Art and Love
Chapter 1

Naruto Uzumaki was living in London England from the age of three until the age of 16 when he and guardians move to Konoha. He started at Konoha high. Naruto feels alone as his best friends are all back home. Naruto is 6feet, with sunshine blonde hair and ocean blue eyes, what also set him apart from most is the three lines on either side of his cheek. Naruto loves music, but his love is art mostly drawing and painting.

His first day of school, he is given a tour by his class representative, Sasuke Uchiha a boy that is 6feet, with raven black hair, black eyes, plan skin, he is just a pretty boy. Sasuke has done something that he has never done before he has fallen in love, with this quite non communicative boy. They walk into their classroom, where he is greeted by Iruka Umino, Sasuke takes his sit.

"Class please Welcome our new student Iruka says, please tell us your name and a little about yourself."

With a British accent and a soft voice.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki, I am 16 years of age, and I am from London England."

"Welcome Naruto, you may take the sit in the back near the window, also may you please take the hoodie off your head while you are in class"

Naruto give a shy smile, and take the hoodie off his head. Sasuke though he was going to have a heartache, all he kept thinking is this person is like an angel, with his blonde hair and his ocean eyes.

Naruto never really looked at anyone in the class he just took his sit and mostly stared out the window. He did that for the next class also. Thou he did take notes when it was time to do so. At lunch time Sasuke was hoping to see Naruto and maybe talk to him but he was nowhere to be found. Naruto had gone up to the roof of the school where he met Shikamaru Nara, who is also quite and love to sleep, which is why they become best friends.

Naruto is called in to Asuma who was his History teacher, also at the meeting was Sasuke. Asuma informed Naruto that he was failing History, and that he had to get a tutor. Naruto looked at Sasuke, and then asked if there was another option. Asuma told him that he a project and Naruto said he would rather do that. Sasuke felt that his heart was on high one minute and then ripped out the next. When they got out side, Naruto stop Sasuke.

"If that sound as if I did not want your help it's not that, it's just I know that your education is important to you, you have goals. I like to do things on my own, I can't learn if I don't do, so it would just be a waste of your time to help me. But thank you for wanting to," Naruto gave him a small smile, place his headphones back in his ear then walked away. Sasuke kept staring as Naruto was walking away,

"It's just that I wanted to get to know you;" Sasuke said knowing Naruto did not even hear him.

Its four years later and everyone is now at Konoha University. Sasuke still in love with Naruto, yet never told him, is shocked to see him sitting in the library, Sasuke was about to go say hi, when Shikamaru, Gaara who had red hair and on the left side of his face above his left eye had the word love tattooed , Neji had long black hair and these wicked gray eyes and Shino was a blacked hair boy who always wore sunglass, no matter what time of day it was or what the weather was like inside or out he had them on all walk up and sits with Naruto, Sasuke was waiting for Kiba who was a brown hair boy who was just loud and wild, Choji was a cubby follow like this teddy bear, Sai who could have being Sasuke twin except his hair was cut flat and Sasuke was spiked in the back and long around his face, Lee was an odd one with his bowl haircut and his over excited views on everything and Kankuro who was Gaara brother and a brown hair to study. Looking at the group of Friend Sasuke does not like the fact that Gaara is sitting next to Naruto, he know that they are only friends but he always found that they were a bit too close.

Naruto phone goes off, and he gets up and goes outside to take the call from where Sasuke is he can still see Naruto talking on the phone. Naruto smiles and it make Sasuke' heart jump to see his smile and what a smile it is, it's like a sunny day. Sasuke gets a text that his brother is outside. Sasuke is walking out and bumps right into Naruto; they look at each other and exchange apologies. Sasuke has a smile on his face that would stop traffic, it even made his brother wonder, because Sasuke if at all never smiles. Even his brother took notice, and was wondering what made his little brother smile.

When he gets back in Sasuke sees that his group have joined a table with Naruto' group this make Sasuke really happy, Sai is standing next to Naruto, when he gets back to their table Sasuke asks him what that was about, Sai replies that they are in act class together, so they were just talking about that. Sasuke looks down the table to see Naruto smiling with his friends and wishes it was him getting that smile that it was him that was sitting next to the golden blonde; he wishes it was him that the blonde was friends with.

Naruto likes underground fights, and not that he like to watch them but he like to participate in them. The only people who know about this is Shika and Gaara who are both there to witness Naruto take down a level five fighter. His trainer thought is a good way for Naruto to let out his angry that he had stored up. Two weeks later the 10 guy are all at the underground cage fight Naruto is taking on a guy name Diedara who is part of the Akatsuki fighters, whereas Naruto is part of the Leaf fighter, and there is also the Sound fighters. The fight begins, and they are going blow for blow, it ends with Naruto giving Diedara and hard left kick to the face, that knocks him unconscious, but Naruto does not walk away unscathed he got two broken ribs. During the whole fight Sasuke never took his eyes off Naruto, his whole body was so hot he just wanted to masturbate right there, but he had to keep digging his nails into his arm to stop himself.

