Art and Love

Final Chapter

A day later Jiraiya is attacked and badly beaten, by the Akatsuki fight club that wants Naruto to join them, Naruto finds out that Sasuke brother is a part of that fight club, and does not speak with and avoids Sasuke at school. Sasuke find out from Gaara and Shika why Naruto won't see or speak with him. Sasuke confront his brother as to why he would do that, Itachi tells him he had nothing to do with it, that he and Diedara were away on holidays and got back a day after Sasuke did.. However the seed has been planted Naruto, is pissed and refuses to speak with Sasuke. Winter holiday start and they are still not speaking. Naruto goes away with his family, and also Choji, Naya and Nico. The school year is almost over and Naruto still won't speak to Sasuke, so Sasuke decides the only way to talk to him is in the cage, so he join Orochimaru fight club the Sound.

When Naruto sees Sasuke in the cage he gets enraged, not because Sasuke is going to fight but who he is fighting for, he gets in the cage and confronts Sasuke.

"First your fucking brother beat up my godfather nearly to death and now this do you fucking hate this much that you would hurt me this badly."

Sasuke and all of Naruto friends who were in the audience had known idea what he was talking about or why he was so mad.

"Him, Him you fucking join his club, (pointing to Orochimaru) you join the man who killed my parents."

Sasuke turned to look at Orochimaru,

"I did not kill his parents"

Naruto now facing Orochimaru, "you might as well have they were working for you, at your station when they were killed, you sent a married couple with a kid to cover the war, and they were killed by a suicide bomber."

He turned back to Sasuke with disgust in his eyes, and walk away, after that Sasuke never saw Naruto again, not even his friends talk about him to Sasuke, they just kept saying to let him cool off. Sasuke never felt so lost and hurt in his whole life. His friend tried to cheer him up, but nothing they said made him feel any better. The only thing he had left was the summer before with Naruto. He did not even know if he would be at his summer home that summer.

Both Naruto's friends and Sasuke's friends thought it would be a great idea to spend the summer at Sasuke summer home. Sasuke did see how it would help, as it was there he and Naruto had sex, then after that everything went to hell in a hand basket. But they dragged him anyway, and if Sasuke thought a whole school year without speaking to Naruto was hard, he was in for a rude awaking call. They were driving through town, when Shika saw Naruto, Sasuke just happen to be in the same car as Shika, they saw Naruto sit in a picnic table, with unknown boy standing between his legs. The boy was tan and stood 6-1, with dirty blond hair and green eyes. At seeing this, Sasuke's heart broke into a million little pieces. Shika calls Naruto over to the car, Naruto runs over, and Shika tells him about a BBQ they are having that night, Naruto see Sasuke in the car facing the other way, and tell Shika he might make it , and that he will tell the other's about it.

That night Naya goes to the party as she is still with Choji, and when Sasuke see her asks her where Naruto is, and she tells him have a threesome with Kiya and Nico. Sasuke stood there picturing Naruto in the middle of two guys, one fucking him up the ass while Naruto fuck the other guy up the ass, Sasuke was so hurt and pissed, he just drank most of the night. About three nights later Naruto, Kiya, Nico and Naya came over for a bonfire, Kiya the guy that was between Naruto legs that first day was touching him and playing with him, which made Nico hot, so he joined in the fun. But it just pissed Sasuke off even more; that he just left and went for a walk.

For the better part of the next couple of weeks, every time Sasuke saw Naruto he was with them, swimming together, sit, eat laugh together it was with them, even though that was not true Naruto hung out with his friends too. Sasuke anger got to him one day he went over to see Naruto and was told he was on the upstairs in the balcony painting, he went up to speak with him. Sasuke said that he was sorry for all that had happened.

Naruto said that it was not Sasuke's fault and it was he Naruto that had overacted, and that Itachi had told him that he was no longer a part of Akatsuki and that he had left the club after the fight between Naruto and Diedara, and as for Sasuke joining the Sound, he could not blame him either, how would Sasuke have known about it no one did outside his family because Naruto never liked talking about his parents.

Naruto dropped a paint brush and bent over to pick it up, and seeing that Sasuke had a flash of Naruto in the threesome, feeling angry again he told Naruto that he had to leave. A couple of days went by and Sasuke did not see Naruto, no one had. Naya came over to the house to see Choji and Sasuke asked her how Naruto was, Naya still mad about Sasuke hurting Naruto told him that the boys said something about a waterfall and boys fun.

