Tiger lover 16: Well... here I am, back again. Sorry it took me so long, I've been busy, and to be honest this was a tough chapter to write. Just to let you know, most of this chapter is pretty much filler. There's no real plot to it, it's just demonstrating what a typical Saturday at Hogwarts might be like, and to catch up on the first week briefly. Mostly here I just threw in a few jokes and scenes I'd been planning for a while, as well as writing more for certain characters. What's the point of doing a Peanuts-Harry Potter crossover if you can't play around a little, right? Next chapter will do more to further the plot, but right now we're still in the early stages of the story. Again, do largely to the filler nature of the chapter, I don't know if it's really that good. Some parts to me feel out of place and I could have done much better, but I honestly tried my hardest. I had to edit a few things and cut certain scenes I felt didn't fit in anywhere, which resulted in some characters appearing absent from the chapter or just having little to do. Whether you enjoy this chapter is up to you of course, but forgive me if it's not terrific. I promise I'll try to do better with the next chapter. Anyways, enjoy.

Chapter 6, Just another day at Hogwarts, Charlie Brown

It was a quiet Saturday morning at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. At this time most of the students were still tucked away in their beds. The only people wadering the corridors were Argus Filch and Mrs Norris, both keeping their eyes out for troublemakers, and setting off traps set by Peeves.

Charlie Brown himself was quite alone in the Gryffindor common room this morning, sat in an armchair by the table writing a letter, as the yellow flash owl, dubbed Lightning by Peppermint Patty, was perched above on the arm of the chair. The owls had so far only delivered two letters home and one letter back, because on Tuesday Neil Malfoy had bribed Peeves to capture the owls in mid flight and stuff them in a closet somewhere. When the Peanuts gang found out most of them gathered to slug the Slytherin boy.

Charlie Brown felt conflicted, he was sort of glad the owls lack of appearances this first week wasn't just because his family weren't bothering to write to him, but then again he still felt nervous to write back now since he'd been forced to break his promise to Sally to write every day. But of course, it wasn't really his fault, mom and dad could talk some sense into her if she got too angry, right.

Charlie Brown dipped his quill in his bottle of ink again, he had spent the whole night learning how to use it without smudging his whole parchment. His handwriting was still messy, but better than his penmanship by far. Now that he could finally write properly with his quill, Charlie Brown bit down on his lip and thought hard about what he would put into his letter.

"Dear Mom, Dad and Sally" Charlie Brown began, he thought again, knowing Sally would expect every detail of his first week.

"I hope you are all doing well, I'm sorry you haven't been getting any of my letters, my owl had been captured and locked away by bullies. Now that I can write again, I can tell you everything that's been happening.

Well, It's been a hectic week I guess. Most of my lessons have been pretty good, except for that potions lesson I mentioned before. I am so glad I only have that once a week. I think my favourite lesson is charms, in our second lesson on thursday I actually managed to make a feather float an inch... but then it got lodged in my eye. I'm alright, madam Pomfrey is a great nurse. Most of my lessons have been good though, not that I'm particularly talented at anything, but at least I didn't cause a dozen explosions in Defense Against the Dark Arts like Lucy. I'm worried professor Quirrel is going to have a heart attack pretty soon.

There are a lot of interesting things about the castle, one of the most unusual being the ghosts. Most of them are pretty friendly, but I try to avoid the Bloody Baron, he's the Slytherin ghost and he's really menacing. Nick's good though, he helps us get to classes, without him I wouldn't have made it to half of them this week.

There's also a poltergeist named Peeves, he likes pulling really mean pranks on everyone. He seems to find particular delight in torturing Peppermint Patty. So far this week he's grabbed her nose ten times, he's replaced her pumpkin juice with toilet water, pulled at every rug she's walked on so that she falls over, put purple hair dye in her shampoo and a whole lot of other things that would take too much room for me to write. I feel really bad for her, but to be honest I'm also a bit glad it's not me Peeves annoys the most. Probably because I don't throw my shoes through him when he pranks me.

Apart from Peeves we also have to deal with Neil Malfoy, who by the way is the boy who's been stopping my owl from delivering letters. He really hates me, he insults me over every little detail, makes fun of my every shortcoming and isn't too polite to my friends. Mudbloods, he calls them, and it really hurts when I hear him say that and can't pluck up the courage to speak back to him. His bodyguards Gareth and Bruno are real bullies too. I don't know what to do about them, I try avoiding them but they always find me when they want to bring me down.

But neither of them can compare to Professor Snape. I don't know why, but the man hates my guts. He treats all the students that aren't in Slytherin badly, especially us Gryffindors, but with me it's just... I don't know how to describe it, it's like he gets a neurotic pleasure from making me as miserable as can be. I'm beginning to think he's stalking me, I always run into him in the hallways so that he starts critisizing and insulting me. I didn't do anything to him, but he hates me anyway. Luckily he's only taken thirty more points off Gryffindor this week.

But don't get me wrong, not everyone here hates me (As shocking as that sounds). I've actually made a lot of friends so far. First of all there's Harry Potter, who's a year ahead of me. I don't know if you know them dad, but Harry's parents Lily and James were old friends of mine and Sally's other parents. Harry wrote back to them about me, and they were so nice they sent me a hand knitted red scarf with my name written on it in gold letters. I don't know if I deserve it, I've never done anything to earn their trust. Harry's a nice guy, and he actually seems to want to be friends with me. He's a bit of a joker too, don't tell anybody I wrote this but he bewitched an accordion to follow Snape around everywhere and keep playing it's annoying tune. The teachers still haven't found out how to un-jynx it, and Snape's threatening to murder whoever set it upon him.

After Harry there's Ron Weasley. He comes from an all wizarding family with five brothers and one sister, two of his brothers have left school and Ginny Weasley's in my class. Ron's a great guy, really friendly and funny, and he's introduced us all to a lot of wizard-world concepts. No one can beat him at wizards chess, which is where the pieces actually come to life and smash each other. Ron's family owl Errol I could do without seeing though, he keeps crashing into me when bringing Ron's mail.

There's Hermione Granger as well, she's a pretty and smart girl in Harry and Ron's class who helps me and my friends with our homework. And before you say anything Sally, NO, I do not like her, she doesn't like me, and I am not going to kiss her! Hermione's one of the most friendly girls I know, she can be strict though and doesn't approve of rule breaking, but she's usually pretty understanding.

Perhaps most importantly there's Luna Lovegood (Sally, see the above statement with Hermione). At first I thought Luna was just really weird, actually I still do, but over the week I've gotten to know her better and she really is a nice person. Everyone else feels so too, and though it's not exactly official, Luna's basically becoming the unofficial newest member to the Peanuts. We'll discuss the matter with Linus, Shermy, Franklin and you too Sally when next we come home. Pigpen seems to have something of a crush on her after she gave him a compliment earlier this week. I just hope he's not setting himself up for future disappointment, I know how that feels.

I've also gotten to know a lot of students in my class, I suppose you could say I'm on friendly terms with Neville, Terri Mcduff, I sorta know Ginny and I even have my own fan, Colin Creevey. I know, crazy right? And guess what, I've even met my penpal Morag. She's in Hufflepuff. Morag's very friendly, whenever she sees me she greets me with a big hug. I really like spending time with her.

Snoopy's doing alright here, but he keeps getting into trouble. On Tuesday he found his way into the kitchens, while we don't know the exact details he seems to have been trying to pilfer food and got into a fight with whoever was cooking the Hogwarts feasts. According to most reports, Snoopy won. Lucy managed to "Convince" Me to punish Snoopy by denying him supper that night. I've never seen him more miserable.

That didn't seem to have put a halt to his antics though, on Wednesday Snoopy and Woodstock broke into the broom cupboards and went joyriding around the roofs on a racing broom. I don't know how they managed it, but they crashed it into the whomping willow. How they got out of there alive, I also don't know, but I do know that I had to pay for a new broomstick.

Everyone else is doing fine. Lucy's still blowing things up every time she waves her wand, Pigpen's still dirty and proud of it and Marcie's top of every class (Well, almost, I think Pigpen has her beat in Herbology). Schroeder's become the piano player for the school choir, I've hardly seen him at all this week since he's been so busy practising. The choir sings a song for us on Friday at breakfast, while Schroeder plays his piano alongside them. Yesterday they sang Double Double, Toil and Trouble while Schroeder played some fittingly creepy music that clearly wasn't any composition of Beethoven's. He was really disappointed, but he cheered up when professor Flitwick told him he could improvise some Beethoven in the future.

Peppermint Patty's been doing mostly alright in her classes, but yesterday she started falling asleep in class again. We all had to take turns waking her up. I suppose now that we all understand the routine at this school, her body clock's gone out of control again. I hope she doesn't sleep through potions, professor Snape would kill us all if she did.

Freida probably has the best friendship with Luna out of us all, these days you seldom see the two of them apart. They're like the new Peppermint Patty and Marcie.

And guess what, you might not believe this, but... oh wait dad, I guess you would have guessed. Well, I can't believe it, but I'm the most popular kid in school. I feel really strange because almost everyone here likes me, though I must confess it's disturbing having everyone stare at me all the time. They're not staring as much now as they did when I first got here, but all the other students think I'm some sort of celebrity. I really don't know what to think about this, it's nice to feel appreciated, but I still don't think I deserve any of this. I still don't know how I could have stopped Voldemort from killing Sally and me, but they all like me for it anyway. I just hope I don't screw up like I always do.

I'm sorry this letter is so long. What I really want to know right now is how you're all doing. Mom, Dad, Sally, I really miss you all and I can't wait to see you all again. Has everything been alright at home? How's school going for you Sally, I hope you're not putting Linus under too much stress. I really hope everything's alright at home, and again I really miss you all and hope to hear from you soon.

