saw Schroeder and Lucy walk by, deep in argument.

"I simply can not believe you did that to my piano" Schroeder said sternly to Lucy, who was at her highest level of anger. A pretty scary sight for Charlie Brown to behold.

"For the last time Schroder, I DID NOT SET YOUR PIANO ON FIRE! IT DID THAT BY ITSELF!" Lucy screamed so loud it knocked Schroeder to the ground. The Beethoven enthusiast picked himself up and stood firm.

"Well how do you explain what just happened, huh. I know you don't like how much attention I pay to my piano, this is exactly the sort of thing you would do" Schroder said accusingly.

"Check my pockets, you see any matches, you see a lighter, you see anything at all that could have caused a fire? Sure, I threw a fit over you ignoring me in favour of your stupid music, but HOW could I have lit your piano on fire?" Lucy protested, the look on Schroder's face showed that while he grudgingly agreed with her logic, he refused to admit it and still felt Lucy to be guilty.

"I don't know, maybe you have the same weird abilities as Charlie Brown" Said Schroeder. It was just under a year ago when Charlie Brown and friends had decided to let Lucy in on the secret. Naturally Lucy laughed her head off and declared Charlie Brown too much of a blockhead to possess supernatural powers. But she changed her mind after seeing Charlie Brown accidentally turn her hair blue for a day. She wasn't the only one though, by now every member of the Peanuts gang knew of Charlie Brown's powers.

"Well... maybe I do" Lucy said with a sinister smirk that made Schroeder shudder in fear. "Maybe I do have powers. And if I do, you better start paying a lot more attention to me if you know what's good for you"

Only Lucy could make such threats to the person she loved beyond all else, but Schroeder was prepared for her worst and replied with his usual sarcasm "And maybe Charlie Brown will marry the Little Red Haired girl"

"I'm right here" Charlie Brown said dejected, walking away as Schroeder tried awkwardly to apologise.

"It's not like he's not right you know!" Lucy had called.

So Lucy had set Schroeder's piano on fire. Or at least, that's what Schroder claimed happened. If that were true, then could she really, seriously have the same reality-defying power as Charlie Brown.

'Good grief I hope not, just think of all the torment she'd put me through' Charlie Brown thought miserably.

After collecting Snoopy, who had garnered a small fortune in change from people watching his dance, Charlie Brown set off to visit his dad at the barber shop. He hadn't done that in a while, and he didn't have any other plans for the day, so why not.

He was about to open the door when an ear-splitting scream erupted from inside the barber shop and the door swung open to smack Charlie Brown right in the face. When Charlie Brown recovered from the shock, he saw Freida emerge from the shop. At least, he thought it was Freida. He had trouble recognising her because her naturally curly hair was almost completely missing from her head, save for a few curls on the sides of her head.

"Charlie Brown, look what your dumb dad did to my naturally curly hair!" Freida screamed when she saw him.

"Oh... I'm really sorry Freida, I-"

"Oh, you're sorry! What about my hair? I can't go around looking like this, without my beautiful curls I look like a freak" Freida cried, patting the top of her shaven head. After a moments weeping she gave Charlie Brown a furious look and held him up by the collar "You blockhead, I oughta slug you for this!"

"Wait, please, I didn't do anything!" Charlie Brown yelled urgently, Freida glared up at him for a brief moment before her expression softened and she let him go. It was not normal to see Freida so angry, usually she was one of the nicest girls among Charlie Brown's group of friends, and the only one after Peppermint Patty and Marcie to treat him with proper respect.

"I'm sorry Charlie Brown, it's just that... i love my curly hair, not many people have naturally curly hair you know, and I've always felt special for having it. But now, I just look plain stupid with this horrible haircut" Freida explained, looking quite as sad as Charlie Brown so often was "And, honestly, without my curls, who am I?"

"You're Freida, a friend of mine and the rest of the Peanuts, and outfielder on our baseball team" Charlie Brown said, hoping it was sufficient enough to cheer her up.

"That doesn't make me feel any better!"

Evidently not, as she ran off crying that very moment. Charlie Brown sighed, wishing he'd done better to help his friend.

Charlie Brown, with Linus there to help give a more convincing pep talk, tried to talk to Freida again later on, but she refused to leave her house. Everyone from Peppermint Patty to Violet to Shermy had tried to get her to come out so they could cheer her up, but Freida chose to wallow in her misery.

"Boy, your dad's a bigger blockhead than you are Charlie Brown" Violet and Patty said in unison, Charlie Brown sighed and decided to call it a day.

But the next day at school, Charlie Brown and all his friends, minus Peppermint Patty, Marcie and Franklin, who went to a different school, were gathered together, ready for an intervention with Freida to tell her it didn't matter if she was nearly bald and convince her that she was a great person even without her curls ("Why does nobody ever go to this much trouble for me?" Charlie Brown asked himself) When Freida walked through the gates... stroking her curls!

"Hello everyone, how's it going?" Freida asked cheerfully, everyone's mouths were touching the floor.

"F-freida, your... your curls" Sally spluttered, Freida grinned broadly.

"Oh, what about them?" Freida asked in a sweetly innocent voice.

"Good heavens Freida, how'd your hair grow back so fast" Patty asked in disbelief, Freida simply shrugged.

