"No way." Blaise Zabini rolled his eyes. "So not my type."

"I would," Pansy said, shrugging, "Only I'm not his type. Come on, Zabini. Someone has to. Do it for the team."

"No way. I have my sights on someone else, thank you very much, and I'm not going to lose my chance on something as stupid as this." His eyes flicked briefly to the side, over to where Theo Nott sat quietly, then back to the girls in front of him. "I am not going to seduce Harry Potter."

Draco laughed as he heard the tail end of their conversation, walking into the Slytherin common room and seating himself lazily on his favourite chair.

"I'm starting to think that I should never leave you three alone together." He said, smirking over at then. "Why is Blaise seducing Potter?"

"I'm not."

"Because one of us has to." Daphne said, ignoring Blaise's protest easily. "And since Potter's not smart enough to realise that girls are damn attractive, neither Pansy or I can do it."

"That's a real shame and all, but I still don't understand why you want Potter seduced in the first place." Draco drawled. "Last I checked, none of us actually like him."

"True." Pansy agreed, looking slightly disinterested, carelessly examining her nails. "But he's powerful, and we need him. And since all of his friends seem to be mad at him at the moment, this is our chance."

That was true. Draco had noticed that his friends, and really all of Gryffindor in general had been pointedly ignoring him, although Draco didn't care enough to find out why. "But why do we need him?"

"In case you hadn't noticed, Draco," Pansy began, rolling her eyes, "He's Harry Potter. He's the one the Dark Lord wants most of all."

"Exactly." Draco agreed. "That's why we should stay far away from him."

"No, that's why we should get as close to him as possible. No, listen!" Pansy pleaded, as Draco shook his head and pulled out his homework. He had better things to do than listen to nonsense. "Draco, please."

"Fine." Draco said, placing his quill down and looking attentively at his friend. "But make it quick."

"The Dark Lord wants Potter, right? Well, if we're friends with him, and if one of us is even dating him, he would want to do anything to keep it that way. Gain Potter's trust and lure him into a trap."

"Yeah, so-"

"That includes keeping our arms pure and unmarked." Pansy continued, and Draco's eyes widened. "So as long as we have Potter, we remain free. None of us want to be Death Eaters, Draco. This could be our only chance."

"Plus it'll be a good way to keep an eye on him." Blaise added. "Keep him away from any traps. He is our only hope, after all."

Draco sighed and nodded. He understood their logic. "But why seduction?" He asked.

"They thought its be fun." Blaise shrugged. "And it's not like we would be able to gain his attention any other way while still being believable." The girls nodded.

"So, Dray..." Daphne said slowly, smirking wickedly. "You're a charming gay man with no one in your sights yet."

Pansy giggled. "That's right. I'd almost forgotten."

Draco stared at them, shaking his head violently.

"No. You seriously can't be suggesting that." He said, leaning back in his chair as if that could save him. "Not me. Not Potter! Anyone but him."

"But someone needs to." Daphne said, walking towards him in a calculating way.

"Yes, and you're definitely charming enough to do it." Pansy agreed, sitting in the arm of his chair and placing a hand on Draco's shoulder with a flirty smile. "And he's definitely attracted to you. It's near impossible to not be."

Draco stared coldly at the three in front of him. "The answer is still no. He knows I hate him, and I know he hates me. I don't want to go within ten feet of him. And I'm not going to inflate his ego further with the idea that someone of my looks and social standing could actually want him. I'm sorry, but as much as we need this to happen, I'm not the right person for the job."

The smile left Daphne's face and was replaced with an evil glare that could rival that of Lucius Malfoy. It took all of Draco's self control to not get up and hide behind his chair, as if that could help him.

"Draco." She said, in a tone that demanded no interruptions. "You will seduce Harry Potter. That is my request. If you do not seduce him, I will spread the rumor that you are in love with Potter. That rumor will spread like fiendfyre, and you know it. And as I know that you have some sort of weird, obsessive need to be in control of all the rumours concerning you in this place, I know you'll do it."

Draco scowled. Pansy laughed. Blaise shrugged and walked away, over to where Theo sat, oblivious to the world around him.

"Thank you, Draco." Daphne said, a dangerous smirk now playing on her face. "I know you'll be brilliant."

"Naturally. I'm brilliant at everything I do." Draco couldn't help but drawl.

"Oh, I'm sure you are." Daphne said sarcastically, smirking.

"Mudblood lover." He muttered, glaring at her. It was the insult most commonly used in Slytherin house. Draco was usually more creative with his insults, but he was annoyed, and that was never a good thing.

"Squib feeder." She retorted, laughing. Draco scowled.

"Troll hugger." He shot, crossing his arms moodily.

"Muggle diplomat." Daphne smiled at him, and poked his cheek.

Draco smiled a little, rolling his eyes at his friend's childishness. "Screwt owner."

"Giant fucker." She replied without batting an eyelid, happy to see Draco relaxing a little. They had been so on edge this year.

"Low blow." Draco said, slapping Daphne lightly. He had almost forgotten about their fights like this.

"Oh, I know." She grinned. "Salamander breath."


"Hey!" Daphne protested, laughing. "That one's true."

"They're all true, love." Draco said with a smirk. "Now, if you don't mind, I have to go mentally prepare myself for the torture that is seducing Potter."

"Just smile at him and he'll be in your bed in no time." Blaise yelled from his seat as Draco left. "He's weak like that."

"You obviously don't know Potter very well, Zabini." Draco said, walking slowly to the room he shared with the rest of the Slytherin 6th years.

"He's right." Theo said offhandedly to Blaise, who started. Theodore Nott wasn't the sort of person to talk unless someone else talked to him first.

"Oh?" Blaise asked.

"Mm." Theo nodded, not taking his eyes off his work. And just before Blaise decided that he had said all he needed and went back to his usual hobby of staring at the other boy, Theo looked up at Blaise and smiled. "If it makes you feel any better, Zabini, he doesn't know Potter very well either."

"No?" Blaise asked. It struck him then that he always seemed a little lost for words around Theo. There was just something about that boy.

"No." Theo confirmed. "He only sees what he wants to see. But that's okay. Most people are like that."

Blaise nodded, pretending that he understood when really, he was confused. What was it that Theo saw in the world around him that no one else seemed to?

A/N: So first of all, this is for my friend Lenny. Hi Lenny. This was originally a oneshot but then I changed it because it would make more sense in chapters, so bits of it, in my opinion, sound a little weird written like this. So I'm sorry for that.
This will primarily be a Drarry fic, but I have a feeling that Blaise and Theo will pop up every so often too...