And for all crimes and humiliations, none is so vile as the rape of a child, for an act so cruel forces one's body to betray itself and one's magic to turn against one's body, mind and soul..

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And for all crimes and humiliations, none is so vile as the rape of a child, for an act so cruel forces one's body to betray itself and one's magic to turn against one's body, mind and soul..

Petunia hadn't thought anything of it when Vernon came home drunk once again, nor when he went straight upstairs without greeting her. When she heard screams of delight, however, she went to her nephew's bedroom, only to find her husband raping him. Vernon, in his drunkenness, thought Harry was Petunia, and was taking him.

Petunia did the only sensible thing that she could do: she called the police. They had taken Vernon away, and they had helped her arranging the divorce. Dudley would stay with her, and so would the house and all their possessions – for the time being, at least, for Vernon was going to prison.

Harry, however, was utterly damaged. He was completely unresponsive. When given a command, he'd obey, but he wouldn't speak, nor would he do anything of his own account. He barely blinked.

Petunia and Dudley, who was absolutely revolted by what his father had done, took turns staying with Harry, for he often started to panic. When spoken to, he would turn to the source of the sound and listen intently – when he was panicking, it would just calm him down.

Ten days after the rape, at Harry's birthday, there was still no change at all concerning Harry. Petunia did the only sensible thing: she contacted someone from Harry's world. She didn't know who she had contacted: she had written a letter and given it to the owl, telling the owl that it needed to go to an adult with at least strong ties to the school.


Dear to whomever it may concern,

Harry is not well. We are taking care of him to the best of our ability, but I fear there is no improvement. He does not seem to be in mortal danger, however.

If you think you could take care of him in a way we cannot, come and take him – send a note beforehand, though. If you want to investigate, do the same thing. If you think it would be in Harry's best interests to have him stay here until September 1st, please reply with a transport-object. I do not know the name, but it's often rubbish that moves a person when touched. This object should be directed at your internal Hospital. One of you can, of course, also come and take him in person. Please note that he is in no way up to a train journey, nor anything that would suggest any form of independency.

Please reply a.s.a.p.


Petunia didn't write her last name, because she didn't want to let them know that she had divorced. She felt it was time to take matters in her own hands, whatever that would mean. That was why she had presented the people with options they could choose from – she wouldn't let them decide everything.


Since the start of the summer, Petunia had been rather worried about her nephew. He would often scream at night, something about not killing Cedric. She didn't know what had happened at that school of his, but she knew it wasn't good. He had seemed to be coping, though, so Petunia hadn't allowed herself to become too worried – that wouldn't do.

Now, however.. It had to be bad before she would voluntarily contact those freaks, and it was bad. Harry did not seem to be aware of his surroundings, and he even had to be told to use the loo. Hell, even Dudley was worried.

They were not the only ones.


Minerva McGonagall, Deputy Headmistress from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, was assigned with the task of finding another Defence professor for the following year – the Ministry had already passed a decree that allowed them to appoint one should the School fail to do so, so it was a duty that had to be taken seriously. She was just consulting with Lupin about people who would be capable and willing (they had found no one so far), when a snowy owl flew through the window. The owl was carrying a letter, which was dropped on McGonagall's desk.

"That's Harry's owl," Lupin recognized at once. "He hasn't written for some time – I wonder if something is wrong?"

Minerva, however, had other concerns. There was no name on the envelope – a Muggle envelope – instead there was written this:

"To an adult who knows Harry well and has at least close ties to his school"

Minerva read that aloud, and Lupin, who was stroking Hedwig, looked up confused. "That's not Harry's writing. Open it – I bet something is wrong!"

Minerva nodded, and opened the letter. She read it twice, and then passed it to Lupin, who read it once. His worry only increased, and he exchanged a look with Minerva. "Dumbledore and Sirius?"

Minerva nodded again. "And Molly and Arthur."

Within moments, they had floo'ed to Number 12, Grimmauld Place and they had called Dumbledore to be there as well. Once Dumbledore arrived, they retreated into the parlor and Molly warded the door with Silencing Spells and Imperturbable Charms. This way, even the twins wouldn't stand a change.