"Haven't a clue, I just woke up this morning, dreading going to school with a nearly bald head and putting up with everyone teasing me, and I found my naturally curly hair had been magically restored. Isn't that amazing!" Freida practically shrieked with joy. Her friends stared dumbfounded at her for a little while before turning to Charlie Brown.

"It wasn't me this time, I swear" Charlie Brown said quickly.

"So then how in the name of the Great Pumpkin did Freida's hair grow back overnight?" Violet asked. There was a collected hum, but none of them had time to conceive of an answer before the bell rang and they were forced to return to class.

So how did Freida's hair grow back. Charlie Brown was unable to hear anything the teacher said all day because he spent so long pondering that question. Had it been his fault after all, he remembered feeling terribly guilty last night for his fathers mistake in cutting Freida's hair, could he perform acts of absurdity just by feeling guilty. At this point nothing would surprise him.

Or had Freida's hair growth been a result of... no, no this was crazy. He was just being paranoid, that's all. Just because he, Charlie Brown, was having a problem with super natural powers didn't mean everyone else would. Schroeder's piano catching fire must have just been a coincidence, and it probably was down to him how Freida's hair grew back. Even if his so-called-powers could be used by other people, it seemed unlikely that two of his friends would develop his abnormality so suddenly. Yes, Charlie Brown thought, this was just a coincidence.

Or was it?

As the days went by, more weird events took place. On monday morning, Pigpen had accidentally ran into Violet when turning a corner and got her covered in his filth. Furious, Violet screamed that she was tired of Pigpen's dirtyness and that he should just get clean. Charlie Brown had been watching from a distance, he turned his head to see Violet storm off and when he looked at Pigpen again, he was squeaky clean. Squeak clean.

Pigpen screamed in horror when he realised his prescious filth had abandoned him, but calmed when Charlie Brown and Linus reminded him it would return shortly, dirt was magnetically attracted to Pigpen. So you can imagine the surprise when, throughout the entire day, Pigpen failed to gather up so much as one speck of dust. He even tried rolling in a mud puddle to get his dirt back, but it just slipped off of him. It was safe to call this the worst day of Pigpen's life, though thankfully his dirt magnetism seemed to return the next day.

While Pigpen was celebrating the return of his filth, to the annoyance of Violet and Patty, Peppermint Patty was having a usual dull day at her own school. While normally she just managed to sleep through most of her lessons due to insomnia, which Marcie claimed was caused by her staying up all night "Contemplating her true feelings for Charles", today Peppermint Patty was forced to keep herself awake for a big test.

"Isn't it enough they make us do work every day all year long, why do they force us to sit down and try to muster everything we've already started to forget into writing a test" Patty had complained before entering the school, Marcie had attempted to console her friend, but nothing she said seemed to brighten Patty's mood, and she knew nothing would.

Unfortunately for Patricia, she found the test exceedingly difficult. While having to muster all her strength to not fall off into the land of sweet dreams, she also had to work out some of the hardest questions she's been given in her life, which gave her a headache. That, coupled with the annoying noises made by several of her classmates and the constant scratching of pens on paper. Why, with all that stress it was a miracle she didn't faint. The only thing that kept her from screaming her head off was that she was biting down hard on her arm, which was bound to start bleeding any minute now.

After half her hour was up, Peppermint Patty had only managed to write the answers to two questions, and she wasn't even sure they were right. Eventually she couldn't take it any more and threw a quick fit, slamming her pen down on her desk and moaning about how the test couldn't just write itself.

"Well, tests can't do that" Marcie had said.

Well, maybe tests can't write themselves, but apparently pens can write them just fine on their own. While Peppermint Patty stared up at the ceiling, attempting to vent some of her frustration, her pen sprang to life and began filling in answers on the test paper by itself. It was five minutes until the test was set to finish when Peppermint Patty looked down to see her pen writing on it's own, the shock caused her to forget her anger. At the exact same time the pen dropped back down on the desk, lifeless.

Somehow none of Patty's classmates had seen the pen write the A graded test by itself, but Peppermint Patty went into great detail about it to Charlie Brown when they next met under the tree in the park.

And things only got crazier from there. On Wednesday afternoon, Marcie had somehow turned her's and Patty's hair into rainbow wigs. On Thursday morning Linus had managed to make Lucy float high into the air, leaving her stuck floating for five minutes until he managed to rescue her. Later that same day Schroeder had turned his toy piano into a giant grand piano and Sally had turned Snoopy's fur green. Snoopy used this as an excuse to play the green giant. And then on Friday, regular Patty caused Shermy's close to turn invisible in the lunchroom (She wasn't complaining) and Pigpen had converted the classroom into a giant mud bath. Somehow, that last one was the only thing that seemed to make sense to anyone.

"This is getting to be rediculous" Charlie Brown commented. He and the other 10 Peanuts members who had been experiencing the absurdity that was spreading about had gathered together at the wall to discuss their experiences.

"So let's review" Lucy began, clutching a clipboard "Freida can regrow her hair after it's been cut, I can set things on fire, Violet can make things stay clean for a day, Peppermint Patty can bring pens to life, Marcie turns hair into rainbow wigs-lucky for you two that was reversed-Schroeder makes things into bigger versions of themselves, Linus leaves me floating in the air-I still need to slug you for that one by the way-Sally turns dogs green, Pigpen turns the ground to mud, of course, and Patty makes clothes disappear"

"Yeah, that's pretty much it... so far" Freida said not quite certainly.