Sasuke believing that the waterfall was a special place for him and Naruto went to the house to confront Naruto, no one was home but the door was unlocked, Sasuke went all over the house yelling Naruto name, then went to Naruto bedroom and heard the shower running and thought they were all taking a shower together, and started banging on the door for Naruto to come out. Naruto comes out dripping wet with a towel around him, Sasuke brushes past him to confront the other two, just to find the bathroom is empty. Naruto demands to know what the hell is going on.

Sasuke demands to know where the two bastards he had the threesome are.

"What threesome? who had did I have this threesome with?"

"You had the threesome with Kiya and Nico"

Naruto looked at Sasuke like he had gone crazy, "I never had a threesome with Kiya and Nico."

Sasuke realizing what he heard, is looking at Naruto who is standing in front of him dripping wet in nothing but a towel, and also the sex that he has not had sex in a year, pushes Naruto on to the bed, and start to kiss him like he a the cure for whatever disease he may have, which I mean horniness could be considered a disease. He kissed his throat, sucked on his nipples, when down his body licking it, until he got to the sweet spot, where he prayed that no one had touch or seen since him, he stop and looked and asked him

"Has anyone touched you there, I mean sexually since I did"

"No, has anyone touch you"


"Then let's suck each off together."

Sasuke went on his side his face at Naruto dick and his dick in Naruto face, and they began to suck each other off, until they were about to cum, when Sasuke stop him.

"It's time for me to return the favour of last summer and fuck you hard"

"I can't wait, but here," he open a draw and took out some lube .

"I thought you said I was the last one to touch you"

"You were, but I do masturbate, what you think after what we did in the waterfall I went cold turkey, that day was what I masturbated to all year."

"Well you don't need to do that anymore because I am here, and I will be the only one suck and stroking your cock and fuck your ass"

"And I yours, now fuck me"

"With pleasure"
And with that Sasuke lube up his finger and push one up Naruto's ass,

"I don't want your fingers I want your dick I want that juice cock of your inside me, fucking".

"As you wish"

And with that Sasuke pushed his dick up Naruto's ass, it felt so good, his hole was warm inside, Sasuke took a moment to enjoy it, then began to fuck Naruto, like if he did, he would wake up and it would have all been a dream, but it wasn't Naruto was right there laying in front of him enjoy every moment, and begging him to go faster and harder until they both reached their climax together and just like Sasuke before Naruto told him to cum inside of him. They did it four time that day, each taking turns fuck each other, until they were exhausted, they fell asleep in each other's arms both not wanting to let go of the other. When they woke they took a shower together. Sasuke borrowed some of Naruto clothes, then Naruto took him to the balcony where he showed him the paint that he has been working on for the most part of the summer, on either side of the paint, were the faces of his loved ones, including friends, family and the faces of his parents, in the middle however was the waterfall and above was Sasuke. Sasuke did not know what to say the whole time he thought Naruto had wanted nothing to do with him but there he was, together with everyone Naruto loved, and the first place they ever kiss and where he finally caught his angel.

For the remainder of the summer they were never apart even at night and everyone was happy for them. When they got back, three weeks later Choji got attacked this time, Naruto goes after Madara who is the head of Akatsuki fighters, Naruto proposes a challenge for them to had a cage fight just the two of them, if Madara wins Naruto with join his club, if Naruto wins, Madara is to stay away from him and his family and friends, Madara agree to the challenge.

The night of the fight everyone was there, from all the leaf fighters, to everyone Naruto knows, the Sound fighter, the Akatsuki fighter, even Itachi and Diedara who had left. As the fight begins it looks like Madara would be the victory, he kept pound at Naruto, but Naruto stay strong when he saw that Madara was get tired he went in for the kick he fake with is left and came back with his right, knocking Madara down. Winning the challenge, after that Akatsuki never bothered him, and he never got back in the cage again, all his anger was gone, and he was really happy. On their one year anniversary, Naruto gave Sasuke a box and when he opens it, inside was an album, when Sasuke open it was sketches and drawings of him all were dated from when they were in high school.

"I was in love with you since then," he whispered in his ear.

The End