Minerva passed the letter to Sirius, who read it and passed it to the Weasleys. This repeated for Dumbledore.

When everyone had read it, a heavy argument broke out. Sirius was screaming that he wanted to see Harry. Molly couldn't believe that Harry's aunt, of all people would be concerned for Harry – then something had to be wrong. Arthur tried to get Molly to calm down, while Minerva was thinking and voicing her concerns towards Dumbledore, who refused to fetch Harry. Remus, in the meantime, was trying to get Sirius to stop screaming.

No one noticed, that during one of Sirius' salvo's, Fred had brought the Imperturbable Ward down, and George had used an Extendable Ear. They were listening together with Ron and Hermione.


At first, the students didn't hear anything – well, in fact they heard lots of things, but they couldn't recognize a word from what was said, during the incomprehensible screams of Sirius.

Once Sirius had calmed down, however, the conversation became intelligible.

"We should take him away! Even his Aunt is worried!" That was Molly.

"I want to see for myself whether my Godson is alright! Well, he obviously is not, but I want to see how bad it is, and I want to help him with whatever it is!" That voice was easily recognizable as Sirius'.

"Harry is safest there, especially now Voldemort has returned. You should know that, Sirius. You wouldn't want to bring him in danger, would you?"

"Low blow," Fred said, for once not amused.

"And besides, this is one of the safest places in Britain – don't tell me that his Aunt's is better warded?" Hermione sounded agitated.

"Albus, I have to agree with Sirius. This place is pretty safe, and his Aunt's is not under the Fidelius. You don't even know what, exactly, is wrong with Harry – how can you be so sure that he's well?"

Dumbledore made a sound as if he was about to object, but surprisingly it was Minerva who interrupted him.

"Albus, you can't deny that he has a point. But Sirius – you can't go check on him. If the Ministry has placed additional wards – you wouldn't get away with it. If I may offer a suggestion?"

"Certainly, Minerva."

"Let Remus or myself go check on him. The letter arrived to either one of us, so Petunia's instructions must have pointed towards either one of us. Or we could go together – Remus has the medical skills that will perhaps be necessary, while I have an excuse for being there – I am his teacher."

Sirius made a half-approving sound, and Dumbledore sighed in defeat. "All right. Minerva, Remus – stay, I will discuss your oncoming trip with you. Sirius, Molly – alert Alastor, Kingsley, and Tonks – discreetly. Arthur – inform your youngest three sons and Hermione very discreetly.

Sirius, Molly and Arthur stood up, and the ones listening through the Extendable Ear quickly pulled it back and retreated into Ron's bedroom, appearing innocently until Arthur came inside.


Petunia sighed in relief when the snowy owl came flying through the window once again. Harry seemed to be more at ease when the animal was near, and he was most certainly not at ease now. The bird dropped a letter on Petunia's head and flew towards Harry.

Dear Mrs. Dursley,

Petunia sighed again at this, thinking that it had perhaps been better if she had signed the former letter with her maiden name.

I am Minerva McGonagall and I teach at Hogwarts. A trustworthy friend and I will be stopping by tomorrow (the Second of August) at ten o'clock. Please make sure Mr. Potter's usual Hogwarts luggage is packed and ready, should we find it necessary to take Harry with us.

Yours sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress

Petunia was relieved things were set in order. Because it was quite late in the evening, she decided to send Harry to bed and have a talk with Dudley. She walked to the living room, where Dudley was watching a movie. Harry was sitting beside him, unblinkingly staring into nothingness.

"Harry, go to the loo, brush your teeth and change into your pajama's. Then go to bed. I will be with you shortly." Petunia spoke in a calm yet stern voice, because Harry seemed to react best to that.

When he heard his name, Harry immediately looked to his Aunt, and stared at her with empty eyes. Once Petunia had finished speaking, Harry got up from the couch and started to obey her orders.

"Duddy? Tomorrow morning, people from Harry's school will be coming to check on him. Perhaps they will take him with them. I'll stay with him tonight, but I need you to keep an eye on him tomorrow morning, while I explain what happened to those people. Is that alright, Duddy dear?"

"Yes, Mum – but will Harry be alright? It's not healty.." Dudley was not often concerned, but it was almost impossible not to be concerned when you saw Harry.