"I think we're forgetting that Chuck can do about a million other things by himself" Peppermint Patty pointed out.

"Oh yeah, there's that" Lucy said disinterested, scribbling notes on her clipboard.

"So does anyone think they know a reason all this is happening to us?" Marcie asked. The looks on everyones faces told her it wasn't worth asking.

"Good grief, all I want to do with my life is follow in the foot steps of Beethoven, I really don't need all this to worry about" Schroeder moaned.

"Schroeder, is that all you ever think about, Beethoven?" Lucy asked indignantly.

"No" Schroeder replied, and Lucy perked up a bit "Sometimes I think about Brahms"

As Lucy slumped over in disapointment, Pigpen scratched his head and said "It is pretty weird how all of us can suddenly develop such unusual powers in such a short time. Do you think maybe it's contagious?"

"I hardly think a supernatural phenomenon such as those we are experiencing can be passed on in that way" Linus said shaking his head.

"You're so smart my sweet baboo" Sally said with hearts for eyes.

"I'm NOT your sweet baboo!" Linus yelled indignantly, to much eye rolling from his friends.

"Even at the most innapropriate times, Sally manages to slip in something about how she loves Linus" Patty whispered to Violet, who was too busy frowning at Charlie Brown to hear her.

"I don't think it's fair" Violet said from out of the blue, attracting everyone's attention "How come you get so many different powers Charlie Brown while we only have one each? What makes YOU of all people deserve the most powers?"

"Oh good grief" Charlie Brown mumbled.

"I'm sure we can all do more than one thing, we just haven't tried" Marcie said in Charlie Brown's defense.

"Great idea Marcie, let's all try to use our powers to do something cool" Peppermint Patty announced.

"But sir, I didn't say-"

"Marcie, could you please stop calling me sir?" Peppermint Patty asked, rolling her eyes in annoyance.

Peppermint Patty's suggestion to try and access all of their hidden powers drew mixed reation, some like Lucy and Sally were quite eager to do so while others, like Charlie Brown and Linus, were sure it would be a bad idea.

"I don't know guys, we don't even know what these powers of ours are and there's no telling what could happen if we start messing about with them. I think it would be for the best if we just try to ignore them and go about life like normal" Charlie Brown said reasonably. Unfortunately, his pleas fell on death ears and Lucy was already planning on how she would take advantage of her abilities.

"Ok everyone, insult me" Lucy said to the group, everyone stared at her oddly.

"What did you say?" They all asked at once.

"Well, as you all know by now, our powers are triggered by fear and aggression. I want to be the first to test my power, whatever it is, to it's limits. And since it would be reckless to put my life in danger just to scare myself, I want you all to hit me with your best shots and make me MAD" Lucy explained with a mad gleam in her eye.

Wicked grins spread across many members of the gangs faces, most of the Peanuts had good reason to want to badmouth Lucy. She'd caused them all so much grief over the years that they dreamed of bemoaning her, but were not crazy enough to do it under normal circumstances. But when presented with as golden an opportunity as this, how could they refuse.

"Oh, well in that case" Schroeder began innocently, then turned nasty "You're a whiny, stupid, selfish, greedy, hideous (Censored bleep) and I hate you!"

Lucy's face turned a dangerous shade of red and steam was practically shooting out of her ears. Everyone covered their eyes, waiting for the moment when Lucy would break Schroeder's spine. But of course she didn't, on the contrary she gave Schroeder a smile as wide as the Cheshire cat's.

"Good, very good" Lucy grumbled, her voice filled with venom. Now that they knew it was really safe to do so, the rest of the gang joined in.

"You're voice is as loud as a bull horn and as shrill as a banshee, and your face looks like it was pulled off of Pigpen's shoe" Violet berated, giant vein's popped up on Lucy's forehead and her fists clenched, but her grin grew ever wider.

"Yes, yes keep going. I can feel the rage!" Lucy punched a fist into the air as she yelled this, and Charlie Brown thought he felt a vibration from the wall.

"You're the worlds worst excuse for a sister! You can't say anything nice, you treat me like dirt and you're an outright witch" Linus said, and when he noticed it didn't do much to raise Lucy's anger he added "And it was me who broke your Ipod"

"YOU WHAT!" Lucy bellowed in a voice that rattled every roof and shook the earth. With her current look of fury, the time was surely upon them.

"You're as dumb as a mule, uglier than a disfigured toad and you're as nasty as a hungry jackal"

"You have the sensitivity of a leach and you're face makes me sick!"

"You're as dirty on the inside as I am on the outside"

Now those were just the very mild insults, the worst of them were so bad I'd be banned from this site for writing them. I'm not kidding people, they were that harsh. And Lucy, she looked like she was ready to murder every single one of her friends, but she didn't. After everyone else had had a chance to verbally abuse her (Some more than others) Lucy, her face redder than a tomato and filled with utmost fury, turned on the one person who had kept quiet, Charlie Brown.