With lot's of love,


Charlie Brown looked over his letter with a thoughtful frown. It didn't turn out quite like he'd hoped, the ending felt a bit rushed and most of it seemed pointless. He had purposefully left out the part about Violet and Patty "Being nice" To him to achieve greater popularity, he knew they wouldn't like to hear that. But that left a bit of a hole in his writing, he had mentioned all his other friends, wouldn't they suspect something if he left out what Violet and Patty were doing. And there was a lot more he could have put into it, he could have further described how much he missed his family, and how he loved them all so much.

Charlie Brown thought about re-editing the letter, but Lightning the Flash owl had hopped on top of his letter and was hooting impatiently. Charlie Brown supposed owls of his speed had little patience, and he had been up all night figuring how to write this letter, so it was understandable Lightning would want to hurry up and deliver it. With a small sigh of regret, Charlie Brown took his letter, folded it carefully into an envelope and attatched it to the owl's leg.

Looking delighted that he could finally begin his ocean spanning flight, Lightning stretched out his wings and zipped out the window so fast that Charlie Brown fell out of his seat when his eyes tried to follow the blur.

"Charlie Brown, have you been down here all night?" Charlie Brown needn't ask who was speaking, the dust cloud surrounding his head was enough answer.

"Yes Pigpen, I've been awake all night writing my letter home to my family" Charlie Brown replied though many wide yawns.

"You do realize it only took the rest of us five minutes last night to write our letters?" Pigpen asked, looking concerned at the bags under Charlie Brown's eyes, which had grown to such size they reached past his mouth.

Charlie Brown sighed and felt like going to sleep right here on the floor. But...

"Rise and shine Chuck!" Peppermint Patty declared, grabbing Charlie Brown's hand and yanking him unsteadily to his feet.

"Morning Patty" Charlie Brown groaned sleepily.

"What you doing sleeping down here Chuck? Ah well, doesn't matter. Let's go get Breakfast before all the good stuff's taken" Peppermint Patty said eagerly. Charlie Brown sighed, resigned to his fate and hoping he'd be able to sleep a bit afterwards.

Soon after, Peppermint Patty led the Peanuts out of the Gryffindor common room. Lucy still had her nightcap on and Pigpen was carrying a sleeping Scabbers on top of his head. He was quickly tackled to the floor by a certain ginger cat.

"Can't you do anything to stop him attacking me?" Pigpen asked Patty irritably, grabbing Scabbers and stuffing him down his shirt before Crookshanks could grab him. Crookshanks proceeded to slash at Pigpen's chest, but stopped when Peppermint Patty pulled a mackrel out of her pocket. Crookshank's eyes darted to the mackrel, his ears perked and he licked his lips. After giving his owner an adorable, pleading look Peppermint Patty tossed the fish aside and allowed Crookshanks to pounce on and devour it.

"How's that?" Peppermint Patty asked, continuing down the hallway before Pigpen could answer.

Charlie Brown's tired state caused him to bump into everything from cupboards to suits of armour ("Oi, watch it boy-o") and he fell down each staircase the gang encountered. When the Peanuts finally reached the Great Hall, Charlie Brown collapsed into his bowl of cereal.

"Didn't sleep well Charles?" Marcie asked in concern while Snoopy and Woodstock lifted Charlie Brown's head out of his cereal.

"He didn't sleep at all, he stayed up all night writing his letter home. He really does need to sleep" Pigpen emphasised that part towards Peppermint Patty, who looked a bit guilty as Charlie Brown tried weakly to keep his head up.

"Charlie Brown's the only person I know who could stay up all night writing a letter" Lucy muttered to herself, reaching for a plate of pumpkin pasties. She put them back when she noticed Scabbers the rat lounging on them, looking revolted.

Snoopy and Woodstock continued to support Charlie Brown's head right up until the owls arrived, right on cue Errol flew straight into Charlie Brown's face and knocked him backwards onto the floor.

"If Percy weren't so uptight about me using his owl Hermes we wouldn't have this problem" Ron commented as he, Harry and Hermione arrived at the table.

With whatever strength he had left Charlie Brown lifted the decrepit owl off his face and placed him gently down on the table before falling onto the floor again.

"I'm guessing he had a rough night" Said Harry, observing the snoring Charlie Brown.

"Not one wink of sleep as far as we know" Marcie replied. Hermione looked down sympathetically at Charlie Brown and began rummaging through the pockets of her robes.

"Here, this ought to help" Hermione said, extacting a vial of blue liquid. She poured a few drops of the liquid into Charlie Brown's mouth, before anyone knew it the round headed boy had leapt to his feet, the bags beneath his eyes vanished and he felt more awake than he had all week.

"Wow, thank you. I feel great" Charlie Brown said, shocking everyone as he did a back flip over the table and back.

"What the heck did you give him?" Lucy asked, unable to comprehend Charlie Brown's display of atheltic perfection.

"A few drops of invigoration draught. I made it in potions yesterday, I thought it would come in handy" Hermione said, looking pleased with her potions affects as she stored the bottle away again.

"And yet you never make me anything good" Ron said grumpily.

"Ron, I'm not going to meet your request for a plate full of chocolate chip cookies" Hermione said sternly.

"Why not, we could all go for some" Pigpen said, his friends nodded eagerly.

"Have you seen Hermione cook?" Harry began, looking grim "I have, and Ron, you should consider yourself lucky she doesn't agree to do it for you. You wouldn't live long afterwards"

No one was quite sure whether or not this was Harry's idea of a friendly joke about Hermione, but the awkward look on her face did make them wonder...

Still feeling like he could run a maraphon, Charlie Brown gulped down his breakfast faster than anyone, including Snoopy. The beagle looked rather grumpy at being out-eaten by his owner, but thought nothing to protest.

While Charlie Brown's flash owl was probably soaring over the sea by now, the owls for the other Gryffindor Peanuts arrived along with Hedwig. Charlie Brown lost some of his potion induced enthusiasm and looked away as his friends began excitedly reading their letters from home.

"Dad say's he's doing alright at the house, but he really, really misses me and hopes I'm having a good time" Peppermint Patty told Marcie, who was reading her own letter with a nervous expression "What did your folks say?"

"They say they're proud I'm the best student in class, but that I need to try harder and do perfectly, get top grades, dedicate as much time as physically possible to studying, and a lot of similar remarks" Marcie sighed, tossing the letter back onto the table "I never thought I'd say this sir, but, I wish I were you"

While Charlie Brown wouldn't know it, Pigpen was looking very pleased with his letter, which he had even felt joyful enough to give it a hug. He panicked and tried urgently to wipe off the dirt.

Lucy ripped open her envelope and swept through her letter. Her eyes widened at what she was reading and she set the letter down with a groan.

"What's wrong?" Asked Hermione.

"It's my brother Rerun, apparently he's been suspended from school for harassing that little pigtailed girl again" Lucy muttered, to concerned looks from her friends.

"Well what did he say?" Peppermint Patty asked.

"He told her she was cute and that he liked her new braids" Lucy complained, the other kids exchanged weird looks.

"That's harrasment?" Harry asked oddly.

"It is according to the American school system" Lucy replied simply.

Everyone finished reading their letters and quickly scribbled down their replies. Unlike Charlie Brown, who had really thought his letter through and wrote a lot, most of the Peanuts just wrote really quickly about whatever was on their minds right now before attatching their letters to the flash owls' legs. The owls zoomed out the window at breakneck speed, leaving a strong tailwind. Hedwig was once again required to carry Errol back to Ron's family and Hermione's newspaper owl was again grumpy it didn't get a mouse to eat.

"So, the weekend is finally here... now what do we do?" Asked Peppermint Patty cluelessly.

"Whatever you want. No lessons today, so just walk about the castle and do whatever you want. They say you should stay in the common room, but that's just a suggestion" Ron explained.

"Well what's there to do around here?" Charlie Brown asked.

"What's there to do?"

"Lot's of things, Charlie, lot's of things"

Charlie Brown turned to see Ron's older twin brothers, Fred and George Weasley, who looked completely indistinguishable from one another. Charlie Brown supposed they were alright, they were big pranksters like Harry, with whom they seemed to share a friendly rivalry in joke playing. Just last night they had filled Draco Malfoy's soup with diarhoea-inducing potion.

"Hey Fred" Charlie Brown waved to the right twin, and then to the left he said "Hi George"

"What you talking about? I'm Fred, and that's George" The twin on the left said, pretending to look irritated.

"Oh, sorry Fred" Charlie Brown said meekly.

"Nah, actually you were right the first time" Said the right twin, and they both burst out laughing while Charlie Brown chuckled weakly.

"So, how's our little celebrity and his gang doing?" George asked, patting Charlie Brown's head like he were a dog.

"We're fine, just sent our letters to our families back home" Marcie replied.

"Say, that reminds me. Ron, did anything come in the post for us" Fred asked his younger brother, Ron shook his head and Fred shook a fist in disappointment "Rats, it should be here by now"

"What should be?" Lucy asked, curious to find out what the Weasley twins' latest prank could be.

"We sent in a big order for nose biting teacups weeks ago, and they still haven't arrived" George replied, looking disappointed.

"We were gonna disguise them as goblets and swap 'em with the ones in the kitchens before breakfast, that would really get on everyone's nerves. Should have known not to rely on third class delivery, our owls probably got lost and wound up in Malaysia" Fred supplied.

"You do realize nose biting tea cups are banned at Hogwarts" Hermione said tensely, Fred waved his hand nonchelantly.

"Pish posh, we've snuck in loads of stuff we're not supposed to, and we haven't got expelled yet" Fred said confidently.

