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1. Caroline is human
2. This is before the sacrifice
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It wasn't often Klaus let a woman he took to bed take control. Normally, he decided when his conquests received pleasure, when they gave it, how they positioned themselves, and practically every other aspect. But the blonde, little Caroline had taken him by surprise. Her need for control, the way she was almost desperate for it, had turned him on in a way he hadn't felt in ages. He had let her roll them over when she desired to be on top, and clench her muscles around him to bring him to completion without his permission. The second being something he hadn't allowed in centuries. What had started out as a simple feed and fuck had nearly become solely a fuck until he reminded himself she was food.

Klaus let a noise of pleasure leave his throat as he swallowed another mouthful of her blood. Retracting his fangs, he licked her neck until the blood had clotted. The girl who had been boneless with sexual fulfillment mere moments ago now lay stiff as a board in shock at what he had just done. Really it was too bad she was probably about to panic as the taste of her blood had made him ready for another round. He supposed he could compel her, but nine times out of ten there was nothing less satisfying than sex with the compelled.

The blonde pulled away slowly as if backing away from a rabid animal she didn't wish to upset. He smirked at the thought. When she sat on her haunches, a sheet wrapped around her, she brought her hand to the wound on her neck. She brought her fingers back into her view and looked at the blood with a mixture of shock, horror, and curiosity. "What…" she started but didn't seem to know what she wanted to ask.

She looked back at Klaus still lounging on her bed casually. He simply looked back undaunted and waited for her full reaction. He'd at least get the full service of dinner and a show if the sexual escapades were done for the evening. She visibly shivered as she focused on his lips. Licking them, he tasted a stray splatter of blood. He could smell her fear in the air. Combined with their scent of their sex and her blood, it was down right intoxicating. Impatient with their staring match, he sat up and reached for her.

Unfortunately, this seemed to snap her out of her trance. She slid off the bed faster than he predicted she could move. It was his own fault really, he'd just spent the last few hours learning her body and her movements hadn't he? He should've been able to gauge her reaction times.

In seconds, she had her bedside lamp in her hands.

"Caroline, don't-" he sighed as if speaking to a child about to throw a temper tantrum before he was cut off by her swinging the lamp directly into his face. Not at all affected by the hit, he grabbed her wrists causing her to drop the lamp. Before she could blink, he had her pinned under him on the bed with their fingers interlaced over her head. "Really darling, a bit of an overreaction don't you think?"

She tried to escape his grasp to no avail. Angrily, she scowled up at him, "You bit me." Crying out in frustration and giving a rather rough tug against his hold, she only managed to hurt herself. "So no, I don't think I'm over reacting," she accused finishing with a sarcastic hiss, "darling."

Klaus stretched his body over hers. "If you recall, you started it," he smirked reminiscent of the devil on her shoulder that had just reminded her of the same thing.

"I didn't drink your blood!" she defended indignantly.

"Not for lack of trying," he leaned closer to her, a predatory gleam in his eye. "I can't say I've had a human sink their teeth past my skin."

"I-" she tried to argue but stopped at the second half of his statement. "A human? Wait…what are you?"

"You've got quite the bite, and that's a compliment coming from me," Klaus pulled back slightly so she could see his entire face.

Caroline gasped as his face shifted- veins protruding, eyes changing. In what should have been an intimidating gesture, he bared his teeth at her. She blamed the adrenalin pumping through her body when her lower abdomen clenched in arousal instead of fear as she stared at him feeling his own arousal against her hip.

"Vampire," she stated looking up at him in wonder and disbelief remembering the bedtime stories her father had told her as a child.

"Close enough," he growled lowering his lips onto hers and kissing her viciously. To his utter enjoyment, Caroline kissed him back with the same ferocity. The kiss was all teeth and tongue and noises escaping the backs of their throats. His fang caught the corner of her lip mixing blood into the equation.

Klaus backed away from their kiss. His eyes perused her body slowly, lustfully, his face returning to its human guise once more. Shifting them so he was cradled between her legs, still holding her hands over head, he returned his gaze to her eyes. He ground his erection against her wet center. Caroline moved against him, closing her eyes in pleasure and trying to position him to enter her, and let out a low, wanton whine.