"Well Charlie Brown. Don't you have anything to say?" Lucy asked in a falsely sweet voice. All eyes were on Charlie Brown, how long had they anticipated this moment, how long had they toyed with the idea that Charlie Brown would finally talk back to Lucy, to get back at her for all those years of abuse, to insult her.

"Um... well... well I..." Charlie Brown hesitated, he had no idea what to say. Sure, there were plenty of things he COULD say to Lucy, but he didn't want to. It just wouldn't be in his character to mock someone. But everyone was staring at him, their eyes imploring him to follow through. And, deep, deep down, a small, tiny, insignificant part of him was longing to make her feel as bad as he always did.

"Well, go ahead Charlie Brown" Lucy said, batting her eyelashes cutely "I'm waiting"

"Go on Charlie Brown, insult her" Linus encouraged, feeling only a little bit guilty.

"Yeah Charlie Brown, let her have it"

"She just needs one little push, go for it Chuck"

"Well" Charlie Brown took a deep breath, puffed up his chest, and "I guess you're... not a very nice person"

Silence. There was complete, absolute silence. No one moved, no one spoke, nobody made even the slightest noise or gave the slightest clue that they were alive, and not just statues. All the colour had drained from Lucy's face, her previous rage replaced with uncertainty. Charlie Brown stared quizzically at his friends and especially to Lucy. The normally crabby girl just stared at him in wonder for what felt like an eternity. Then, finally-

"THAT'S IT!" Lucy's voice exploded from her mouth louder than a volcanic eruption, the redness returned to her face so quickly it looked like she'd been set on fire. And the way she looked at Charlie Brown... it's a miracle that alone didn't kill him.


Lucy stopped at this point. Her breathing was heavy and the steam coming out of her ears was enough to fill every room in the Empire State Building. All the other Peanuts had leaped over to the other side of the wall, quaking in fear at the furious Lucy. But Charlie Brown remained firmly in place, more terrified than he could ever remember being in his life. Lucy stared him down, trying to find the perfect words to express her outrage at the round headed boy cowering before her.

"Charlie Brown. You make me MAD!" Lucy finished with great fury. Her anger had finally gone past the boiling point, and before anyone knew what was happening there was a huge explosion that covered the area. When the resulting dust cloud finally settled, Charlie Brown and friends lay scattered and groaning with pain, needless to say the wall was no more.

"Great, now we need a new place to hang out" Sally found the strength to complain.

"Maybe we should have all just kept our mouths shut" Said Linus.

While everyone else nodden and moaned in agreement to Linus, Lucy looked positively delighted.

"Wow, I am so good at this" Lucy almost sang with joy. Charlie Brown managed to pull himself to his feet and was met with a bone crushing hug from Lucy, which caused jaws to drop all around "Thank you Charlie Brown, thank you so much for being an excellent source of frustration"

"Uhh... you're welcome?" Charlie Brown said unsurely, Lucy was quick to release him and turned to all her other friends. They all looked at her and she smiled at them with her most wicked grin yet.

"Now" Lucy began, she closed her eyes and screwed up her face in a grumpy manner. No one knew quite what she was doing until the remaining rocks from the destroyed wall started to rise up around them "What were those things you were all saying about me again?"

Looks of terror swept up their faces, they had all been double crossed. Of course Lucy wouldn't allow them to ridicule her without consequence, now she was going to reap her vengeance.

"Lucy, did I ever tell you how beautiful you look" Schroeder said impishly, he was willing to try anything to avoid Lucy's wrath. But other than a brief, victorious smile, Lucy's only other reply was to manipulate a rock to crash against his head.

The Peanuts members urgently tried to plead with Lucy to forgive them, but the crabby girl was not to be swayed and they were forced to flee as Lucy chased after them with her floating rocks, leaving only Charlie Brown behind to wallow in the mud.

A few hours after what was to be forever known as the wall incident, Charlie Brown returned home dragging Sally behind him in a little red wagon. When Lucy had caught up with her poor Sally had suffered great pain, though she was admittedly one of the more better off among the gang.

"Big brother, where were you when Lucy was chaseing me, where were you when she beat me up with her magic powers!" Sally was complaining indignantly.

"I was laying face down in the mud, too weak to move" Charlie Brown replied truthfully.

"Well what were you doing that for when you should have been protecting me?" Sally whined, she continued to berate her brother until she was through the front door, after which she fell silent to avoid attracting her parents suspicion.

"Charlie, could you come here for a moment" Charlie and Sally's father called anxiously from the living room "You too Sally"

The Brown siblings did as they were told and stepped into the living room, where they were motioned to sit down on the armchair and Sally's beanbag by their parents. Judging by the looks on their parents faces, the siblings knew this couldn't be anything good.

"Charlie... have you been feeling... unusual recently" Asked Mrs Brown, Charlotte.

"No more so than usual" Charlie Brown replied, it was a lie, but it had to be done. His response worried the Brown parents.

"Are you sure?" Asked Charlie's father Richard Brown "Are you certain you haven't been feeling... different, in any way. Has anything happened that you're not sure of?"

"Well..." Charlie Brown began, but unable to come up with a good cover story he just stayed silent, much to his parents concern.

"And Sally, have you been feeling unusual in any way?" Richard inquired his daughter.

"No, I feel great" Replied Sally, who was much better at lying than her brother. However, her various lumps and bumps seemed to tell mr and mrs Brown otherwise.

