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Okay, here we go, Chapter 5, this chapter is mainly the battle between ThunderClan, RiverClan and ShadowClan, I hope you like it!

Chapter 5: The Battle

"I will be taking Stormwhisper, Darkfoot, Leafsparrow, Featherpaw, Thornbird, Firepaw, Grayblaze, Swanpaw, and Blacktail with me to the battle. I can't leave our camp unguarded while WindClan still stands as a threat." Oakstar stood on the highrock as he concluded the meeting.

The light brown tabby jumped down from the highrock and flicked his tail for the cats he summoned to follow. Rosekit waved her tail in excitement. "Are you ready Stonekit?" she whispered, falling back to stand beside him.

"I don't think we should do this Rosekit." He admitted.

"You're not going to make me go alone, are you?" Rosekit asked, her eyes dimming.

"Do what alone?" Rosekit nearly jumped when she heard the voice of Stonekit's sister, Dawnkit.

She turned to face the ginger and cream she-cat. "Okay don't tell anyone." Rosekit murmured. "But we are going to fight in the battle with ShadowClan!" she whispered in excitement.

"Can I come?" Dawnkit asked, her tail flickering with anxiety.

"Its gonna be dangerous." Stonekit warned. "I am not sure if it's a good idea." He added.

"Then only Dawnkit and I will go." Rosekit suggested.

"I… I guess that could work." Stonekit meowed. "But don't get beat up out there, and you better hurry, their leaving!"

Rosekit nodded. "Alright come on Dawnkit, let's go!" The two kits snuck out with ease, most of the warriors left behind were relaxing, sharing tongues. Rosekit ran down towards the RiverClan border.

"Do you know the way?" Dawnkit asked.

"Yeah, RiverClan brought me this way after they rescued me." Rosekit saw ThunderClan and RiverClan warriors at their border, pelts bristling as they prepared to raid ShadowClan. "Hide!" Rosekit hissed, tackling Dawnkit behind a bush as they got close enough to see.

"Let us go then Streamstar." Oakstar was meowing, dipping his head to the silver she-cat. Streamstar nodded.

"RiverClan!" her voice rose. "Attack!" the RiverClan cats gave battle cries and ThunderClan joined in, together, they raced past ShadowClan territory.

"We need to follow!" Dawnkit meowed. Rosekit nodded in agreement. They ran into ShadowClan territory. When they caught up with the warriors, who were in a cold battle with ShadowClan. Fur and blood splattered the ground.

Rosekit's eyes widened in horror. Is this what all battles are like?

"Look," Rosekit was broke from her thoughts at Dawnkit's voice. The ginger and cream she-cat was pointing her tail at a dark tabby ShadowClan apprentice who watched Leafsparrow and a ShadowClan warrior battling ferociously. The apprentice seemed to be contemplating whether or not to join the fight.

"Let's team up on that apprentice." Dawnkit meowed. Rosekit nodded in agreement. She dropped down low and crouched forward quietly. The apprentice didn't hear her amidst the shouts and yowls of the battle.

With a cry of triumph, Rosekit launched herself forward and onto the apprentice's back, her tiny claws tearing down his side. Dawnkit followed her, taking a bite of the enemy's back. The apprentice gave a squeal of surprise and pain.

He shook his coat, making Dawnkit fall to the ground, but Rosekit hung on tight with her needle sharp claws. "You look like kits!" The apprentice snarled, whacking towards Dawnkit.

"We are kits!" Rosekit meowed proudly, swinging in front of his face and clawing down his muzzle.

"What?" The apprentice froze, mid leap towards Rosekit. "You are kits?" Dawnkit nodded happily.

"Yes! We wanted to help our Clan in the battle!"

"You have got to be kidding me!" the apprentice meowed, his voice hinting in amusement, but more prominently in irritation.

Rosekit snarled. "We have beaten you up!"

The apprentice's eyes darkened. "You haven't seen anything yet little kit." He growled, crouching down low, his tail wavering threateningly back and forth.

Stormwhisper's POV

Stormwhisper fought valiantly against two ShadowClan warriors, a RiverClan warrior helping her. Stormwhisper tackled into a ShadowClan warrior, knocking him down onto the ground. She tore into his stomach mercilessly, wincing at all the blood drawn.

The ShadowClan warrior cried in pain and anguish. It struggled underneath Stormwhisper's grip and she released him. The warrior got to his paws immediately before rushing into battle again. ShadowClan. Are they always this battle-hungry?

The warrior launched himself at her again, Stormwhisper side-stepped him, grabbing his scruff in her jaws as he leapt past. Blood tore from the gash she made. The warrior hissed and yowled in pain. He turned away and ran.

That should teach him a lesson. She thought triumphantly. She looked around. RiverClan and ThunderClan were easily beating ShadowClan, driving them far back to their camp. Then something caught Stormwhisper's eye.

Kits! She saw Dawnkit and Rosekit fighting off a ShadowClan apprentice. What were they doing there? They were kits! Oakstar would be infuriated her if he found out! She raced over to them and bowled into the apprentice.

"Hey! We were taking them!" Rosekit protested loudly.

"No you aren't. You are going back to the camp immediately!" she hissed, gripping them by their scruffs and running back onto ThunderClan territory.

"Let us go! We were doing fine!" Dawnkit mewed.

Stormwhisper let out an irritated hiss. "What were you thinking?" she meowed. "Sneaking out of camp, fighting in a battle! This is serious Rosekit!" she felt surprise that her lecturing was aimed towards Rosekit.

Rosekit's ears shrank back. "What did I do?"

"You have been a trouble maker ever since you got out of that nursery." Stormwhisper scolded. "Could you please follow the Warrior Code for once? If it weren't for you going out and drowning, Blacktail wouldn't be dead!"

Rosekit's POV

Rosekit couldn't believe it. Blacktail was dead and it was her fault, entirely. She felt her heart collapse in her chest. What have I done? She thought, her blue eyes growing huge. She felt limp in Stormwhisper tight grip on her scruff. Oakstar will never make me an apprentice.

"Rosekit?" Stormwhisper's gaze softened as she looked down at the kit. "I… I'm sorry; I didn't mean it that way." Rosekit felt anger compel over her.

"Of course you did!" she spat. She wriggled free of Stormwhisper's grasp and raced away into the woods.

She dove into the bush to escape Stormwhisper's hard gaze. Rosekit peered through the dark foliage to see Stormwhisper looking after her for a heartbeat, but then just shaking her head slowly, she continued on the trail to camp.

Rosekit watched her go. What have I done? She repeated in her head, again and again. What have I done? StarClan forgive me! Blacktail forgive me! She gave out a cry of self-pity and curled up into a tight ball, her reddish tail covering her little pink nose as she slept.

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