"And how many detentions have you gotten in this week alone?" Harry asked humorously.

"Only ten" Fred honestly and nonchelantly replied.

"Next week we're going for eleven" George said, to much laughter from the gang.

"I hope Percy doesn't know what you're doing, I'd hate to see you in that kind of trouble" Charlie Brown said.

"Ah, what's ol' Perce going to do, write to mum?" Fred asked jokingly, his facial expressions almost immediately changed from jovial to outright terrified "Good grief, I hope not"

Fred and George stayed with the Peanuts and Harry's trio just long enough to eat a couple of pumpkin pasties (Pigpen tried to warn Fred Scabbers had been shedding on the pasty he was eating but was too late), as well as make a few jokes and compare their recent pranks to Harry's before dashing off to talk with their friend Lee Jordan.

"I sure hope fur was the only thing you left on those pasties" Pigpen mumbled to Scabbers, who was sound asleep on his shoulder.

"I don't know how you put up with having so many annoying brothers Ron, I couldn't stand it" Lucy told the red haired boy, who merely shrugged.

"You get used to it after the first decade" Ron joked, gulping down some pumpkin juice which he didn't realised Snoopy had sipped.

Charlie Brown thought about how he was going to spend this saturday. The clear blue ceilings indicated it was a lovely day outside, and if they were allowed out onto the grouds there was plenty of things to do. They could go visit Hagrid, they could go swimming with the giant squid, they could read some of the interesting books in the library and so many other things. But what would be a good activity he could do here that he couldn't do at home...

"Excuse me, I'm going back to the dormitories, there's something I need to get" Charlie Brown said, dashing off to the Gryffindor Common Room. After waiting around at the table for a while the rest of the gang decided to get up and explore, Snoopy and Woodstock were already out the front doors to the castle.

Five minutes later in the Ravenclaw common room, we find Schroeder playing away on his piano while Freida and Luna sat in two nearby beanbags.

"He's rather good at it, isn't he?" Said Luna, who was staring dreamily into space as usual.

"Oh, Schroeder. Yeah, he's good. It's because he's always had lots of practise" Freida replied, watching eagerly as Schroeder perfectly performed one of Beethoven's tunes. She had no idea what it was called, she hadn't even known who Beethoven was until Lucy had told her. But she did enjoy listening to good music, and that's all that was required to be a music lover, right.

The doors to the common room opened, at first Freida didn't bother to see who it was, but it became quite clear as Lucy appeared by the piano and took her regular place leaning against it. Schroeder didn't seem to notice, but the rest of the Ravenclaw's present were muttering furiously.

"Lucy, what are you doing here?" Freida asked in surprise, Schroeder's piano playing came to an abrupt halt and he groaned when he saw Lucy.

"I'm leaning against Schroeder's piano, getting ready to flirt with him. What do you think I'm doing?" Lucy asked as though Freida were being stupid.

"You're not allowed in our common room, how'd you get in here?" Schroeder demanded furiously.

"Well, the doorknob asked me this really complicated question. So I looked the answer up in a book, said it to the doorknob and it let me in. Clever, aren't I" Lucy said smugly, earning much eye rolling from the watching Ravenclaws.

"Can't you even leave me alone in my own house common room?" Schroeder asked irritably.

"No matter where you play your piano Schroeder, I'll always be there to lean against it" Lucy said sweetly.

"Good grief" Schroeder groaned. Soon after however he was able to shift his attentions back to playing Beethoven. The other Ravenclaw's looked offended by Lucy's continued presence.

"You can't stay here you know, this isn't your common room. Get out!" Said a second year boy named Michael Corner.

"No, I think I'll stay" Lucy replied calmly, to much outrage from the Ravenclaws.

"Now see here!" Declared a male prefect with a voice quite as pompous as Percy's. He stormed out of his seat and stood tall above Lucy "You are breaking school rules by remaining in this common room, I suggest you leave now!"

"And who's gonna make me. Certainly not you" Lucy said with a smirk, the prefect frowned.

"I'll have you know I'm a prefect, and I can have many points deducted from Gryffindor. Now get going or else" The prefect demanded. Lucy punched him in the face so hard he went flying across the room and straight through the wall.

"Anyone else want me to leave?" Lucy asked in a falsely sweet voice. The other Ravenclaw's shook their heads, looking horrified. Lucy grinned victoriously and went back to leaning on Schroeder's piano, the young prodogy had ignored the whole scene and was still religiously playing his music.

"If you all think Lucy's scary now, you should see her when she's mad" Freida told the rest of her house. All but Schroeder and Luna whimpered.

Snoopy and Woodstock meanwhile had arrived on the roof of Hagrid's hut, on which they were both taking a good nap until Fang's booming barks woke them up.

"I say good chaps, what are you doing sleeping on a roof. It looks awfully uncomfortable" Fang thought in his posh voice.

"Don't you sleep on the roof of your doghouse?" Snoopy asked oddly.

"What prey-tell is that?" Fang asked, looking confused. Snoopy and Woodstock exchanged odd looks and shrugged.


"Why yes, I do know my way about the forest, but I'm afaid I can't take you fine gentlemen into it. Only certified Hogwarts staff such as master Hagrid and myself are permitted to enter the forest" Fang said seriously "Besides, if Lady Norris found out she'd go balistic"

"Yeah well, that cat can take a hike" Snoopy growled, plopping down grumpily onto Hagrid's roof. He really didn't like Mrs Norris. That miserable old cat wouldn't leave him alone, she was always stalking him, breaking up any activities that she deemed dangerous, inappropriate or just too much fun. And Snoopy hated when she did it. Why, if he wasn't such a nice beagle, and if she weren't likely to cut his throat for it, he'd like to give her a good kick.

"You really should be more careful, Lady Norris has eyes and ears everywhere" Fang thought, staring around cautiously. Snoopy and Woodstock followed suit, suddenly looking very nervous.


"Don't worry Woodstock, if she tries to eat you I'll get Lucy to slug her. And hey, if she did try it maybe she'd get the sack" Snoopy said hopefully, Woodstock slapped him to deter any hazardous plans he could come up with.

"I say, isn't that your party over there" Fang said, shaking his head in the direction of the castle. Taking out a pair of binoculars Snoopy looked over the grounds and saw Charlie Brown strolling down the side of the hill Hogwarts resided upon, carrying a kite and followed by Peppermint Patty, Marcie, Violet and Patty.

"Looks like the round headed kids getting ready to fly a kite. You think he would have learned by now" Snoopy thought, hopping down gently from the giant hut "Well Fang, thanks for having us over, but we really must be going. Don't want to miss out on all the fun"

"I understand, take care my friends" Fang thought back, giving Snoopy and Woodstock very slobbery licks.

"Please don't do that" Snoopy thought, disgusted. Woodstock struggled to escape the blob of saliva he was trapped in.

Charlie Brown skipped happily down the hillside carrying his kite, his friends following behind looking apprehensive.

"Come on Charlie Brown, we all know there's no point in this. You're the worst kite flier in the world, you'll never get it in the air, you'll just get yourself tangled up like you always do" Violet said rudely.

"I thought you were being nice to Chuck" Peppermint Patty said bitterly.

"Hey, if no ones around to hear it I'm free to critisize as I please" Violet said smugly, Peppermint Patty clenched her fists.

"It is true though Charlie Brown, you've never been able to fly a kite properly before. What makes you think this time will be any different?" Patty asked.

"Well, while I admit to being innept at the art of kite flying, here at Hogwarts I have one big advantage" Charlie Brown replied, his friends stared imploringly at him, and they all went flying as Charlie Brown screamed joyfully "NO KITE EATING TREES!"

While the other Peanuts nursed their sore heads, Charlie Brown eagerly attempted to get his kite flying. His first few attempts just resulted in his kite crashing about in random places, his next ten attempts got halfway into the air before falling back on his head, and the next attempt after that got Charlie Brown tied up in a knot with all the girls.

"That better not be your hand touching where I think it's touching Charlie Brown, 'cause if it is I'm gonna kill you" Violet snarled. The kids were left tangled up for ten minutes until Snoopy arrived and untangled them.

"Don't be discouraged Charles, I'm sure you'll get it right" Marcie said kindly. She didn't really believe it, no one believed Charlie Brown could fly his kite, but she thought someone might as well say something nice to him.

"Thanks Marcie. I just don't see what I'm doing wrong" Charlie Brown sighed. He gave a thoughtful glance to his pet beagle and said "Snoopy, why don't you hold my kite for a minute"

Snoopy nodded and Charlie Brown passed the handle at the end of the kite string to him, the kite instantly shot twenty feet into the air.

"Predictable" Charlie Brown muttered irritably as Violet and Patty chortled. Snoopy handed the end of the string back to Charlie Brown, who cautiously took a few steps forward. He was delighted to find the kite hadn't fallen to earth, or caught fire, or any of the other things that usually happened when he actually got them flying. And he felt pretty happy...

Until a strong wind picked up and sent the kite zooming southwards. Charlie Brown was yanked along the school grounds by the speeding kite, trying his best not to trip over but still stumbling like crazy, while his friends tried to catch up and help him steady himself. Charlie Brown struggled and struggled against the wind driven kite, he was almost into the forbidden forest when suddenly...


And the kite was caught in a tree.

"Good grief" Charlie Brown moaned.

"Look on the bright side Chuck, at least you'll be able to get your kite back from this one" Peppermint Patty said, to which a small smile crept up Charlie Brown's face. This turned into a grimace when he heard a loud crunching sound from up above.

"A kite eating tree at Hogwarts, what are the odds?" Patty commented.

"I can't stand it" Charlie Brown muttered, banging his head against the tree.