"So, nothings happened?" Mrs brown asked, with a note of worry evident in her voice.

"Yes" Charlie Brown stared in shock at Sally, worried she might seriously be about to reveal the secret of their powers, but instead she smiled in a euthoric manner and said "My Sweet Baboo held my hand today"

"O-kay. And... how did you both end up looking like you just got off worse in a fight?" Richard Brown questioned, Charlie Brown stammered.

"Well... we got into a bit of trouble at the wall with Lucy" Charlie Brown replied, at least trying to be somewhat honest in his answer.

"Yes, we saw the explosion from here"


Charlie and Sally exchanged looks of horror. They were trapped now, there was no excuse in the world that could save them. And if a suitable one did exist, Charlie Brown knew he wouldn't come up with it.

"That wasn't even us, that was Lucy with her strange powers" Sally protested frantically. Mr and Mrs Brown exchanged curious looks while Charlie Brown looked ready to faint.


"Yeah, Lucy, it wasn't us, she made us get her angry and blew up the wall, then she pelted us with floating rocks, we did nothing wrong" Sally replied.

"What are you doing?" Charlie Brown whispered fearfully to his sister.

"Making sure we don't take the blame, so shut up" Sally whispered back. Charlie Brown groaned mentally, Sally's instinct to save herself from trouble had just ruined their chances of keeping their secret. If their parents knew Lucy was going around blowing things up, surely they'd catch on to the strange stuff that's been happening to himself and Sally. And sure enough:

"We've also received reports from your school, saying some very... very unusual things" Charlotte began, if they weren't so scared the Brown siblings would both be slapping their foreheads right now.

"Five hundred foot jumps, exploding lunches, falling from great height without hurting yourself, and I've noticed our house has been collapsing more so than usual in recent times" Mr Brown said, a look of understanding on his face. Snoopy entered through the front door and past by the family as he made his way into the kitchen "And I also don't think it was paint that made Snoopy green"

"Are we in trouble?" Charlie Brown and Sally asked in unison, knowing there was no way out of this situation. Mr and Mrs Brown looked at each other again, Charlie Brown saw the looks of concern and, for some strange reason, guilt spread over them.

"No kids, you're not in trouble" Mr Brown finally sighed. Sally let out a huge sigh of relief and flopped down in her beanbag. Charlie Brown however just stared at his father with a confused look.

"We're not?"

"No Charlie, we know everything that's happening isn't your fault, in fact... it's sort of our fault for not telling you" Mrs Brown began, looking incredibly more guilty than a minute ago.

Charlie and Sally stared shellshocked at their mother. 'She knew!' That thought screamed in their heads. It had been enough of a shock when their parents had asked them to sit down and start this whole coversation, but from what their mother was saying, they knew this would be happening. They knew their children would be developing supernatural powers, and if they knew about that, then of course they would know why.

It was a long time before Mr Brown spoke again, breaking the awkward silence that filled the room "I should warn you now, we have much to explain to the both of you. We should have told you years ago, but our fear for how it would affect you held us back until now. What we are about to explain is... it's very difficult to explain really, and we know it's going to be a lot to take in and it'll be very hard for you to accept any of it"

In all his ten years of life, Charlie Brown had never seen his parents look more scared than they did now. He himself didn't know what to make of any of this, a part of him wanted to know, know what secrets his parents had kept from him and Sally, while another part was wishing he hadn't come home at all this day.

Mr and Mrs Brown hesitated, apparently unsure of where to begin.

"Why do we have these weird super powers?" Sally finally asked, Mr Brown sighed heavily.

"Not super powers dear..." He began wearily "Magic"

Magic? Is that what he just said, magic. Was that what these powers were, magic. No. no, that couldn't be right. How could they, Charlie and Sally Brown, know magic. Magic didn't exist, it couldn't be the source of their powers, couldn't be. Could it? Actually, Charlie Brown thought, that did seem logical... or as logical as things get when dealing with the supernatural. But how... just how could they possess magic powers?

"It's not just you two" Mr Brown said when Charlie Brown voiced those thoughts "Or Lucy, or any of your other friends. The truth is there's a whole society of wizards and witches in this world, living in hiding from the non magical folk, for reasons I'll never fully understand. There are countless people like you, people who wave wands to cast spells that defy all laws of physics. It's not something to worry over, the two of you have a gift"

A whole hidden society of wizards. Ok, that certainly was a lot to take in. And while Sally looked quite pleased by the thought that she was a witch, for Charlie Brown it only managed to worsen his headache by piling a million more questions onto him.

"Wow... so wait, if we're all wizards and witches why are we living here like normal people when we should be living in a magic world, using wands to do ours chores for us?" Sally demanded. And apart from the comment about chores Charlie Brown completely agreed with her.

"Well, that's just the thing... you're mother and I are normal people" Mr Brown answered slowly. His children were left baffled by his statement.

"What do you mean, if you're not magic then how can we be?" Charlie Brown was first to ask this time. Richard and Charlotte Brown swapped looks of worry, apparently they had reached the part they were most dreading. They spent a very long time whispering to each other, clearly trying to find the right words to explain what had to be said.

