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Caroline awoke naturally as sunlight filtered into her room past her curtains. She stretched across her bed lazily. Realizing she was alone, she sat up and opened her eyes, squinting against the morning rays to scan her room. She found no sign of the Klaus anywhere.

Caroline almost had herself convinced the entire ordeal had been a fantastically twisted nightmare. That is, until she noticed the small drops of blood on her pillow case. Fingering the evidence lightly, she hugged the sheets tighter around her naked body, suppressing a chill. She stayed like that until her alarm clock startled her out of the strange trance.

She considered getting back under the covers and ignoring the day completely until she remembered Mr. Saltzman was giving a quiz and there was a pep rally she had spent the better part of last week prepping her squad for. Groaning, she pushed herself off of the bed, trying to ignore how her whole body felt happily exercised rather than sore as it should have. She grabbed her robe from her closet and tied it securely before stepping into the hall toward the bathroom.

Inside the bathroom, she got her first good look at herself as she brushed her teeth. Most noticeable were her wild hair and the dry blood crusted onto her neck, but beyond that she look like she'd been thoroughly ravished and satisfied. Her complexion was practically giving off a glowing aura. She was just being melodramatic, she thought, surely it wasn't obvious. She just needed a shower.

Switching on the iPod she kept docked on the top shelf of her plastic storage bin drawers, she turned on the hot water. It was practically scalding when she got in. First she concentrated on scrubbing away the blood and washing the rest of her body almost methodically, but as time went on she found herself relaxing to the music, humming softly. By the time she rinsed the shampoo from her hair, Caroline decided she was done freaking out. Okay, probably not entirely, but for now everything was going to be just fine. Better than fine, she held back a smirk remembering Klaus's fingers caressing her skin, holding her hands above her head, moving inside of her.

Yes, everything was downright peachy. Stubbornly, she refused to think of the whole exchange of blood thing and how it had kind of turned her on. Nope, she wasn't thinking about it at all…

It was until later that day when her history quiz was aced and she sat in her usual table for lunch with Bonnie and Elena chattering across the table from one another did she allow her mind to drift back to Klaus once more. Stefan sat silently next to Elena reading and holding her hand, and Caroline sat uncharacteristically silent next to Bonnie. She couldn't help but think of Klaus. His hair was lighter than Stefan's and Klaus's smirk was so much easier on the eyes than Elena's coy half-smile. She was thinking so intently of her partner from the night before she didn't immediately notice Elena asking her a question.

"Caroline?" Elena questioned as Bonnie waved a hand in front of her face, "Earth to Caroline."

Caroline blinked rejoining the world of mystery meat and soggy salad surrounding her, "Sorry, what was that?"

"I was just asking if you're still mad I quit the squad," Elena said still staring at her funny.

Caroline shook her head no and reached across the table to steal a fry from Stefan's plate. He grunted and moved his plate farther away from her but didn't stop reading.

Always a little more direct than her flat-iron-loving friend, Bonnie asked, "Where did you go there? It's not like you to zone out like that, unless we're in class of course."

"It's nothing," Caroline dismissed moving her salad around with her fork disinterestedly and staring at Stefan's fries.

"Are you sure?" Bonnie crossed her arms, obviously not believing Caroline.

"Yeah," Caroline pouted at Stefan over the top of his book. He lifted it higher so she was no longer in his line of sight. "I guess."

"You guess?" Elena furrowed her eyebrows looking concerned.

"Maybe if your boyfriend wasn't such a glutton," Caroline snapped holding onto her chosen deflection.

Elena sighed knowing Caroline was avoiding the question but allowed it. Using her free hand she pushed Stefan's plate toward the blonde who smiled victoriously.

She made a show of popping a fry into her mouth as Stefan frowned at her looking broody, but honestly as far as Caroline could tell that was no different from usual. Angsty was the guy's default setting just like snarky was his brother Damon's. Caroline brightened suddenly having a much better distraction than stealing Stefan's cold fries.

"So Bonnie," she smiled mischievously, "how did the mystery date go?"

Bonnie's eyes widened for half a second before a calm façade settled over her. "I don't know what you're talking about."

She almost would have believed her had Bonnie not been trying to stare the truth out of her before Caroline turned the tables allowing her to see Bonnie's shocked face.

"Riiight," Caroline drawled sarcastically. "So you just happened to duck out of Tyler's party at 8 last night in that little, green dress that showcases your best assets oh so nicely to spend the evening with your Grams? And of course you'd need a ride so I suppose that explains the car you jumped into."

Bonnie choked on air as her wide eyed look returned full force.

Elena's attention immediately shifted from Caroline's strange behavior to Bonnie's, "The one we helped her pick out in Richmond?"

"Yep," Caroline confirmed, "And she was wearing those killer heels I made her buy to go with it."

"I...um-" Bonnie stammered as her friends continued to talk over her.

"Who was driving the car?"

Caroline looked over at Bonnie who looked about ready to disappear into a hole in the ground as she stared back pleadingly.

Still looking at Bonnie, she answered Elena's question, "I don't know."