"Look at me, Caroline," he demanded.

She complied looking up at him with hooded eyes. Without further warning, Klaus entered her to the hilt. Fully inside of her, he kissed her once more and set a quick rhythm not giving her time to adjust to his size.

Caroline didn't need it. She was prepared from their earlier activities and the fresh wave of arousal he had sent through her. After only a few moments of discomfort, she matched his pace thrust for thrust.

Caroline tried to retract her hands from his once more, but this time Klaus wasn't going to give her the control she desired. Instead, his grip turned almost painful, he kissed her more urgently, and set a more furious pace.

Caroline moaned as her aggravation and bliss became conjoined. She tightened her thighs around his hips, letting her legs wrap around his, and bit his lip harshly. Klaus yelped, blind sided by the move much to her satisfaction.

He gave an especially roughly buck against her, finishing his thrust by rotating his hips while fully seated inside of her, in retaliation. Caroline cried out against the almost painful euphoria. He continued the same technique, and each stroke caused her to cry out more loudly.

When they were both on the brink of explosion, Klaus grabbed her hips, no doubt leaving bruises- not that Caroline noticed-, to help her match his speed. Caroline wrapped her arms around him, running her nails down his back, and leaving red, angry marks.

Caroline came first. She dug her nails into his ass to keep him buried inside of her as she spasmed so tightly he felt like his cock was suffocating. Klaus came roaring her name as she milked him into ejaculation. He burrowed his face into her neck. Face shifting, he bit into the same spot on her neck. Rather than recoil away from him, Caroline turned her face into his neck and bit him as well to help bare the sting.

When he pulled away from her, resting on his elbows, Caroline followed him and licked away the faint dribble of blood she had drawn from him. Klaus hummed softly in approval shutting his eyes at the sensation. Without thinking, he bit into his wrist and held it out to her.

Still high off her orgasm, Caroline took it without hesitation drinking greedily. The reality of what she was doing hit her more quickly than she would have liked. After only a couple swallows she pushed his wrist away. Her stomach rolled in disgust, but she could only lay their completely sated with him still inside of her.

Both panting harshly, they recovered from their passion filled haze slowly. Blinking, Caroline was surprised to find the bites on his neck and wrists healed. She feathered her fingers along his neck and then wrist.

"How?" she asked.

"Supernatural healing abilities," he removed his softening member from her. Both winced slightly.

Noticing the lack of pain in her neck, Caroline brought her hand to her neck. Finding it healed she looked up at him slightly appalled. "Am I…you drank my blood. Your bite mark is gone, does-does that mean?" her mind worked slightly faster than her mouth could keep up with.

He laughed at her confusion, "No, you're still human. Drinking my blood healed you."

"Oh," she calmed slightly at that. "Okay."

After a few more moments, she spoke again, "Um…you're kinda heavy."

Klaus rolled onto his side. "Better?" he chuckled. Where had the girl using her lamp and his head for baseball practice gone?

"Yes," she nodded turning on her side as well toward him.

She leaned forward cupping his cheek with her palm and placing a small peck against his lips. He allowed it even letting her fingers linger and softly stroke his face. It wasn't the first exception he found himself making for her that night. He couldn't remember the last time he'd let a human consume his blood much less offered it up to them freely.

"Can I-" she hesitated before drawing her courage together. "Can I see your vampire face again?"

He raised his brow curiously, but flashed his fangs at her. He felt her startle and start to draw her hand away before determinedly leaving it there. His face turned his face back once more.

Of all the reactions she could have conjured, he didn't predict what she actually did; which was giggle softly and murmur, "Shit that's scary."

Klaus was starting to think the girl was a little off her rocker. He watched her quizzically as she drifted off to sleep. "Good night Caroline," he whispered when she was almost asleep.

She scrunched her nose at the disruption of the quiet. "Good night," she responded rolling onto her stomach to burry her face into the pillow. Almost as an afterthought she reached her arm out draping it over his stomach.

Klaus's brows furrowed. He was being cuddled. Of all the wrongs in the entire world, this took the cake.

Having done enough confusing things for the night, Klaus rose before he could drift off himself. He wasn't about to spend the night as the girl's teddy bear.

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