"Well..." Charlotte Brown hesitated, her husband gave her a supportive look "Well, it can happen. Many people who aren't magic themselves can have children that are magic, it's actually quite common. No-one knows why, but it is"

Sally took her mothers explanation as being all the knowledge she needed, whereas Mr Brown looked almost furious with her and Charlie Brown was only confused once more. Apart from the obvious question of how likely it would be for both he and Sally to have been born magical while neither of their parents where, there was another burning question to be asked.

"So then, if neither of you have magic, how do you know about all this? Is anyone else in our family magic that we don't know about?" Charlie Brown had to ask, Mrs Brown looked increasingly guilty.

"Yes... we do have wizarding relatives" Mr Brown added before his wife could make her reply. A moment of silence, and then both children asked:


Now, now they had undoubtedly reached the part the Brown parents were least willing to discuss. Charlotte Brown shot a look of fear and longing to her husband. Richard gave her a comforting nod, and she knew she had to give her children the answers they craved. If the revelation of an entire wizarding society had been a shock to Charlie Brown, then this most definately would.

"Charlie, Sally..." Mrs Brown said softly, tears were swelling up in her eyes "We're... we're not you're real parents"

"WHAT!" The Brown children cried out. What had she just said! Not their real parents, how was that possible, how was that be logical, how could they not be the real parents of Charlie Brown and Sally, how?

Mrs Brown exploded with tears and buried her face in her hands, Mr Brown put his arm around her comfortingly while the children just stared open mouthed.

"We're not your parents, we're your aunt and uncle. We took you in when your mother and father were killed, we adopted you and raised you here as our own. Your mother and father, my sister and brother in law respectively, they were a wizard and a witch. That's why we knew you would be too" Mr Brown continued in place of his wife.

When they said this would all be hard to accept, they had meant it. So their parents, no, their aunt and uncle, who had been raising them for their whole lives, had lied to them. For all these years Charlie Brown had been calling them mom and dad, but they weren't even that. And what did they mean their real parents were killed, what had killed them? Were they murdered, that was a frightening thought for both children, or was there an accident, had something happened, had perhaps their magic gone astray and took their lives. And what about this whole magic concept. In the long run, were they really expected to believe that an entire society of wizards could actually exist without everyone else knowing about it. They had always been taught that magic did not exist in the real world, and here their "Parents" Were telling them it did exist, and that they, Charlie and Sally, and their real parents were some kind of sorcerers.

"I know this is all... really hard for you both to digest" Mr Brown said, for lack of a better expression "We've wanted to tell you for... well, we knew we'd have to tell you since the day we took you in as babies. We never quite knew how we were going to explain it all, we've probably gone over this conversation a few million times when you had both gone to bed... it's not going exactly as we planned it, but at least we haven't done as bad as we could have"

"So then..." Sally piped up, and Charlie Brown saw the look of extreme anguish on her face. Never had he seen his normally confident but lazy sister look so very sad "So you're not our parents at all? You're not our mom and dad"

Charlotte Brown burst out in a new wave of tears, making Sally feel ashamed of hereslf and making Charlie Brown wish he knew of something comforting to say.

"Yes, we are" Mr Brown began after convincing his wife to stop crying by the bucket full "We took you in, raised you as our own. We fed you, we clothed you... we loved you. Your whole lives we've done everything we could to make you both happy... So yes, we are your parents. Just not in the literal way"

"WE'RE SORRY!" Mrs Brown suddenly wailed, making her children jump out of their seats in surprise "We're sorry we couldn't tell you before know. We just... we just always worried about how you would take all this and-and what you would think of us. You're both so young, how were we supposed to explain to you that... you must think we're... really terrible p-p..."

"Mom, Stop!" Charlie Brown yelled, to the shock of everyone else in the room. Such an outburst was rare from Charlie Brown, and never before had he interuppted one of his parents... well, adopted parents before. But he had just had to draw the line there, he just had to tell Mrs Charlotte Brown how he felt.

"Mom, dad. I'm sure Sally and I can both agree that it doesn't matter whether you're our real parents, our aunt or uncle, or even complete strangers. Like dad said, you both took us in when we had no parents left and you took care of us for our whole lives. We've always thought you were great parents and we love you a whole lot. So please, please don't say you're bad parents because you're not. You're the best parents we could have ever asked for"

When Charlie Brown had finished his little speech mrs Brown once more broke into tears. Oh no, Charlie Brown thought miserably. He'd said the wrong thing, he just knew it. He'd made his mother feel worse than she already had. Oh, couldn't he do anything right, couldn't he say anything good to people.

Mrs Brown shot out of her seat at that moment and rushed over to wrap Charlie Brown in a warm, loving hug. With her son taken completely off guard, Charlotte also brought Sally into the hug, and the siblings gratefully returned her affections while Richard Brown walked over to join them. Snoopy, who was passing by with a bowl of dog food and a bag of candy, also stopped to take part in the hug, but left after receiving awkward looks from the rest of the family.

And so, after Charlie and Sally had both expressed to their adopted parents how much they loved them and how they thought they were a top-notch mom and dad, the Brown family spent a half hour discussing Charlie and Sally Brown's real parents.