Woodstock stared up curiously at the tree, which was still munching away at Charlie Brown's kite. After scratching his chin thoughtfully Woodstock skipped around the tree, examining it's bark and each individual marking. The bird soon found what he was looking for and called for Charlie Brown and friends to take a look.

"What is it?" Asked Snoopy, Woodstock pointed up at a certain heart shaped carving. Charlie Brown examined it closely, his eyes bulged and he gasped in outrage.

"This is the same kite eating tree from back home!" Charlie Brown exclaimed. His friends's eyes widened in shock and they all stepped forward to examine the tree. They found a heart carving with the words "Patty and Shermy forever" Written in it.

"This is the same tree, I remember Shermy carved that when we were five" Patty said, looking slightly flustered as everyone gaped at the romantic carving. Patty's love life however was the least of anyones concerns.

"But that's impossible! How could a tree travel all the way from America to a hidden location in Scotland overnight? Even I can't believe something that crazy is possible" Peppermint Patty said, utterly bewildered.

"Well, considering it has the ability to eat kites I'd say the tree has to be magical, so maybe it can use magic to move around... or something like that. I don't know" Marcie said awkwardly.

"So what's it doing following us here to Hogwarts?" Peppermint Patty questioned.

"Well that's obvious, the only person dumb enough to crash their kites into the tree is Charlie Brown. Without him around the tree would probably starve to death, it had to come here" Violet said smartly.

Charlie Brown glared up at the tree and, just as a group of first years were passing by, he kicked the tree and yelled "You dirty kite eating tree, why can't you just leave me alone!" Charlie Brown fumed a bit before noticing the incredulous looks on the first years's faces. Charlie Brown chuckled nervously, and they all walked off looking highly disturbed.

"Watch it Charlie Brown, Patty and I want people to think we're friends with a celebrity, not a psychotic weirdo" Violet said sternly, Charlie Brown banged his head against the tree one more time.

Pigpen ran screaming through the Gryffindor common room, Crookshanks hot on his tail. The other Gryffindor's watched curiously as the dirt covered boy reached the door to the boys dormitories and slammed it in the ginger cat's face. Crookshanks hissed and clawed at the door for a minute before he gave up and sulked off somewhere.

"Oh Pigpen, always has to make a scene" Lucy moaned. Having been ejected from the Ravenclaw common room by professor Flitwich, Lucy had grudgingly returned to her own common room, where she was currently in the middle of setting up a Psychiatry stand. It looked identicle to the one she used back home, but rather than five cents, the sign instead gave the price of "Five Knuts"

The rest of Gryffindor house watched curiously as Lucy put the finishing touches on her psychiatry stand, by which I mean flipping the "Out" sign to "In". Most of the students weren't sure what to make of it, some were scratching their chins, deliberating whether or not to request Lucy's psychiatric advice, while others thought it was a big joke.

Lucy leaned against her new psychiatry stand, waiting for her first patient. Considering her only regular patient, Charlie Brown, was not present, she knew it could be a while before she had any work. It could have been, but it wasn't.

Looking very uncertain, Neville Longbottom got up from his armchair in the corner and cautiously approached the Psychiatry stand. Lucy gestured for him to sit down on the free stool.

"Well Neville, what seems to be the problem?" Lucy asked in the most professional voice she could muster. Neville fidgeted with his fingers.

"Well, I'm not really sure how to describe it... I suppose you could say I feel inferior to everyone else around me. You see, my dad was an auror, one of the best in the business, and my mum was a great witch too. In fact, all my family are fantastic wizards, and I just feel I don't live up to their standards. I know my family think I'm a bit of a joke, I hear them whispering about how much of a goof I am at anything to do with magic. But even still they all expect me to shape up and go on to be as great as my parents, and I honestly don't think I can do it. And I feel really ashamed that I'm such a disgrace to my family, and now that I've started school I'm worried my inferiority complex is having a negative impact on my schoolwork, so that I'm doing even worse than I already am.

"All that's really starting to make me feel depressed, and I just don't know what to do about it. I'm not asking how to make me a better wizard, but if you can I'd just like some advice on how I can stop feeling so bad about it all. Do you think you can help me?" Neville asked desperately. Lucy hummed thoughtfully.

"You have a serious problem there Neville. As such, I'm going to give you the same foolproof advice I give to Charlie Brown" Lucy said, Neville leaned in closely, listening intently so as to take in the full extent of her advice "Snap out of it! Five Knuts please?"

Neville blinked rapidly, feeling rather confused.

"But I-"

"Five knuts please?" Lucy insisted, shaking around her collection tin. Looking confused, Neville pulled out five bronze coins and dropped them into the tin. Lucy shook the tin, admiring the sound the coins made "Oh how I love money"

"But wait, I don't think I'm really cured. I still feel depressed and inferior. Do you have any more advice? Please?" Neville asked in a panic.

"I'm sorry, but further payment is required before I can offer you any more advice" Lucy said importantly. Neville meekly emptied his pockets and pulled out a single gold galleon.

"Do you have change for a galleon?" Neville asked.

"No, but if you want you could just give me the galleon anyway. That'll buy you..." Lucy began, taking out a calculator "Let's see, twenty nine knuts is one sickle, and seventeen sickles is one galleon. twenty nine times seventeen is..." She clicked the equals sign on her calculator "Four hundred and ninety three knuts. So that'll buy you ninety eight and a half sessions with me"

"I don't think I need that many" Neville said incredulously.

"Well then I can't help you, please come back when you have exact change" Lucy said conclusively. Neville sighed and left his stool.

'I don't know, but I get the feeling I've just been swindled' Neville thought to himself as he slumped away from the psychiatry stand.

Lucy continued to admire the sound of coins rattling in her collection tin up until Percy appeared in the Common Room and took notice of her stand. Sensing possible rule-breaking, Percy puffed up his chest so as to properly display his prefect badge and marched up to Lucy.

"Excuse me Lucy, but what might this be?" Percy asked, gesturing around the stand.

"This would be my new psychiatry stand. I couldn't bring my old stand with me on the train, so I built a new one here" Lucy explained.

"Do you by any chance have a license to practise psychiatry?" Percy asked importantly.

"Yes" Lucy said plainly.

"Then may I see it?" Percy asked, or rather demanded.

"I left it back home" Lucy said shortly, Percy raised an eyebrow.

"Oh really. Well, that's not a problem, I'll just take your word for it. Oh yes, very good" Percy said in a falsely pleasant tone, before adding seriously "You do know it's illegal to charge people for psychiatric advice without a license?"

"And do you know I have this picture of you making out with your girlfriend in the charms classroom?" Lucy said, pulling said picture out of her pocket and displaying it to the prefect. Percy's eyes nearly shot out of their sockets and his face turned beet red.

"Where did you get that!" Percy screamed urgently. Over in the corner Fred and George began whistling innocently. Percy caught wind of this and glared furiously at his brothers before turning back to Lucy "I demand you give me that picture!"

"Ok, so long as you promise not to close down my business, I'll give you the picture to tear up" Lucy said slyly, Percy's glared intensified.

"I can't allow you to break the law Lucy, now just give me that picture" Percy said through gritted teeth, attempting to snatch the photograph out of Lucy's hands, but she held it back.

"Promise or this baby gets sent straight to Rita Skeeter. I can see tommorows headlines already, "Love in the Classroom: Prefects acting naughty" Won't that be hilarious" Lucy said with a wicked smile.

All the colour flushed out of Percy's face. After one more failed attempt to snatch the picture from her hand, the prefect knew he had no choice but to admit defeat. He stood back and, in as dignified a voice as he could manage, said "Carry on"

Lucy grinned victoriously and tossed the picture aside. Percy made a grab for it, but it was instead snatched by Fred.

"You know, this really was a good picture we took George. It would be a shame if it went to waste" Fred said, putting on a thoughtful frown.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking Fred?" George asked wickedly.

"Grab an owl and send it off to be published in the celebrity gossip section of the Daily Prophet?"

"Wow, I was just gonna recommend octupling it's size and sticking it to the tapestry in the Great Hall, but that's a much better idea" George complimented.

"Shall we go?" Fred asked, gesturing to the doors.

"After you" George said pleasantly, and the twins excitedly hopped out of the room.

"DON'T YOU DARE!" Percy roared, charging after his mischeivous brothers. Lucy laughed hysterically.

After Charlie Brown's disastrous attempts to get his kite flying, he and his friends had made their way back up to the castle and were currently wandering the hallways. Snoopy and Woodstock had slipped away when the gang reached the doors into the entrance hall.

"I still can't believe the kite eating tree followed me here to Hogwarts" Charlie Brown lamented.

"I still can't believe it actually managed to get here" Patty said thoughtfully.

"Well, no point worrying over all that. Let's just have a think about what we're gonna do now" Said Peppermint Patty.

"Well, I don't know about the rest of you, but Patty and I really must be going. We're throwing a party in the Hufflepuff basement, and we've invited all the coolest students in our house. Our status as Charlie Brown's friends will only get us so far in the social heirarchy after all, we have to work hard to boost our popularity" Violet said importantly, Peppermint Patty rolled her eyes at her.

"Speaking of the party, how would you like to come Charlie Brown?" Patty asked sweetly. Charlie Brown blinked in surprise and smiled appreciatively.

"Well I'd love to come" Charlie Brown replied.

"Well too bad, cause you're not invited" Violet and Patty sang in unison, laughing at the dejected look on Charlie Brown's face.

"It's not like you could attend anyway Charles, if it's in the Hufflepuff basement you wouldn't be allowed to go" Marcie pointed out, Charlie Brown cheered up slightly and Violet and Patty glared at Marcie for spoiling the effect of their taunt.

