Hi there! I'm Mistyflower68, and this is my first multi-chapter story that I've posted on fanfiction. This chapter contains the Prologue, and the Allegiances at the end of the chapter. Here's the full summary, enjoy and please review! I'll admit that now I have finished this story and am revising it, the first few chapters are horrible… I apologize for this and hope that you'll stick with it until you reach the better chapters.

Full Summary

Rosekit is ThunderClan's largest trouble-maker. Always finding away to sneak out of camp and watch the life of her Clanmates unfold. With WindClan's bloodthirsty leader, Adderstar, rising in power, Rosekit assumes that those events are the source of ThunderClan leader, Oakstar's fear. But she soon discovers that their leader does not fear WindClan, he fears her.

Roses in the Dark


The quarter moon hung heavy in the sky. At this time in the dead of night, all bright stars were visible, shining brightly in the sky like the moon's faithful companions. The land by a large lake was silent.

A pale brown tabby tom broke out of a small cave. His green eyes were large and he breathed heavily. He looked around in confusion. Where is Doveflight? He wondered desperately. Then caught the eye of the ThunderClan medicine cat; watching him curiously from outside her den.

"Oakstar." The gray she-cat greeted him with a dip of her head as he drew near. "What are you doing awake so late in the night?" she asked.

Oakstar eyed her curiously. "I could ask you the same." He meowed. Doveflight nodded in agreement.

"Of course," she meowed, lifting her nose in response.

Oakstar sat down, giving his ruffled brown fur a few licks to settle it down before speaking to Doveflight. However she beat him to it. "I received a message from StarClan tonight." She whispered. "That is why I am up."

"What was your dream?" Oakstar asked urgently.

Doveflight drew in a deep breath. "If I interpreted it correctly, then I would say that StarClan sent me the message today when Graypaw showed up at my den, a thorn embedded in his paw."

Oakstar regarded her curiously. "So?" he asked. "All cats get a thorn in their paw from time to time." Doveflight gazed at him with irritation prickling at her pelt.

"You didn't let me finish." She meowed before continuing. "The thorn was bright red." She meowed. "At first I figured it was from all the blood, but I realized it was naturally that color. I also figured out it was a rose's thorn."

Oakstar felt impatience grasp him. "But what does that have to do with anything?" he asked.

Doveflight looked at him. "You see." She meowed. "This is why leaders don't interpret messages from StarClan."

Oakstar's fur bristled. "I would figure it out eventually, but I didn't have the time." He responded shortly. Doveflight sighed.

"Anyways," she meowed. "I figured out the prophecy that StarClan was trying to send me." She paused. "You see the rose represents… well I haven't quite figured out what the rose signals for, possibly our Clan. And Graypaw's foot represents the enemy."

"Like the thorn from a rose, she will stop the wind from blowing further into darkness."

Oakstar blinked in confusion. "So does it mean that we will stop whoever our enemies may be from, well being our enemies?"

Doveflight shook her head. "I do not know yet Oakstar. I only just received it."

"Oh yes of course." He meowed. "I am sure we have plenty of time before we need to stop 'the wind from blowing further into darkness.'" He noticed Doveflight's pelt fluff out. He and the medicine cat had never gotten along the best.

"So, you didn't tell me why you were up at this time." She meowed to him. Oakstar shook his head, trying to push away the memories of his nightmare.

"It was nothing." He meowed. "I just felt the need to awaken." He lied.

Doveflight glared at him but didn't push any further. "Very well." She mewed curtly. "Goodnight then, Oakstar." With that she turned away and walked into the den she shared with her apprentice, Iceblossom.

He hated to admit it, being a leader, but he looked forward to when Iceblossom would be the one he could consult with. He thought Doveflight was far too calm and patient, even though those traits normally marked that of a great cat, he couldn't imply it the same way to Doveflight, even though she was highly respected by all of the Clan.

With a sigh, Oakstar turned and walked back to his den.