Bonnie gave her a small, grateful smile, because of course Caroline knew who had been driving the car. Everyone in town knew Damon Salvatore's Chevy.

Caroline zoned out once more as Elena began badgering Bonnie about her mystery ride. Disaster avoided, because Caroline sucked at lying. If her friends had continued to pester her about her strange behavior, she didn't know what she was going to do.

Lunch was nearly over when Caroline was startled out of her thoughts once more. Students were dumping their trays and making their way out of the cafeteria, but she was completely oblivious to it all.

"You ate like three fries, Caroline," Stefan sulked.

Caroline jumped at her name. "Sorry," she muttered pushing the plate back toward Stefan. "I have to go, the rally is going to start soon." She picked up her bag quickly and left behind her friends staring at her strangely.


The pep rally had gone well. The team finally seemed to have gotten their timing down. So Caroline had confidently made the decision as cheer captain to implement some of the moves they'd been rehearsing at practice into their halftime routine. Everything was going perfectly when she noticed him. It figured she be doing something like balancing in the palms of her teams' hands with her leg lifted up over her head when she saw him again. The difficult stunt she was proud to have mastered felt indecent with him staring at her like that, but she couldn't move because she didn't put it past Tina Fell to let her drop if she tried to get down before the designated time.

So she looked away, and didn't tuck into her front flip dismount until the choreography allowed for it. Halftime ended and the cheerleaders made their way back to the sidelines as the football players took over the field once more. Failing to curb her curiosity, Caroline looked up into the stands where Klaus had been but he was gone. She caught Elena's eye, who was sitting not too far from where he had been, who gave her a warm smile. Caroline did her best to return it.

After the game she chatted with Elena as she waited for Stefan to come out of the locker room. Elena laughed at her friend's commentary as Caroline noted the irony of a supposedly sensitive guy like Stefan playing football.

"It holds a lot of fond memories for him," Elena tried to explain but couldn't help laughing at Caroline's Dr. Phil comparison.

Caroline paused in the middle of her repressed anger joke when she thought she saw Klaus standing in the middle of the football field, but he was gone before she could blink. Dismissing the illusion of her overactive imagination, she turned back to Elena.

Once again, Elena looked concerned.

Caroline rolled her eyes at her friend. "What?" she asked defensively.

"You've been acting weird all day Caroline. Are you okay?" she asked as Stefan approached.

"I'm fine," Caroline huffed. "Your boyfriend is coming," she pointed out.

Stefan reached them and put his arm around Elena. "What's up?" he asked noticing the tension between the girls.

"Nothing," Caroline answered irritably.

Elena still looked concerned. Stefan further annoyed Caroline by looking deeply into Elena's eyes as if silently searching for the real answer.

"Later guys," Caroline dismissed them walking away.

"Caroline," Elena pleaded, "Come on. I know something is bothering you. You bottle up what you're feeling or thinking. It's what I love about you. You're starting to worry me."

Stupid, big doe-eyes full of genuine concern, Caroline thought defeated.

"It's not- I don't," Caroline struggled with what to say before blurting out. "Do you believe in vampires?"

"What?" They both asked simultaneously.

Having expected them to laugh at her, Caroline was already shaking off her question, "Never mind, I'm crazy. Just tired, I guess," she added taking off quickly toward her car.

She almost made a clean get away, but in her haste she rammed into someone. She stepped back mumbling an apology before looking into the face of Matt Donovan; the reason for her drunken exploits and subsequent encounter with Klaus.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"I would be if people would just stop asking me that," she scowled to herself.

"Look Caroline, I'm sorry-"

"Nothing to apologize for," Caroline cut him off.

"So we're good?" he asked.

So much had happened in the last 24 hours she could hardly remember the rejection and embarrassment. Plus, she had always been a forgiving person. "We're good," she smiled.

"Good," Matt smiled more at ease now. "Still friends?"

"Still friends," Caroline agreed.

"Good," Matt nodded. "Have a good night Caroline."

"You too Matt," she said practically over her shoulder as she saw Elena and Stefan approaching and started hightailing it to her car once more.


As it turned out, dried blood was a bitch to get out of her white pillow case. She'd been scrubbing for fifteen minutes and the light silhouette of the rust colored splotch still remained. Her phone rang. She decided to leave the material to soak in her sink as and went to answer the phone.

Seeing Elena's number, she answered with no little trepidation, "Hello?"

"Caroline," Elena sounded relieved. "I'm glad you answered. We need to talk."

"Oh," Caroline feigned ignorance, "What about?"

"Oh, I don't know," Elena pretended to think it over. "Your sudden interest in vampires, maybe?"

"I told you Elena," she blew an errant strand of hair from her face. "I'm tired. I had a weird dream that kept me up." Caroline was glad she was prepared. She had practiced that lie all the way home.

"If you say so," Elena didn't sound convinced.

"It just tripped me out. Don't worry, okay?"

"Alright," Elena conceded.

"Good," Caroline chirped. "Now I have to go. I'm doing laundry." There, that wasn't really a lie.

"Okay," Elena seemed placated. "I'll see you tomorrow."


"Have better dreams," Elena laughed.

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