Violet and Patty muttered a quick goodbye and departed without a single glance back at their friends.

"I don't know why you call those girls your friends Chuck. They're rude to you, they exclude you from sociable events and they're using you as a tool to make themselves look cool. Why don't you just tell them off for how they treat you?" Peppermint Patty asked irritably.

"Because if I did actually work up the nerve to do so they'd most likely stop being my friends, and I couldn't deal with the thought of two of my oldest friends abandoning me" Charlie Brown explained. Peppermint Patty groaned.

The three remaining Peanuts continued wandering through the halls, discussing possible activities they could carry out to pass the time. Charlie Brown was just suggesting they visit Hagrid again when he felt a pair of arms wrap around him.

"Heya Charlie" Greeted the cheery voice of Morag from behind Charlie Brown.

"Hi Morag" Charlie Brown replied with his usual blush. Peppermint Patty gritted her teeth.

After Morag had had a chance to squeeze most of the air out of Charlie Brown she released him and stepped back so she was facing all three of her fellow students.

"Glad I found you, I've been looking for you all morning. Professor Mcduff asked me to tell you our first technology lesson is at one o' clock today, he says to meet him in the entrance hall and we'll go straight to his class" Morag said, Charlie Brown and Marcie looked confused, and Peppermint Patty horrified.

"BUT IT'S SATURDAY" Peppermint Patty exclaimed "We can't have lessons on a saturday, that's not fair! It's not natural, it's unethical, it's plain wrong! How can he make us attend classes on a saturday!"

"Not sure, but he mentioned something about scheduling errors" Morag said, looking confused at the thought "Anyway, that's what he wanted me to tell you. How's your day going?"

"My greatest enemy just made a triumphant return" Charlie Brown muttered, Morag screamed.

"You mean you-know-who! Oh God, we're doomed! We're doomed! Everybody to the panic shelters, you-know-who's back! We're doomed!" Morag screamed, running around in circles in her moment of terror. Peppermint Patty and Marcie exchanged awkward looks and Marcie bonked Morag on the head with a text book to make her stand still.

"He doesn't mean Voldermort-" Morag squeaked "He means the kite eating tree, which as the name implies is a tree that devours the kites Charles gets caught in it. Apparently it's found a way to travel across continents and now resides on Hogwarts grounds near the forbidden forest"

"Oh" Morag said, taking a deep breath. She laughed nervously and patted Charlie Brown on the back "You really 'ad me going. For a second there, I thought you meant you-know-who was back from the dead, ready to take over the world and kill us all. Pretty silly of me, huh?"

"Not that silly" Charlie Brown said fairly, receiving another hug from Morag. Charlie Brown wondered why Peppermint Patty looked so annoyed and Marcie disappointed. It couldn't be jealousy, right. Couldn't possibly be.

"So, right now, whatcha doin'?" Morag asked. Somewhere in America, a girl with black hair gritted her teeth.

"We were just on our way to visit Hagrid's" Peppermint Patty said shortly.

"Oh, that sounds nice. I'd ask if I could go with you, but I have a few other classmates to find and tell them about our Technology lesson. Either of you know where Freida, Luna and Pigpen might be?" Morag asked.

"I think Pigpen said he was going back to the common room to put Scabbers to bed, and I haven't seen Freida or Luna today but I assume they're in or near their own common room" Marcie replied.

"Thanks, really appreciate the help" Morag said, giving Marcie a hug, leaving the glasses girl feeling awkward. Morag bid the trio a quick goodbye and skipped off to find the other Peanuts.

"A ball of sunshine, ain't she?" Peppermint Patty joked while she and her friends made their way to Hagrid's hut. Should have just stayed out on the school grounds.

"How do I always get into these situations?" Snoopy asked himself. After sneaking away from his round headed owner, Snoopy had led Woodstock towards the forbidden forest. The beagles lust for adventure got the better of him, and the duo wound up entering the forest. He just wanted a short trek, have a look around, see some unusual creatures, maybe dance with the local bunnies. But after only five minutes, they found themselves more lost than they were in the castle five days previous.

"III IIIII II" Woodstock cheeped.

"Don't panic Woodstock, I'll get us out of here. I'm a beagle scout, I can do anything I put my mind to" Snoopy thought proudly.


"Sarcasm does not become you, Woodstock" Snoopy thought irritably while Woodstock giggled.

Snoopy and Woodstock slipped through the gaps between trees, desparately searching for a way out of the forest. Now that they were lost, logic was starting to sink into Snoopy's mind. What if they were attacked by a troll? What if Woodstock was swallowed by a venomous tantacula? What if the bunnies all had rabies? Maybe this wasn't such a good idea, entering the forest.

Snoopy continued squeezing his way through the ever shrinking path through the forest until something caught his eye. Floating around a bunch of flowers was what was unmistakably a fairy. How many human beings were five inches tall and had wings after all. Feeling excited, Snoopy pounced at the fairy, grabbed her and began shaking her about.

"Where's the pixie dust?" Snoopy wondered, the only thing that fell off the fairy was strands of her hair. He was expecting a shower of pixie dust that would help him fly away to Neverland. The fairy held in her vomit and jabbed Snoopy in the eye, flying off in a daze and muttering angrily in some strange language.


"I thought she was a tinker bell fairy" Snoopy said defensively, rubbing his sore eye. When he regained his full vision he screamed and ran off in the opposite direction to his bird friend. Woodstock wasn't sure why he'd done that until he turned around and saw the horse sized spider looming over him.

"IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!" Woodstock screeched at the top of his lungs, sprinting after his beagle friend while the giant spider gave chase.

Snoopy and Woodstock leap-frogged over outgrown tree roots, ducked under abnormally low branches and turned every corner to avoid the spider, which followed them determindly, fully intent on gobbling them up. Snoopy stopped a few times to throw rocks at the spider, but this did not deter the monstrocity and only gave it a chance to get closer to the duo. Snoopy was beginning to pant, and the stitches in his chest could only mean it wouldn't be long before he was spider chow.

"I should have stuck to chasing sticks" Snoopy lamented as the spider charged eagerly towards the exhausted beagle. Woodstock frantically searched the terrain for anything that could prove useful. Finding an abandoned set of bows and arrows, Woodstock grabbed the bow and tried firing the arrows at the spider. Unfortunately, his small stature did not help his accuracy, and the arrows flew in every direction other than where the spider was coming from. When the beast was only ten steps away from the duo Snoopy grabbed the bow and shot an arrow directly into the spider's lower right eye.

Snoopy and Woodstock barrel rolled to avoid the spider, which was flailing around in pain and crashing into all the trees. Knowing the arrow in it's eye wouldn't distract it for too long Snoopy quickly began formulating a plan. Noticing a large number of overhanging vines Snoopy desparately began climbing the nearest tree, taking care not to be squashed by the enormous spider.

With a yell like Tarzan, Snoopy grabbed the longest vine he could and swung low around the spider's two front legs, tieing them in a knot. The spider fell forward, finally focusing it's attentions away from the arrow in it's eye the spider pulled back on the vines, but before it could break free Woodstock swung bown on his own vine and wrapped up it's two back legs. The Spider struggled to break free, but before long Snoopy and Woodstock had managed to wrap up it's entire body.

"Ever seen a spider get caught in a web Woodstock? Well you have now" Snoopy joked.

"You realize this isn't a web, but a bunch of stupid vines you wrapped around me" The horse-sized spider growled.

"Eh, close enough" Snoopy shrugged, not bothering to ask how the spider could actually speak.

Snoopy and Woodstock left the spider to struggle against it's restraints and continued searching for a path out of the forest. They didn't have to search long, the spider was barely out of their sight when the duo bumped into Hagrid, accompanied by Fang, Charlie Brown, Marcie and Peppermint Patty.

"Told yeh I saw 'im sneaking in here, lucky he wasn't eaten by summat" Muttered Hagrid.

"Snoopy, you really shouldn't have ran off into the forest" Charlie Brown scolded, looking exhasperated at his mischievous dog. Snoopy however was delighted to see his owner again and gave him a big hug.

"Nutty dog. We'd best be getting outta here, you three aren't supposed ter be here in the forest in the first place" Hagrid told the children.

"At least Snoopy and Woodstock are alive" Marcie said with a smile.

And so Hagrid led the group out of the forest and back towards his hut, Snoopy refused to cease hugging Charlie Brown the whole way and Woodstock hitched a ride on Fang, who had spent the short walk mentally scolding the mischeivous animals.

"I should hope you two never engage in such a risky endeavor again" Fang said sternly.

"I wish I could make that promise, I really do" Snoopy thought back.

Peppermint Patty checked her watch, informing her friends it was only five minutes until lunch. The trio decided to head back to the castle, bidding a goodbye to Hagrid and thanking him for helping to find Snoopy and Woodstock. This time Charlie Brown made sure to keep a close eye on the duo while entering the castle.

"Could you just go one day without getting in trouble?" Charlie Brown asked his beagle. He decided there was no need to answer that question.

Charlie Brown and friends sat down in their usual seats at the Gryffindor table, Snoopy began his typical routine of hopping around the table and eating everything he could get his hands on.

"And they say Garfield eats a lot" Peppermint Patty commented as Snoopy swallowed a whole plate of ham sandwiches.

"He only needs a bowl full of dog food every day really, he just can't resist stuffing himself when there's so much yummy food available" Charlie Brown explained.

"It's surprising how he stays so slim" Marcie said thoughtfully.

Charlie Brown ate his lunch very slowly, knowing he still had an hour before he was due to head off to his first magical technology lesson. He agreed that it felt odd to be having a lesson on saturday, but he was not distraught over it like Peppermint Patty. He wondered if Louis might be able to sort out those "Scheduling errors" Morag had mentioned, they did have a free period after lunch on Friday, they could always do it then.