"Attack!" The brown tabby's head whipped around at the sight of unidentified warriors plowing through their thorn barrier.

"ThunderClan!" Oakstar screeched. "Wake up! We are under attack!"

He ran through the camp before leaping onto a large black tom, he drew in the scent and quickly discovered it was WindClan who had invaded. But why? They had no quarrel with WindClan lately.

He raked his claws down the black tom's back then dove underneath him to scratch his belly. The tom leaned down and grabbed Oakstar by the scruff, flinging him away. Oakstar, had the wind knocked out of him as he landed, but quickly leapt back into the battle, giving the tom a good slicing against his back to send him running away.

The ThunderClan leader looked around his Clan. He was pleased to see his deputy, Birchclaw escorting the elders into the nursery with plenty of large warriors guarding it. Oakstar looked to the battle again, sliding his claws out. He growled and jumped into the great battle.

He found himself nose to nose with the large tabby tom Adderstorm, also the WindClan deputy. Adderstorm struck out a paw, his claws unsheathed at Oakstar. Swiftly, Oakstar ducked out of the way.

"Why are you attacking now?" he hissed. "It's in the middle of green-leaf! Are your warriors really starving?" he asked.

Adderstorm smirked. "Sorry to inform you of this Oakstar," The tabby paused, his thorn sharp claws lashing out to spill open Oakstar's nose. Oakstar cringed at the sudden blood squirming down his face.

"But WindClan is under new management."



Leader Oakstar – Pale brown tabby tom with dark green eyes

Deputy Stormwhisper – dark gray tabby she-cat with deep blue eyes

Medicine Cat Iceblossom – white she-cat with pale gray paws and ears
Apprentice; Petalpaw

Warriors (toms and she-cats without kits)

Leafsparrow – Brown and white long-furred tabby she-cat with light green eyes
Apprentice; Featherpaw

Darkfoot – Silver tabby tom with black paws and tail tip

Thornbird – Golden tabby tom with green eyes
Apprentice; Firepaw

Hailwhisker – Gray she-cat with white patches and blue eyes

Grayblaze – Long-furred gray tom with a white stripe running down his face
Apprentice; Swanpaw

Lilyfrost – Cream-colored she-cat with brown ears and blue eyes
Apprentice; Forestpaw

Rockheart – Dark gray tabby tom

Blacktail – Black tom with blazing blue eyes

Apprentices (more than six moons old, in training to become warriors)

Petalpaw – Pretty white she-cat with light brown patches; medicine cat apprentice

Featherpaw – long-furred silver tabby she-cat

Firepaw – Golden brown tabby tom with amber eyes

Swanpaw – Brown and white she-cat with blue eyes

Forestpaw – Dark brown tabby tom with blue eyes

Queens (she-cats, expecting or nursing kits)

Morningfeather – Dark brown and white tabby she-cat; Mother to Grayblaze's kits, Rosekit (long-furred light brown she-kit), Brightkit (Ginger she-cat), Shinekit (silver and white she-cat), and Lionkit (dark ginger tom)

Bluedove – Blueish-gray she-cat; Mother to Dawnkit (cream and ginger she-cat), and Stonekit (gray tabby tom)

Flightbreeze – Light ginger she-cat; Mother to Thornbird's kits, Flamekit (bright ginger tom)

Elders (Former warriors, now retired)

Squirrelfang – Light brown she-cat

Troutclaw – Dark gray (almost black) tom


Leader Clawstar – Tabby tom

Deputy Heatherfur – Golden she-cat

Medicine Cat Goldwhisker – Light brown tabby she-cat


Leader Adderstar – Huge tabby tom with amber eyes

Deputy Foxpelt – Reddish tabby and white she-cat

Medicine Cat Bramblebreeze – Black and white tom


Leader Streamstar – Silver tom with green eyes

Deputy Boulderstorm – Dark gray tom

Medicine Cat Minnowbreath – Sleek tabby she-cat with blue eyes