Shika and Gaara helps Naruto walk out, that when Sasuke spot his own brother and goes to speak with him, Itachi Uchiha was not the type of person you would find in a place like that.
"What are you doing here?"
"I could ask you the same?"
"I came to support a friend in his match"
"As did I, don't look so surprised there is a lot you don't know about me."

"Well I guess I could say the same to you."
"One thing I would ask of you thou, don't tell father about this"
"Ah, we would not want Father to be disappointed in the future head of the family, don't worry Itachi what you do with your life is no concern of mine."
"Thank you, by the way little brother who did you come to see fight?"
"The blonde spiky haired guy that was just fighting and you?"
"The one he was fighting, it's funny, we may be nothing alike yet we have the same taste."
At that Sasuke turned red, and walked away, Itachi watched his little brother so that's who made him smile.

Naruto was away for two weeks from school due to the creaked ribs, but did most of his work from home, but had to come to his art classes when they had live models in. At the end of term there was a party to celebrate, Shika was there with his girlfriend Temari who was also Gaara' sister. Gaara was with Karin this red haired girl who was really loud which the opposite of Gaara was. Neji and Tenten who was brown haired was like a tomboy, Kiba was with Hinata who was Neji' cousin who was also quiet and really shy where are Kiba was loud and in your face. Shino was with Kankuro which no one knew that they were together, Lee was with Ino this blonde which no one could understand how Lee got her, and Sai was with Sakura who was this pink haired girl who everyone thought was just going out with him because he looked like Sasuke and that she settled because Sasuke turned her down and out of the group Choji and Sasuke were the only single people among their group, and well Naruto who was late getting there, and only stay for a little, he mostly hang out with Choji, as Sasuke never knew what to say to him. Naruto said his good byes as he had to be up early the next day as he was leave for his family vacation.

Naruto summer home was on this beautiful lake high up in the mountain, and it had 6 bedroom and 7 bathrooms each room had its own bathroom which everyone like. Naruto' family was his Godfather and Godmother Jiraiya was this guy with a larger than life personality also had a larger than life perverseness to him and Tsunade was blonde with these large breast that seem to go on forever and his dad best friend and also his trainer Kakashi had silver hair and worn a mask that covered his nose and lower part of his mouth, no one knew why. Also Iruka who had gotten together with Kakashi in Naruto last term in high school, which Naruto found strange at first but now Iruka is part of the family. Naruto decided that he would keep up with his training for fight club. He would get up at 7am in the morning go for and run then a hike, while hike he came across a beautiful water fall, and started to bath in it after his hike.

Two days later he was taking out the garbage, when he saw two cars driving up they stop in front of him he saw it was his friends, they were all spending the summer in Sasuke' family summer home which was just a ways up from Naruto'. Sasuke was sad that he could not see Naruto over the summer, but seeing him standing by the car with that big smile of his made Sasuke want to get out of the car and jump for joy. They said bye to Naruto and drove up to Sasuke house which was a ten bedroom home with 12 bathrooms, they settled.
The next day Sasuke woke up around 9am and decided to go for a run, he passed Naruto house and was wondering if he was still asleep, and what he sleep in if anything. Then as he was running he came across the water fall and as if like some kind of wet dream come to life he see Naruto bathing under the waterfall, Sasuke could not help but gasp, Naruto' body was like some Greek gladiator it was rock solid which you would not think because he is always wear a sweater even when he fights he has a t-shirt on. But here and now his body was out in the open, his 8 packed abs, his body was just toned and his tanned color made it even hotter, when he turned Sasuke saw on his back a tattoo of angle wings with some kind of symbol between the wings. Just looking Naruto touch himself and the water running down his body made Sasuke really hot, that he could not stop from touching himself, his hand started rubbing his hard cock on the outside of his running short, the more Naruto touch himself the more aroused Sasuke got, he pulled his shorts off, his dick was hard as fuck, he started masturbating right there, but kept his moans in he did not want Naruto to find him or stop. After he came he left, he was on such a high that when he got back he masturbated again in the shower, then went to lay down he was so tied.

Naruto came back home around 1pm in the afternoon, and Shika, Neji Lee and Sasuke, who could not look at Naruto because he just kept imaging him wet, came over to invite Naruto over for a BBQ they were having that night. Naruto showed up for the BBQ around 7pm Sasuke could still not look at him without imaging him dripping wet, but he still could not keep his eyes off and followed every move the blonde made. He was so into the movement of the blonde that he did not notice when Gaara came to stand beside him.

"Why are you looking at Naruto like is the prey and you are the predator "
Sasuke almost jumped out of his skin when he heard Gaara speak beside him, he was so into Naruto.
"I am not I am just observing the party that's all"
"Right, I know you like him"
"what? I have no idea what you are talking about"
"When he is around you see or hear nothing everyone notices that, you have eyes only for him, so why not tell him."
"I have no clue as to what you are talking about."

And he walked away before Gaara could say anymore.