Charlie Brown wondered just what Louis Mcduff's lessons were like. From everything he knew about the Technology teacher, it was bound to be utterly crazy. It was quite normal during supper time for Louis to burst through the doors and present one or more of his faulty inventions, most often the exploding toaster. Lucy had suggested his toasters would serve better as grenades, though the wizarding scientist loudly declared he would get it right someday.

"But not someday soon" Snape had remarked, for which Louis had sent him a glare.

Charlie Brown hoped he would live to see the next day, but thought that so long as Louis did not show them his teleporter he would be fine.

"Hi Charlie Brown, had a good morning?" Asked Freida, as she and Luna appeared at the table.

"Pretty good, except I lost another kite to the kite eating tree and Snoopy got lost in the forest" Charlie Brown replied.

"Kite eating tree?" Freida asked oddly "How-"

"We don't know, it was just there" Peppermint Patty interrupted.

"Oh. Weird. And what were you doing in the forest, hunting rabbits?" Freida asked sarcastically, Snoopy shook his head vigorously "I know you weren't, but you should've been"

"Why would I want to hurt the cute little bunnies?" Snoopy asked rhetorically.

"So how has your morning been?" Asked Marcie.

"Oh, pretty good. We've been in the common room for the most of it, did you know Lucy got in there. Professor Flitwich was really upset about it, and demanded she leave. We've just been listening to Schroeder's piano most of the morning, but now we're ready to do something else" Freida explained.

"Did Morag tell you about our Technology lesson?" Asked Charlie Brown.

"Oh yeah, we just saw her in the corridor. Can you believe it, we have a lesson on saturday! That's outrageous!" Freida yelled indignantly.

"Tell me about it" Peppermint Patty grumbled.

Charlie Brown spent the next five minutes trying to ignore Peppermint Patty and Freida's complaining over the upcoming Technology lesson. Marcie took out a book called "So you're friends with a dummy" While Luna read the days copy of the quibbler, upside down of course. Charlie Brown didn't see how Luna could take her father's writing seriously. He'd read one copy of the magazine and found nothing but crazy articles about how Professor Dumbledore was a Martian android in desguise, or that Chocolate frogs were responsible for spreading a disease called "Loser's lurgy". But then again, it was Luna...

Snoopy and Woodstock continued to consume all the food in sight, they had come close to starting a food fight before Charlie Brown yanked them off the table. After Monday's incident at the Slytherin table Charlie Brown couldn't let Snoopy start another food fight, professor Snape was watching from the staff table, and Gryffindor couldn't afford to lose any more points.

And... well, the rest of the hour was rather uneventful, just Charlie Brown and friends talking to each other about what was going on, so for the sake of the plot, and since I feel lazy today, we're just gonna skip ahead to the gang meeting Louis in the entrance hall.

"Heya Charlie, how've you been" Louis greeted, giving Charlie Brown a bone crushing hug. Seriously, his ribcage might have cracked from the pressure.

"He's been doing fine, but he won't be now if you don't let go" Peppermint Patty said urgently, Louis realized the strength with which he was hugging Charlie Brown and released him right before his spine could snap.

"Sorry, don't know my own strength" Louis said meekly "Right, is everybody here?"

"I think this is everyone you asked me to find" Said Morag, staring between the rest of the class. Most of the Peanuts were in the class, with the exception of Lucy, Violet, Patty and Schroeder, while Terri Mcduff and Colin Creevey were also here. Charlie Brown supposed Terri was only taking the subject to avoid upsetting his uncle, and he had a suspicion Colin was only here because he knew Charlie Brown was taking the class. The fact that he was taking a photograph of Charlie Brown every ten seconds supported this theory.

"Wow, I can't remember the last time I had such a big class. I'm so happy" Louis squealed, hopping excitedly on the spot. Terri moaned in embarassment.

"By the way, this isn't gonna be a permanent thing is it? You know, classes on Saturday?" Peppermint Patty asked cautiously, she and the majority of the class held their hands together in prayer.

"Nah, I just didn't expect to have half this many students, so I'm a bit disorganised on timetables. I notice you have a free period on Friday, so I'll arrange for us to have it then" Louis explained, to many sighs of relief from his students.

With that little concern out of everyones mind Louis led the students up the staircase and towards their next class. Louis spent the whole time talking loudly to the students and constantly tripped over things and caused suits of armour to fall on him, one time he ended up knocking a portrait of nuns off the side of the staircase and had to run all the way back to the entrance hall to retrieve it. He then had to endure the nuns constant complaining and rude remarks until he returned the portrait to it's rightful place.

"You're all very crabby" Louis scolded the portrait nuns, to which they complained some more.

The rest of the walk was actually very quiet and pleasant, until they reached the fourth floor, where they were stopped by a walking suit of armour.

"I'm sorry, but only certified noodle-brains may pass" The armour said in a high, taunting voice. The armour's helmet turned to face Peppermint Patty and it said "Go right ahead missy"

Peppermint Patty growled at the remark and kicked the suit of armour, but this only managed to injure her leg. Peeves the poltergeist popped out of the armoured suit and laughed at Patty, who was hopping about while clutching her injured foot.

"What a foolish little boy-girl, so much fun to tease" Peeves cackled, Peppermint Patty took off her shoe and threw it at him. Peeves caught the shoe and threw it at her head, flying off down the hallway while Peppermint Patty was still in a daze.

"I hate that guy" Peppermint Patty said bitterly.

"We all do Patty, we all do" Louis said with a supportive tap to the tomboy's shoulder.

Surprisingly, after the little run in with Peeves the group managed to make it to the class without further interruption.

True to his character, Louis's classroom more closely resembled a laboratory. While there were a few tables to sit at, most of the space in the room was taken up by stands displaying several of Louis's inventions, including a wizarding television with a wand antenna (A sign hung on the front reading "Not finished"), a pair of boots that granted the ability to walk on air (A sign read "Also not finished"), a small robot dog ("Not nearly finished") And one of Louis's wizarding toasters ("Do I even need to say it?"). There was also a table full of beakers and vials of some bubbling chemicals, a giant super computer in the right corner of the room, a bed in the left corner and next to it a rusty blue ashura, the headbeams of which appeared to have pupils.

"Beautiful, isn't it" Louis said dreamily, referring to the whole classroom. Charlie Brown exchanged awkward looks with his friends and they all took a seat at the middle table.

"Right..." Louis began once everyone was seated "Welcome all, to perhaps the most exciting subject taught at Hogwarts: Wizarding Technology! In this class you will learn how we wizards have built such contraptions as the wizarding wireless and the broomstick, as well as several of my own fantastic inventions" Louis added, patting the toaster. It immediately exploded in his face "Stupid-stupid-stupid!"

Louis took a moment to collect himself and wipe the soot off his face before continuing "Anyway, I'm going to teach you how these things are supposed to work, how you can build and maintain them, and how you can come up with your own inventions. It's a difficult class at times, but as long as you put your minds to it this should be a fun class for all of you. Any questions?"

There were a few murmurs among the class before Colin Creevey's hand shot into the air.

"Can we see your teleporter?" Colin asked eagerly.

"I'd show it to you, oh yes, but then I'd be arrested" Louis said with little of his usual cheerfullness "Any other questions?"

When nobody else rose their hands Louis pulled out a tattered copy of "The art of Magical Machinery"

"Right, for the first lesson of term I've been asked to give you a boring lecture about the laws behind wizarding technology, have you all read the first three chapters of the book-the ones without pictures-and then give you another boring lecture about health and safety practises" Louis explained, to a collective groan from the class.

"I know, boring right?" Louis said, surprising everyone when he threw his self-authored book across the class "I know you all didn't agree to take my class to do lame junk like that. We'll have to do it, of course, but we can worry about that next lesson. For now, let's have a look at some of my inventions that work"

Everyone sighed in relief and watched Louis dig through a store cupboard, take out a small telescope and plop it down onto his desk so that everyone could see it.

"Here's something I'm particularly proud of, the mindscope. Not a very creative name, I know, but it's an interesting little creation. You know why? Because this little telescope here has the ability to see into people's thoughts" Louis said with an air of fatherly pride. There was an outbreak of excited chatter among the class.

"Really?" Pigpen Asked.

"Really" Louis repeated.

"Wow" The class uttered together. Louis smiled appreciatively.

"So, anybody want to have a go at using the mindscope?" Louis asked, everyone's hands shot into the air but Charlie Brown's. Perhaps it was his hesitancy that caused Louis to say "Charlie, why don't you give it a try"

Charlie Brown's eyes widened in shock. He didn't really want to invade the thoughts of any of his friends and classmates, he just thought that would be rude. He tried to explain this to Louis, but the excitable teacher had already pulled him out of his seat and placed him in front of the magical telescope.

"Go ahead Charlie, peer into my thoughts" Louis said encouragingly. Charlie Brown smiled nervously, he still didn't want to do this, but he just couldn't say no to that happy and imploring smile.

Charlie Brown positioned the mindscope so that it's larger end was facing Louis's head and looked into it. He was surprised by what he saw, contained within an outline of Louis's head, as thought it were a tv screen, were images of Louis sitting at a table with a large group of people, the males all looking very similar to him. The images changed from Louis and his family having dinner, him and what might have been his older brothers dancing around holding beer bottles, and a picture of him dropping a cooked turkey on Terri's head, and then another one showing who looked like his mother pouring gravy over it.

Feeling a bit disturbed by the silliness of that last image, Charlie Brown pulled his eyes away from the end of the Mindscope and looked at Louis's now normal head.

"So, what did you see?" Louis asked eagerly, the entire class was watching Charlie Brown.