As Mr Brown had said previously his sister, Victoria Brown, had been a witch born to non-magic parents, otherwised referred to as muggle borns by the wizards (Muggles being the non magical people). Apparently their side of the family had originally lived in Great Britain, where Victoria Brown had attended a wizarding boarding school called Hogwarts. Having only been there once or twice on very special occasions, Mr Brown was unable to explain much about how wizard schools worked, but he did say that children who were magic would usually be sent there when they reached the age of eleven to study magic, which was why Charlie and Sally had had to be told before then to be prepared for the revelation.

Richard explained how his family had moved to America sometime after Victoria had graduated from Hogwarts and gone on to become "Basically their idea of an environmentalist" Charlie and Sally's mother had chosen to remain in her home country however, because after leaving school she had fallen in love with one of her fellow students, a man called Trystan Brown. They had all had a quick laugh about how they both just so happened to have the same last name, despite Trystan being a full wizard. Around a year later the couple had been married and, a short while after, Charlie Brown had been born, and then a year later Sally came after him.

Now they were at another part Charlie Brown had really wanted to ask.

"How did they die?"

Richard Brown's face fell into a look of severe depression, and it was clear that horrible memories were flooding his brain.

"That's... the very saddest part" Mr Brown said finally, and the Brown siblings were worried by his tone of voice.

"Charlie, dear... do you still have that scar on your head?" Charlotte asked while her husband hid his tears.

Charlie Brown responded by moving a tuft of his non visible white blond hair out of the way to reveal the lightning bolt shaped scar on the right side of his forehead. Sally winced at the sight, as his sister she had obviously seen this scar a few times, but even she was so not used to seeing it that it came as a small surprise whenever she did get a look.

"I didn't just cut my head against the fireplace, did I?" Charlie Brown asked expectantly, Mr Brown looked up and shook his head, no longer bothered to hide his look of anguish.

"That scar is in no way a normal cut. We had a letter explaining it all, how your parents died, how you... were struck by a curse" Mr Brown said dramatically. It was lucky the armchair didn't roll back, or Charlie Brown would have been on the floor right now.

"My brother's got a curse! No wonder he always has so much bad luck at everything!" Sally exclaimed, frightened for her brothers safety.

"It's not that kind of curse Sally, your brother has that cut because the curse backfired on him... it was meant to kill him" Charlotte Brown would never quite know how she managed to say that last part without sobbing, but she did, and it only made Charlie Brown all the more frightened.

"Let's just make one thing clear my son, not all the wizards... not all of them are good" Mr Brown said darkly "And nine years ago, there was a war going on. A war against a wizard who... got as bad as they could get"

"Who was he?" It was Sally who asked.

"I learned it only after I had the unholy displeasure of meeting him, after I had been bound and dragged through a countryside at night, to be tourtured for information on where to find your parents" Richard Brown replied, pulling up his right sleeve to reveal a horrifying gash going up his arm "He was a man who's very name they feared. A man with the face of a snake... and the heart of a devil. Lord Voldemort"

"Voldemort?" Charlie Brown asked, not quite sure if he should feel afraid to say it. It did sound creepy, but not terrifying.

"That's right Charlie, Voldemort" Richard Brown replied, a look of deep hatred for the man of which he spoke spread across his face and burned in his eyes "He was a very powerful wizard, he wanted to take over the wizarding society of Britain. He wanted to rule the world and rid it off all muggles like Charlotte and myself, and all muggle born witches and wizards... like your mother"

"Why?" Sally asked, looking rather outraged by this revelation.

"Racism if you ask me. They say he thought all people like me and your mother were scum, and that muggle borns like your mother-your other mother-had mud for blood. I escaped him and his minions only because the wizarding police arrived at just the right moment, a second longer and I wouldn't be here with you now" Richard answered, looking ever more grim, and he was only getting more so by the second.

"And nine years ago, while you Charlie were only one, and Sally was a few months old... he hunted down your parents" Charlotte continued, knowing it would be too painful for her husband to speak of this next part "No-one knows why he went after them, probably wanted them on his side but knew they were too good of people to join his mad quest for power. He killed your mother and father, and then... we don't know why, no-one ever knew why, but he tried to kill you"

This time Charlotte Brown really did burst out into tears, and so did Richard, who she hugged for a long moment afterwards, while Charlie Brown and Sally looked downright horrified at what they'd just heard.

"We-we don't know why ourselves" Mrs Brown wailed "I suppose he just wanted to make a clean job out of it, maybe he just liked killing innocent people since he was such a monster. He went for you first Charlie, he probably would have killed Sally after you but... but... he couldn't"

"What do you mean?" pleaded Charlie Brown, who had hung on her every word.

"That's just it, he couldn't" Sniffed Mr brown this time "They never figured out why, all anyone knows is that he couldn't. And... and something went wrong, and he, Voldemort, just vanished that very day"

"He vanished? What do you mean he vanished!" Sally almost screamed, demanding to know what had happened to her parents murderer.

"We don't know. The details of all this... we only know about them from one letter we got, and all it said was that something about you Charlie... something about you put a stop to him that night. He couldn't kill you, a sweet little baby, when he had murdered hundreds of trained wizards. And he just disappeared, lost his powers and vanished off the face of the earth. From what we've heard he hasn't been seen ever since" Mr Brown finished.

