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(Singing Before He Cheats)

I dug my key into the side of his pretty little souped up four wheel drive,

carved my name into his leather seat...


Step by step, I looked at the ground and sung along with Carrie Underwood balsting through my headphones. A cold chill came through my coat and I wrapped it tighter around me. It was barely October and I was freezing my butt off in New York City. I was looking at the ground, cautious to not step on the cracks in the sidewalk. it was like a mental game for me.

BUMP. Ow. I looked and saw I had bumped into a girl. She was short with blonde hair, and fair skin. She looked up at me and we both said, "Sorry."

I apoligized again and said, "Sorry, it was my fault I wasnt looking"

"Its fine, Im okay. Have a good night." SHe turned back around and I saw what she was standing there for. There were girls all around her and in a line. I looked up and saw Radio City. A big marquee read "Greyson Chance performing 10/3"

Oh My Gosh! I wasnt a big fan of his but I thought he was kinda cute and his music was good. I just ignored the line and walked around it. I started to sing again when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned to see a tall enough man with dark hair and medium build. I didnt recognize him but i pulled out my earphones anyways. He looked a little... suprised? amazed? I didnt know. But he went ahead and said, "I'm sorry to bother you but you have an amazing voice. Were you just singing Carrie Underwood?"

"Um yeah, she's one of my favorite singers. And thanks. Um is there a reason you stopped me on the street?" I asked curious.

"Yes, I'm Greyson Chance's manager and I was wondering if you would like to sing for his opening act. The original just canceled on me, and just my luck, you came walking by singing. You are extremely talented. Whats you name?"

"Thanks I think? My names Crystal. Um sure Ill be the opening act but Im only thirteen? Isnt that a little wierd?" I asked cautiously. What was this guy, excuse me, manager doing asking me if I wanted to be the opening act?

"Its not that wierd. And thank you so much! You just saved my ass, excuse my french." he said looking a little foolsh. Before I knew it I was being led backstage to a make up chair and being show a few oufits to choose from. Apparently the ex-opening act was Miranda Cosgrove and she is the same size as me. Next thing, I was in a sparkled dress and green high top Pastry's, my brown hair curled to perfection, and my brown eyes accented with tons of makeup. I had to admit, I looked pretty hot. I was standing at the edge of the stage with a stage assistant putting an earpiece on my head and a microphone in my hand. She asked what song I chose to sing and I said, "How To Save A Life" By The Fray. She just nodded and spoke into her headset, telling the sound guy what song.

"30 seconds" she said looking at me and saying "are you ready?"

I just gave her thumbs up. She nodded and walked away. I faced the stage as the announcer said through the speakers that i was about to perform. The crowd cheered. i felt exhilarated. Soon after, I was onstage in the middle of the chorus when I heard a familiar voice. It was deeper than mine and had a boyish tone to it.

Uh oh. I turned around to only be nose to nose with a cute boy, not only a cute boy, but THE cute boy. Greyson Chance. Oh boy.

I continued singing even though I was shocked as all get out. I turned back around started strutting around the stage. Stealing glances at the brown haired, egg headed boy following me with his eyes. Once the music go to the special part, I stood in the middle of the stage, my back to the crowd, and faced the boy.

He walked up to me smiling following along with the words. I stopped singing giving him a part to sing. He kept singing and finally reached me. I glanced in his eyes and smiled, kind of like a schoolgirl with a crush on the boy on the playground swing. He just smiled back and took my hand. Joining back in fir the last chorus, i let him take my hand and raise it up. He pressed our palms together and interlaced fingers. I was so giddy inside but so composed on the outside.

We sang out the last note and let the music end. He just took my hand and led me to the edge of the stage. Once we reached it, he finally spoke, "Hi, Im greyson. Your voice is amazing beyond belief."

I couldnt believe my ears, this had to be a dream. But the awesome part was... it was.

I woke up to the sound of my phone buzzing. I checked it.

Message From Greyson: "Good Mornin Baby:) 3"

Oh greyson, your so sweet. I texted back telling him to meet me at the park. He replied ok.

*Ten Minutes Later*

I was strolling down the path in the park. I love the spring air. It felt so inviting. I spotted a familiar head of light brown hair. I jogged up behind it and put my hands over their eyes. I said, "Guess who?"

He turned around and faced me. THose brown eyes so familiar, so sparkly. I hugged him tightly and whispered in his ear, "I missed you."

He leaned back and looked at my face, "I missed you too. Wanna guess what dream I had last night?" Oh boy. "The same one I had?"

"Well that depends" he said grinning. "What dream did you have?"

"The one about when we first met."

"Me too."


With that, he leaned in and our lips met. I felt once again, that magic feeling I had when I kissed him for the first time months ago at his concert. Back then, he had just asked me on a date and i had said yes. All you can say is that our relationship is very... unordinary.

biggestcodyfan: Did you like it? I think I really like this story more than my first one. The first one was a dream I had about the guy I have a crush on. Anyways I hope you ENJOY!