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Chapter 4: Trouble Stirs

Rosekit opened her eyes to the light of dawn. "Morningfeather, can I please go outside?" she murmured, even though she wasn't fully awake yet.

"Rosekit? Your mother isn't here."

Rosekit blinked a few times. "Oh… oh yeah…"

She got to her paws to see Minnowbreath crouched over a tortoiseshell warrior. "Please watch where you're going from now on?" She sighed.

"Of course Minnowbreath." The tortoiseshell meowed, getting up and walking out of the den.

"What was that?" Rosekit asked.

Minnowbreath looked over. "Oh Rosekit you are awake."

Rosekit nodded. Obviously. "So what was that warrior's problem?"

"Oh." Minnowbreath sighed. "Well, you shouldn't tell your Clan this,"

Rosekit nodded eagerly. "We are on the line of battle between ShadowClan, that tortoiseshell you just saw was on a patrol that ran into ShadowClan cats. ShadowClan attacked our warriors. I think Streamstar might take it a step further to battle ShadowClan.

Rosekit's eyes gleamed in excitement. A battle! A real battle! Maybe RiverClan would let her take part in it! "Now don't get any ideas." Minnowbreath snapped. "Hopefully you won't be here long." Rosekit nodded in agreement. She wanted to go home.

"When am I going to go home?" she asked her eyes glinting excitedly.

"I am going to speak with Streamstar now." Minnowbreath meowed. "You'll go to the nursery to be watched by Flutterfur, okay?"

Rosekit nodded. "Okay." She mumbled disappointedly.

Minnowbreath guided her to the nursery where the ginger queen sat waiting, kits tumbling at her paws. Rosekit sighed as she walked in and Minnowbreath headed for the leader's den. "Hello Rosekit." Flutterfur meowed.

"These are my kits, Rockkit, Twistkit, and Larchkit." Flutterfur laid her tail across a black kit, a tortoiseshell and white kit, and a golden tabby kit. "Their father is Boulderstorm, the Clan deputy."

"Oh." Rosekit mewed. "Well hi."

The black kit snarled at her. "Get off of our territory ThunderClan!" he hissed, wavering his tail back and forth in fury.

"Rockkit!" Flutterfur hissed. "You will be respectful to this kit."

"But why?" Rockkit argued. "She's a kit!"

"So are you." Flutterfur meowed.

"Barely." Rockkit mewed. "We are five moons old, almost six!"

"All the more reason to be more respectful." Flutterfur cuffed him over the ear.

"Sorry for the rude introduction Rosekit." Flutterfur mewed. "How old are you?"

"I'm about two moons old." Rosekit mewed in a small voice. Flutterfur nodded. "Well, here comes Minnowbreath." She meowed turning her head to the medicine cat.

"Rosekit," Minnowbreath called, sitting down and flicking her tail for Rosekit to come.

"Bye," Rosekit murmured to Flutterfur and her kits before racing off to Minnowbreath. "Can I go home yet?" Rosekit asked, practically begging.

"Well, Streamstar figured that when your Clan sent a patrol here to claim you, he would consult them."

"But my Clan doesn't know where I am! For all they know I am dead!" Rosekit cried, digging her claws into the ground in aggravation.

Minnowbreath nodded. "I know little one, which is why I have decided to send a patrol over to your Clan to speak with them.

"Wow," Rosekit murmured, feeling down-hearted. "Streamstar must really hate me, like Oakstar does."

Minnowbreath gave her a quizzical look but didn't say any more. "Alright, Boulderstorm, Whiteflame, Sorrelfeather, and Beetlepaw will bring you to your Clan." Rosekit gave a small nod of excitement as a few warriors walked towards her.

"Alright, kit." A tabby she-cat meowed. "Let's go." With that, Rosekit followed the patrol of cats to ThunderClan territory.

"RiverClan is attacking!" Rosekit's eyes widened in alarm as she saw a creamy she-cat who was sharing a mouse with a black tom jump to her paws.

"Lilyfrost, relax." The black tom brushed his tail against the other warrior to silence. "It's just a patrol."

Rosekit saw Morningfeather race out of the nursery, followed by all the queens and kits in the nursery. "And they have my kit!" Morningfeather cried, clawing the ground angrily with her claws. Oakstar walked out of his den and walked forward to meet the RiverClan patrol.

"Welcome RiverClan." He said with an edge to his voice. "Can you explain what you are doing here with a kit of ThunderClan?"

"Minnowbreath rescued her from drowning in the lake." Boulderstorm meowed, Rosekit saw Stonekit cringe.

"We wish to return her to you, but only with some conditioning."

"Conditioning?" Oakstar spat, his fur rising. "What kind of conditioning?"

"These are Streamstar's words, Oakstar, not my own." Boulderstorm meowed warily.