"I think you were having dinner with your family" Charlie Brown replied. He was going to mention the turkey thing, but thought better of it.

"Exactly, I was thinking about last years Christmas party. You know Terri, the one where we all ate turkey off your head" Louis said cheerfully, Terri Mcduff facepalmed while the rest of the class laughed.

"It's not a perfect invention, I intended it to see any thought the viewer wants, but it can only show what a person is thinking of at the moment of use. Still a dandy device though, I was hoping the Ministry could use it to extract information from crime suspects, or something like that. I'm pretty pleased with it" Said Louis, completely ignoring his nephew's embarassment.

"Can the rest of us have a go at using it?" Freida asked eagerly.

"No, I don't think so. I respect the privacy of my students and myself, so no one else can use it just now" Louis replied, picking up the mindscope and tossing it unceremoniously back into the cupboard. Freida looked disappointed.

"But don't worry, I still have a few other inventions to show you" Louis added, perking the interests of his students.

While Charlie Brown sat down once more, Louis approached one of the pedestals around the room and picked up what looked like a hocky mask.

"And this is another engenious invention of mine: The guess-who mask" Louis said while placing the mask over his face.

"What does that do?" Asked Marcie, who felt a mask didn't really count much as technology.

"I'll show you" Louis replied, looking in Marcie's direction and pressing a button on the side of the mask. A few seconds later the hockey mask had changed into Marcie's face, hair and glasses and all.

Gasps echoed across the room, Louis pulled out a mirror and examined his new face.

"Hmm... I always thought I'd need glasses someday" Marcie-face Louis said with a thoughtful thrown, Marcie's eyes bulged under her own glasses. She couldn't describe just how weird it felt to be looking at someone with the exact same face as her, albeit with a completely different body that didn't fit well with the face.

"How did you do that?" Peppermint Patty asked excitedly.

"If I went into detail about how these masks function your head would blow up" Louis replied simply. Deciding he'd had enough of looking like a girl Louis pulled the mask off his face. Marcie's facial features quickly dissolved off the mask, which took up it's original hockey-mask look.

"I invented this as the ultimate spy gadget, you'd just have to look at a picture of someone and the guess-who mask transforms to look like that person. Of course I overlooked the fact that to really fool anybody you'd have to have a similar body shape, and your fingerprints and such would remain the same. So it's not exactly the ultimate spy gadget, is it?" Louis said with a disappointed frown.

"Still pretty cool though" Pigpen said fairly, Louis smiled faintly.

After placing the guess-who mask aside on his desk, Louis skipped over to the pedestal with the wand-antenna tv.

"Right, this one actually isn't complete yet, but I'm sure you'd all like to see it anyway. Who here comes from a muggle family?" Louis asked, all but Luna and Terri raised their hands, while Morag half raised hers "Oh yeah, quite a lot of you. Well then, most of you should know what this is"

"It's a TV" Colin piped up.

"That's right. As you may remember me saying before, we wizards don't have televisions" Louis continued. How could anyone forget, when Lucy had found out he had been honest about it she screamed and ran out the castle, declaring her intentions to swim back home. Thankfully the Peanuts had managed to stop her, though they were all depressed at the prospect of having no television to watch for a whole year. But then again, there was so much else that could be done here it didn't really matter too much to Charlie Brown.

"I admit I didn't really know what television was until I crashed through the roof of a muggle family's house in Glasgow. Long story short I offered to help fix the roof and stayed the night to watch a little tv with them. And I thought "Wow, this is cool" I mean, we wizards have a lot of great entertainment, but nothing as cool as a box that shows you what's happening at a football stadium a hundred miles away, or let's you watch classic cartoons like the Flintstones.

"I was shocked we wizards had never come up with something like this before. I tried to bring one into the castle, but all the magic just caused the screen to shatter and the antenna to shoot off. So then I decided to build my own wizarding television" Louis explained, patting the old television set.

"So, when do you think it'll be finished? I hope it's before the baseball season starts" Said Peppermint Patty desparetly.

"It works now" Louis said, flipping a switch on the side of the tv. The screen lit up to play the disney movie "Sleeping Beauty", specifically the part where prince Phillip was battling the dragon Maleficent.

"So how's it unfisished?" Pigpen asked curiously.

"Well... there's a glitch. You see, I tried to impliment 3-D, and..." Louis began awkwardly. On the tv screen the dragon started to breath fire. Flames shot right out of the screen, Charlie Brown, Marcie and Peppermint Patty ducked to avoid them, but their desk was completely incinerated "I might have overdone it"

Louis turned the magical television off right before Prince Phillip could throw his sword at the dragon. With an awkward glance to Charlie Brown and friends Louis waved his wand and a new desk appeared for them.

"So, are you just going to show us your inventions or can we try them out?" Peppermint Patty asked.

"Well, I'd like to let you use them but they require training to use safely. Heck, I've been a teacher for years and I'm barely qualified to use this stuff. But I will let you build your own little contraptions" Louis said. Everyone stared curiously as Louis scanned through the cupboards and pulled out a set of cardboad boxes, handing one out to each of the students.

"I want each of you to turn to page eighty eight of your text books, where you shall find instructions on how to put together the bits and pieces in those boxes to build a wizarding alarm clock, which instead of some annoying beeping plays a rousing chorus of "Hark, the herald Angels sing". So please, open your text books and have fun" Louis said cheerfully. While Luna just stared with mild curiosity at the robotic dog on the pedestal next to her, the rest of the class looked anxious at what Louis had just asked of them.

"Sir, are you sure it's wise to have us start building things the first lesson?" Marcie asked "We don't have any experience with this sort of thing yet, what if something goes wrong?"

"Nonsense Marcie" Louis said with a calm wave of his hand "You'll all be fine, and I'm here to help you out if you get stuck. Nothing can go wrong"

Harry and Ron hid behind a tapestry of unicorns near the Technology classroom. Professor Snape appeared around the corner seconds later, covered in slime, the enchanted accordian still floating besides him playing it's annoying sound.

Snape swept along the corridor, when he came to the tapestry he pulled at it, but found nothing but a brick wall. With a disappointed scowl Snape stormed out of the corridor, firing a few stunning spells at the accordian as he did so. The accordian just played on.

"You don't think we might have gone too far with that one?" Ron asked as he and Harry reappeared in the corridor, Harry having pulled a silvery cloak off of them.

"Yeah, might have overdid it" Harry admitted, stowing the invisibility cloak away in his pockets "We'd better stay away from Snape for the next few months, if he finds out we were responsible for those floating buckets of slime he'd have us hanged"

Wiping a bit of slime off their own shoes Harry and Ron went to stand outside the Technology classroon.

"I hear Charlie and some of his friends have their first lesson with Louis today" Harry commented.

"Well then let's stand back" Ron said, Harry nodded and they both leaped out of the way of the door. It's a good thing they did, because just seconds later there was a series of explosions from within the classroom and the door went flying off it's hinges, smashing against the wall opposite.

Harry and Ron peeked into the classroom, finding Louis pointing his wand at Charlie Brown, attempting to put out the flames on his head.

"Why do all my first classes end this way?" Louis asked irritably, shooting water from his wand at Charlie Brown's head. The flames only got bigger.

"AUGH! Put it out, put it out!" Charlie Brown screamed in panic, his friends all tried putting the fire out with a wet rag, but it burned to a crisp.

"How the heck-!" Freida complained.

Charlie Brown got down on the floor and rolled, but the flames still burned. Charlie Brown could feel his hair dissolving, it would probably start melting his head any second now.

Harry and Ron noticed professor McGonagall at the end of the corridor, probably attracted by the sound of the explosion, and called for help. Thank goodness for Charlie Brown, McGonagall was able to extinguish the flames with one flick of her wand.

"Louis, how exactly did this happen?" Professor McGonagall asked sternly.

"My dumb luck, that's how" Louis replied, much to professor McGonagall's annoyance.

"I don't know why we bother letting you teach" McGonagall commented while regrowing Charlie Brown white blond hair to it's original length. Apart from the disappearance of the burn marks, Charlie Brown didn't look a bit different than he had a moment ago.

"Who else is crazy enough to do my job?" Louis asked. Professor McGonagall decided he may have had a point and left without another word.

"Right, I suppose we'll leave it here today" Louis said "I'll see you all on Friday"

Everyone looked glad to leave the classroom. Harry and Ron joined Charlie Brown and friends going down the staircase.

"So what were you making?" Ron asked.

"We were supposed to make alarm clocks" Marcie answered.

"Alarm clocks? That's all. Last year he made me build a cold fusion reactor for first lesson" Harry said, looking as though he'd rather not recall the experience.

"You take his class?" Charlie Brown asked.

"I lost a bet with Fred and George. Apparently, you can't teach a gnome to count to ten" Harry explained.

Trying to forget their disastrous attempts at making a clock, Charlie Brown and friends ended up leaving the castle to walk around the lake.

"How long has the giant squid been here exactly?" Pigpen asked, observing the squid swimming nearby, a few students standing like surfers on one of it's raised tentacles.

"About a thousand years" Luna said matter-of-factly. Everyone looked curiously at her.

"What do you mean, squids can't live to be that old" Marcie said reasonably.

"It's not really a squid, it's Godric Gryffindor in animagus form. He transforms into a squid during the day, and at the eleventh hour of the night he transforms back into a man and wanders the castle, looking for his lost slippers" Luna explained in a surprisingly serious tone, which only added to the absurdity of her statement.

"I like this girl, always good for a laugh" Ron said pleasantly.

While the Peanuts sat by the lake, observing and sometimes riding the giant squid, Snoopy had managed to sneak away, and was currently in a hallway on the fifth floor. He had convinced ten suits of armour to line up like bowling pins, and for the bowling ball he was using an enormous globe of the earth.