"I hope so, Diddy." Petunia sighed. "I'll go get Harry ready and I'll pack his bags."

"Good night, mum." Dudley didn't plan on staying up too long – he didn't sleep too well lately because he was concerned for his cousin, so he was tired.


Next morning, Aunt Petunia woke Harry and made him eat. Harry was worse than usual – he had to be physically fed, and he wouldn't swallow when he was not ordered to. After a slow breakfast, Petunia sent Harry up to Dudley's room, where they would watch television – that is, Dudley would watch and Harry would stare.

At exactly ten o'clock, a man and a woman ringed the doorbell. Petunia opened the door and gestured the people inside. Once in the living room, they exchanged introductions, but Petunia barely heard the names, nor did she notice what the people actually looked like. Her mind was on her nephew.

Once Petunia had explained what had happened to Harry and what his current situation was, the man had grown extremely pale and the lips of the woman were very thin. The man – Mr. Lupin, he was called – wanted to go and see Harry, but Petunia withheld him.

"You can, of course, go see him, but please note that he will shy away, or flinch, when touched. Use a calm, emotionless voice, then he'll stay calm too. Start your first sentence with his name and repeat his name after every three sentences or so, otherwise he'll most likely forget you're talking to him. And if you want something from him, you will have to order him. Don't expect him to answer your questions. I will call him downstairs – he is upstairs in Dudley's room now, because I wanted to talk to you first."

Petunia's voice grew very tired when she said this, as if she was only just realizing the situation from her nephew. She got up to call Dudley and Harry. Meanwhile, Minerva and Remus exchanged a timid glance. They both realized that there was something really wrong with Harry, if all of these things were necessary.

When Harry walked into the living room, Remus had to resist a bad urge to hug Harry. Instead, he stood up slowly and walked to Harry. "Harry. Will you come and sit with me on the couch, please?" he said in a voice as calm as possible. When Harry didn't respond, and just stared at Remus unblinkingly, Remus changed tactics. "Harry. Sit down on the couch." Harry complied, and when Remus looked over to McGonagall, he noticed that she was crying at the sight of her fellow Gryffindor this disturbed. Remus then noticed he was also crying himself.

Remus and McGonagall exchanged a few glances and nodded at each other that they had to take Harry with them, so Remus gestured for Dudley and Petunia to move with him to another room. They did so, and he told them that he would take Harry with him, in the hopes that it would help. Petunia told Dudley in a very soft voice to go and fetch Harry's trunk and birdcage, and to send the owl downstairs. When Dudley had left, she addressed Remus.

"Mr. Lupin – Will he be alright? Can you help him?"

"I cannot answer that question, ma'am, but I will do everything in my power to ensure his recovery." In his mind, he added "We have failed him too many times already," but he didn't spoke that aloud.

Petunia seemed satisfied by the sincerity in his voice, and so she nodded. "How will you take Harry with you?"

Remus paused. "We have a safe-house, and we can take him there by Apparition – that is instantly disappearing and reappearing at another place. However, if he does not register anything but a direct order, it is possible that he cannot reach that place because a charm that is placed on the house. Then we will have to ask another wizard to Apparate him. However, we'll try if we can do it first. Would it be alright if you and your son say your goodbyes now and then stay out of the sitting room until we are gone?"

Petunia had nodded several times when Remus was talking, and now she gave a vocal response. "Of course. Dudley?" she called then. When Dudley walked into the kitchen, Petunia continued. "We'll say our goodbyes now, and then we will leave these two people alone with Harry. They'll bring him somewhere where he is safe and where they can possibly help him."

Dudley nodded. "Okay. I'm gonna say goodbye, then."

When Dudley walked into the sitting room, he noticed the lady talking to Harry about all kinds of things – the weather, the wallpapers, the color of the carpet, and things like that – while tears were running down her cheeks. When Dudley appeared, she stopped and looked at him. Dudley walked to Harry, and said goodbye.

Then he walked to Professor McGonagall, and inquired whether he would be able to write to Harry. Minerva answered that she would send Hedwig once a week to collect potential messages, and Dudley nodded.

Then Petunia made her goodbyes, and she and Dudley left the room.

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