Now if there was any part of this that Charlie Brown absolutely, positively, completely could not believe, that was it. He, Charlie Brown, the world's biggest loser and failure face, stopped who by the sound of it was the most dangerous and powerful dark wizard in the world. How could he... how could that... it couldn't possibly... he couldn't have... it just didn't make sense. He didn't know how he could have done such a thing. But of course his parents didn't know either, so it was pointless to ask them. But still, how?

"That scar Charlie" Charlotte began, her face stained with all the tears she had leaked that day and her voice shaky with fear and worry for her children's emotional wellbeing "That was where the curse rebounded. It's a mark of... how you survived. They told us... you were the only one who's ever survived it. And somehow, that had to do with you defeating that man who killed your mother and father"

"But how!" Charlie Brown cried in frustration "How could I survive? How could I stop someone as evil and dangerous as that, when I was only a baby and my parents who were a wizard and a witch were killed! It just doesn't make sense, in my whole life I've never one a baseball game, I've never gotten Snoopy to show me proper respect, I've never even kicked a stupid football, and I'm supposed to have stopped a dark wizard when I was a baby? That just doesn't sound right"

Charlie Brown's parents and sister all stared at him with looks of concern and sympathy, and soon he was drawn into another bone-crushing hug by his aunt-turned-mother.

"Oh baby, it's ok. I know it doesn't sound right. But it's what happened. It all happened. And this is why" Her voice broke "This is why we waited so long, because we didn't think you could stand the pain of it all, knowing the whole truth, or at least all the truth we know"

"I just... I don't believe this" Charlie Brown admitted, looking down depressed.

"Well... I guess I can't say you never stand up for me against bullies now big brother" Sally said with a half hearted attempt at a chuckle "Not when you saved me from being killed by the biggest bully alive. You're a real hero for beating him"

"He certainly is. In fact, that's half the reason you were sent to live with us" Richard piped in "When your brother stopped Voldemort, of course the news would spread all over the wizards world. We were told that you'd be famous, that every wizarding child your age would know your name. Victoria's old headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, didn't want you growing up with that fame, and since we were the only other family you had, you and your sister were sent here to us"

"We found you both on our doorstep the morning of November second, just two days after it happened. You were both in your baby baskets, a note from Albus Dumbledore was in Charlie's explaining everything we just told you about your parents deaths and Voldemort's downfall. It also told us... it told us to raise you, to care for you. Like we wouldn't do it anyway" Charlotte added, looking offended that she'd have to be told to look after the children she loved as her own when she would have done it without being asked.

"And it said to explain all of this to you before you went to Hogwarts to study magic" Mr Brown continued where his wife left off "It said to explain just as soon as you started showing signs of magic. Of course we'd seen the signs but... we just didn't know how to tell you. Now, when you turn eleven, you're each set to go off and learn all about being a great wizard and witch. And that's... well, I think that's everything important. Do you... do either of you have any more questions"

Any more questions? Ha, Charlie Brown still had a million questions left to ask, but there were so many buzzing through his head he couldn't focus on any given one, so he just settled for shaking his head and deciding to ask again at a time when his mind felt more at peace.

"I have a question" Sally said, raising her hand as though asking a teacher "Am I also famous"

That did seem to lighten the ominous mood a bit, and Mr and Mrs Brown spent the next few minutes assuring Sally that she'd be famous if her brother was famous, which she did not seem to think was a suitable reason to achieve fame.

"Are you sure you're alright Charlie, is there anything else we can tell you?" Charlotte asked the boy she declared her son, wanting more than anything to ensure he was alright with everything that had just been said.

"No thanks mom, I'll be fine" Charlie Brown tried to sound confident, but the squeakyness of his voice ruined any chance of that. His mother kissed him tenderly on the forehead, right over the scar, and then noticed the time on the wall clock.

"Good grief, nine twenty five already. How long have we been here talking?" Charlotte asked, perplexed at the rapid passage of time.

"I suppose you two had better be heading off to bed, but please... I know you're still concerned over all this, and I'm certain there's a lot of things you'd like to ask us. So please, if there is anything, please tell us" Mr Brown said reasuringly to his children.

"That's okay dad, I think maybe I'll just go to bed, I'm feeling really worn out. I think I'd like to talk more in the morning though" Charlie Brown replied honestly.

"Yeah, and I really wanna hit the hay too" Sally said, stifling a huge lawn. Both parents smiled weekly.

"I understand. Try to get some rest" Mr Brown said, he gave Charlie and Sally a warm hug and they scurried off to their bedrooms.

"Boy, just when you think life couldn't get an weirder" Sally commented when they were up the stairs.

"Sally, what do you about think of all this?" Charlie Brown asked curiously.

"I don't know big brother, I just don't know" Sally replied solumnly.

After reaching their respective bedrooms and wishing each other goodnight, Charlie and Sally Brown settled down in their beds for the night. The things he had just been told buzzed like a swarm of bees inside Charlie Brown's head. He couldn't sleep until well past midnight, and when he did he was haunted by nightmares. The bad dreams consisted of nothing but pitch darkness, pierced with screams of terror and ending in a flash of green light. He had had these dreams at many times in his life, usually when he was feeling his most depressed. But this time, when it reached the part with the green light, Charlie Brown heard something he'd never heard before. The echo of a high, cold, evil cackle.

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