"Well how do you like me now Woodstock, I'm the first beagle to ever play "Armour bowling"" Snoopy said jokingly.


"Yes, I am pretty cool, aren't I" Snoopy said, though he soon got the feeling Woodstock was being sarcastic. "Say Woodstock, how would you like to go first?"

Woodstock cheeped eagerly. Snoopy gratefully set down the heavy globe in front of the small bird. But of course, Woodstock was too small to lift it. He tried, but no matter how hard he pulled he just couldn't get the globe off the ground. After five unsuccessful attempts to lift the globe Woodstock instead took twenty paces back and charged at it.

Woodstock's headbutt caused the globe to roll forward, as well as hurting his head. The globe didn't move very fast, it was probably five whole minutes until it reached the suits of armour, and even then it only tapped them lightly before coming to a stop. Woodstock sighed, disappointed.

"Don't worry Woodstock, you tried your best, that's all that matters" Snoopy said kindly, giving Woodstock a warm hug.

After taking time to comfort his friend Snoopy retrieved the globe and prepared to bowl. He stepped back a few paces, mustered all his strength to hold the globe high and ran. He was just about to roll it until he skid to a stop, his face inches from that of Mrs Norris.

"And what do you think you're doing?" Mrs Norris asked crossly.

"Armour bowling" Snoopy said meekly, Mrs Norris's eyes narrowed.

"Your stupidity knows no bounds, does it? Return that globe to it's rightful place and set these armoured suits back up against the walls, or else" Mrs Norris growled.

"Or else what?" Snoopy asked rudely. Mrs Norris sent Snoopy and Woodstock flying with a loud lions roar. The duo crashed into a wall, the globe they had been bowling with also went flying and slammed into them. Snoopy and Woodstock eventually managed to push the globe off them and stumbled about in a paniful daze.

"Ok, we'll put 'em back" Snoopy thought weakly. Mrs Norris smiled in satisfaction and watched intently as Snoopy and Woodstock set the suits of armour up along the walls again, giving them another lion roar whenever they complained.

"Know your place beagle. Your antics have no purpose in my school, you and that bird stop acting like imbeciles, or you shall face far worse consequences" Mrs Norris said darkly before trotting off. Snoopy followed her as far as the stairs, and when she was at least two floors down he dropped an anvil on her head.

"I couldn't possibly stop my antics, think of how disappointed my fans would be" Snoopy commented. When he noticed Mrs Norris making her way back up the staircase he and Woodstock ran like the wind.

It wasn't until dinner was ready to begin that Charlie Brown and friends entered the great hall. They had spent the magority of their afternoon playing around with the giant squid, which had enjoyed ferrying them around the lake and letting them surf with it's tentacles. Charlie Brown had not wanted to do the latter, but Peppermint Patty and Harry had somehow managed to talk him into it. It wasn't a pleasant experience at all, he kept losing his balance and falling head first into the lake, and the whole experience made him feel a bit woozy.

"So how have you been?" Asked Hermione, who was already in her seat, surrounded by what looked like every book in the library.

"Pretty good. I see you've just been doing some light reading" Ron joked.

"Actually I've been doing that essay for professor Binns in the library. You might want to make a start on it" Hermione said sternly, Ron ignored her and helped himself to a pumpkin pasty and was about to drink some pumpkin juice, before the goblet came to life and bit his nose.

"I'm guessing Fred and George's order of nose-biting teacups finally arrived" Marcie commented, Ron grumbled furiously as he tried to pull the biting goblet off his nose.

Charlie Brown sat down in his ususl seat and chose his supper from the various foodstuffs available. Hogwarts must have had some eccelent gourmet's to prepare such a wide range of food.

With nothing more to do today the gang began recounting the days events to one another. They were soon joined by Lucy and Schroeder, the former of whom described her encounters with "Patients" at her psychiatry stand, as well as complaining about Charlie Brown's absense at said stand, while Schroeder had nothing more to say than "I was practising the piano"

Violet and Patty appeared a short while after, pushing aside Peppermint Patty and Pigpen to sit with Charlie Brown in their usual effort to attract attention and public interest. When asked about how thier party went, Violet simply yelled "NONE OF YOUR BEESWAX"

While Lucy was regailing Charlie Brown and Pigpen with the advice she had given to Colin Creevey with his obsessive picture-taking ("Tie your fingers together with string and toss the camera off a cliff") Fred and George sat down on the other side of the table.

"Sent that picture off to the prophet yet?" Lucy asked sarcastically.

"What do you think?" Fred asked sarcastically. He and George were both covered in bruises and had bandages wrapped around odd places, George was even sporting a black eye.

"What exactly happened to you two?" Asked Charlie Brown.

"Well, you see a week ago we caught Percy snogging his girlfriend Penelope Clearwater in the Charms classroom" Fred began.

"We knew we had to take advantage of this little discovery, so we took a picture, which we later sold to Lucy here. And then she used it to blackmail Percy"

"But before he could get it from her, we swiped the picture back and made to go to the owlery, saying we were gonna send it to the daily prophet-"

"It was only a joke, but he still pummeled us anyway" George said, rubbing his black eye to emphasise that point.

"And then he tore up the picture. But the joke's on him, we have twenty more copies where that one came from" Fred finished, and everybody laughed, even Hermione.

Charlie Brown was just swallowing a bit of shrimp when he saw Snoopy hopping madly around the table. He was performing his usual happy dance and cramming food into his mouth, until Mrs Norris appeared and held out her foot to trip him.

"Get down on the floor and eat from a bowl like you're supposed to, you stupid beagle" Mrs Norris thought sternly. Snoopy growled at her, but was forced to comply. he sat down on the floor while Charlie Brown went to fetch him a bowl of dog food.

"That cat sure is mean to you, huh Snoopy" Peppermint Patty said, glaring at the unpleasant cat as she hopped off towards the teachers table.

"Tell me about it" Snoopy muttered, but it was with a grin that he watched Mrs Norris approach her water dish by Filch's seat "But just wait 'til she sees the surprise I have waiting for her"

Mrs Norris made to lap up some water from her bowl, but stopped with her face just an inch above the water. Only it wasn't water, it was a green potion. A green potion that bubbled up and shot out of the bowl, splattering all over Mrs Norris and dissolving her fur.

"BEAGLE!" Mrs Norris screamed, Snoopy and Woodstock rolled over with laughter.

Charlie Brown gave Snoopy his food bowl and made to finish his own supper. While discussing the "Interesting" First Magic Technology lesson with Harry's group, the round headed boy was greeted by the appearance of Lightning the flash owl with an envelope in it's beak.

"So what did your folks say?"Peppermint Patty asked. Charlie Brown opened up and read the letter, which was split up in three parts for each of his family members.

"Dear Charlie,

I'm glad to know you're doing alright, we are all doing fine, but it is a bit quiet here without you. I understand why your letter was late, you shouldn't allow people to bully you. If you really feel bad about what they're saying then you should just stand up to them. I don't mean for you to do anything rash, just tell them to mind their own business. Otherwise you should all just ignore what they say, bullies ridicule others to entice a reaction, if you don't let it show that it bothers you they're more likely to stop. As for professor Snape, tell him I told him to stop being a prejudice, badgering old snake and that if he doesn't stop bullying you I'll have him reported! If your wondering why I sound so angry, it's because I happen to know Severus, and I don't like him. Also, I did know James and Lily, they were among the most frequent visitors Victoria and Trystan had around the time I left England. Tell Harry to give them my regards. I sincerly hope you're enjoying yourself at school, it was good to hear from you again. Also, write to me the cost of the broomstick, I'll send the money to the headmaster. Oh Snoopy, the crazy dog. Write back soon, your sister really misses you (So do I).

Love Dad.

Dear Charlie,

It's good to hear from you again dear, I was worried when you didn't write back the rest of the week. I'm happy to hear you've made so many new friends, and also hope you're having lot's of fun. We're doing fine ourselves, I've kept your room tidy for you, and I've made sure Sally hasn't moved into it. And don't worry, she was very understanding after a short talk. I really do miss you dear, but I know this is what's best for you. I know you'll make a fine wizard, you're a good boy and I'm always proud of you. Hope Lucy doesn't blow up the whole school, and I hope you have a marvelous weekend.

Lot's of love, Mom

Dear Big Brother,

I want you to know that while I'm mad you took so long to write back, you promised to write every day, I don't blame you for it, so feel free to not beat yourself up over it. Hogwarts sure sounds like a lot of fun, I can't believe I have to wait a whole year to go. It's not fair. And for your information, Linus and I are getting along just fine, jusy yesterday he took me on a date to the movies (He keeps saying it wasn't a date, but it was). While I'd rather not get mushy in this letter, I just have to say... I MISS YOU SO MUCH, please come home soon. And Pigpen has a crush on a girls? It's not gonna last between them. And why don't you kiss Hermione, you blockhead! I hope you're doing well, and you'd better write back straight away. Bye bye, sayonara, adios, 'til we meet again.

Love Sally"

Charlie Brown looked over the letter with a big smile on his face before giving it a big hug. With a great feeling of warmth inside him, Charlie Brown pulled out a parchment and quill and began writing his reply. As he began the letter he thought, there sure was a lot to write about. What with the return of the kite eating tree, gallabanting with the giant squid, Lucy's new psychiatry stand, the chaotic technology class and Snoopy's escapades, today was a very eventful day. And if Charlie Brown wasn't mistaken, every day he spent here would be just as exciting.

'And dangerous' Charlie Brown thought as mrs Norris knocked him off his seat while persuing Snoopy.

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