"He wishes to invade ShadowClan today, and he wants your assistance."

"A battle for a kit?" Oakstar grunted. "I'm not sure if it's worth it."

"What!" Morningfeather hissed. Iceblossom slid out of the medicine cat den and up to Oakstar. Rosekit had to strain her ears to listen.

"Oakstar, you said yourself that this kit was important." Iceblossom whispered.

"I know what I said Iceblossom, but is it important enough to risk our warriors' lives and be at war with ShadowClan? Things are already thick enough with WindClan."

"Just pick your choice wisely Oakstar. You can be getting yourself into a lot more trouble than it's worth. If you think it through, if we disagree to Streamstar's proposal, things will probably be tense between us."

"But we could ally with ShadowClan." Oakstar meowed.

"ShadowClan is rather cold hearted; it is more of a decision for who we want on our side, RiverClan or ShadowClan." With that, the medicine cat left, sliding back to stand by her bewildered Clanmates.

Oakstar looked Boulderstorm in the eye. "We will side with you and battle ShadowClan." He meowed. Gasps spread throughout the Clan.

Do they not care for me at all? Rosekit wondered helplessly as she curled her tail around her paws.

Boulderstorm nodded. "Very well, you can have the kit then." He meowed, nudging Rosekit forward. "We will see you at our border at Sunhigh." Boulderstorm meowed with a small nod, then and the patrol turned around and headed back to their Clan.

Rosekit sat there, feeling all the eyes of her Clan staring at her. She glanced around nervously. "Rosekit, what do you think you were doing out of the camp at night?" Morningfeather meowed sternly

"I… um well you see…." Foxdung! What am I supposed to tell them! "I was angry because you made me stay in the nursery so I snuck out…" she murmured. She saw Stonekit's shoulders drop with relief. She shot a glare at him.

"But why were you in the lake?" Morningfeather asked.

"I thought if I caught a fish you'd forgive me." Rosekit lied.

"Rosekit you are not a RiverClan cat!"

"I know, I know." Rosekit sighed. "Can I at least be allowed in the clearing? I promise that I won't go out into the forest again!" she begged.

Morningfeather sighed. "Fine, but I'll be keeping an eye on you.

No you won't, that's Stormwhisper's job. Rosekit had to restrain herself from saying.

"Now if you don't mind mother, I am going to go visit the Elders." Rosekit meowed. Morningfeather's eyes lit with pride at the thought of her daughter doing something good.

"Oh very well Rosekit, bring them some fresh-kill would you?"

"Of course Morningfeather." Rosekit sighed.

She walked over to the fresh-kill pile and picked out a mouse for Squirrelfang and a shrew for Troutclaw. She wheeled around and headed for the Elder's Den, stopped by Stonekit stepping in her way.

"Stonekit." Rosekit murmured in greeting, but with her mouse stuffed with fresh-kill, it sounded a little strange.

Stonekit blinked. "Um hi Rosekit, where are you going there?"

Rosekit set down the prey. "Elder's Den." She meowed. "Do you want to come?" Stonekit nodded nervously and grabbed the mouse to take to them.

They entered the den to see Troutclaw and Squirrelfang sharing tongues. Rosekit walked over and dropped the shrew at Troutclaw's paws. "There you are." She meowed. "Will you tell me about the battle yet?" she asked.

Troutclaw's whiskers twitched in amusement. "I said I'd tell you when you were older and ready to hear about battle, not when you got me some fresh-kill." He said looking at the shrew.

"I am technically older, a whole day older." Rosekit meowed.

"I meant by the time you were an apprentice or even older than that."

"Aw but that is four moons from now! That's way too long!" Rosekit meowed.

"Besides, she started a battle today." Stonekit added.

Rosekit flashed her head toward Stonekit with threatening eyes. What's Troutclaw going to think of that! Now he'll never tell me that story!

"Oh yes, I've heard, got yourself into quite a bit of trouble there young one didn't you?"

"I guess…" Rosekit murmured. "But you should still tell me that story!" she meowed.

"What's the story of?" Stonekit asked.

"It's of some battle between us and WindClan." Rosekit meowed happily. Stonekit froze, his green eyes appeared petrified. Squirrelfang looked sympathetically over at Stonekit.

"There there." She meowed. "He lives on in our hearts." She murmured, laying her tail across Stonekit's shoulder.

On no! I forgot! Stonekit's father died in the battle with WindClan! She immediately felt guilty and glanced down at her paws. "Stonekit, come here for a second." She meowed, walking over to the edge of the Elder's Den.

Stonekit nodded and walked over. Rosekit sighed. "Sorry about your dad." She mumbled. "I decided that I can't let any more cats die in this battle with ShadowClan."

"How do you plan on stopping that?" Stonekit asked, looking at her skeptically.

"I'm gonna fight with them."

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