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And for all crimes and humiliations, none is so vile as the rape of a child, for an act so cruel forces one's body to betray itself and one's magic to turn against one's body, mind and soul..

When Remus and Emmeline had departed, Remus went to look for Hermione. She wasn't in her room, and Ginny said she hadn't been there except to retrieve her cat. Finally, he found her in the parlor.

"Good evening, Hermione."

"Hi, Prof..Remus," Hermione replied.

Remus cast some Silencing and Imperturbable Wards. "I need your help with something. If you are willing, that is."

Hermione looked ready to accept whatever it would be. "Of course. What is it?"

Remus thought for a moment. "Tonight, Emmeline Vance will sleep in Harry's room. However, she needs a backup in case something goes wrong. For example, if Harry panics and Emmeline can't calm him down. Minerva and I are both otherwise indisposed. Would you be willing?"

He had barely finished talking before Hermione replied enthusiastically. "Of course! How will I be alerted? How can we make sure Ginny doesn't notice anything?"

Remus smiled. "You can sleep in the spare bedroom where we talked earlier this evening." He stopped when a huge grin crossed Hermione's face. He smiled a little more. "What?"

"That's great! I was becoming really tired of Ginny." Hermione said. "Is it just for this night, or can I stay there until September 1st?"

Now that Remus knew the reason for Hermione's happiness, he didn't answer an affirmative immediately (although he had planned to). Hermione was acting very un-Hermionish by being so vocalized in her opinion. Truth be told, he had only ever seen her acting this way when talking about Professor Trelawney, or Divination in general. "We'll see. But why this all the sudden? You always seemed to get along splendidly." He had an idea, of course – the fool the Weasleys had made of themselves by "visiting" Harry.

Hermione didn't hesitate in her reply. "Yes, well, I always put up with her actions, even if they were mad, but this was too mad. No one touches my friends." Hermione grew more agitated as she spoke.

Remus thought for a moment and eventually decided on a compromise. "How about a compromise? You can stay in a spare room for three nights, and any other night you're backup, but we will talk. That is, Ginny, you and I."

Hermione obviously didn't agree, but remained calm. "I have to go back after those three nights?"

Remus looked thoughtful. "We'll see. You can't spend every night in the same room, obviously – the room on the second floor is for Harry duty."

Hermione groaned at first, but nodded. "All right. I'll go pack the things I'll need for the next few days."

Remus smiled. "That's the spirit. I'll let you know when we talk."

Hermione left.


Minerva was worried. She was worried about a lot of things, actually. She still hadn't found a Defense teacher. That was worrying, but it was overshadowed by all others. These others all concerned one person.

It had been four days since Harry's introduction to Crookshanks. Harry's condition went with ups and downs. That is, sometimes he had to be fed, while at other times an order every bite, or even every two or three bites, would suffice.

She looked down at her notes. The first night Harry had panicked three times during the first part of the night. Finally, Emmeline had called Hermione to bring Crookshanks, and the second half of the night only held one panic attack.

When Harry woke for the second time in Crookshanks company, he was very disoriented and thus frightened. Emmeline had to call Hermione and, when things didn't improve, Minerva. Minerva couldn't stay long, because of her meeting. Crookshanks managed to comfort Harry a little, but he didn't really calm down. Nor would he eat.

When Minerva returned, she had turned into her Animagus form to watch Harry's reaction. When Minerva came close, Harry appeared to feel her even when his back was turned to the feline. But she had frightened him far less than she would have done in her human form, yet more than Crooks had done the night before.

Crooks and Minerva could communicate at a very small rate. Minerva understood from him that he couldn't help Harry and that Minerva should try. But Minerva didn't know what to do.

Harry had turned to his deepest point yet at the third day. He was already spending more time in panic attacks than outside of them, and he never seemed to be really out of them. One time, they had called in Sirius' dog form during a "interglacial", as they had started to call the times when Harry was halfway calm. Harry immediately returned into full panic mode. Padfoot had howled in agony at seeing his godson this disturbed, and Harry had screamed. It was the first sound he had made in weeks – according to Petunia, he hadn't talked since the incident. Since the rape. A peek from Arthur didn't have Harry descending into panic, but when he spoke – "Harry, hello," in the calmest and softest way possible – it did result into a full-force panic attack. They hadn't tried again.

They also had to rely on transfiguring food directly into Harry's stomach, which was very dangerous. Minerva had called Poppy Pomfrey, who was in the Order of the Phoenix as a Healer – she wasn't a "full member", for she didn't have other duties than healing the wounded in the Order. Poppy had taught Minerva to transfer the food to Harry – Poppy couldn't do it herself, for she was no Dietician (a Healer and Transfiguration Master. They were the ones who did the food-transfers at St. Mungo's). Once Minerva was proficient with transferring water, she moved on to food that was as harmless as possible should it appear next to the stomach instead of into it. After thirty hours of practicing (with a Time-Turner, so that there were three Minerva's and Poppy's practicing and it only took ten clock hours), Minerva was able to transfer potions. But all this could only happen whenever Harry was calm – if Harry moved, it would be too dangerous. They also had to clear his bladder and intestine with spells (done by Poppy, because although Vanishing was Transfiguration and thus Minerva's subject, but it was far too dangerous because of the risk of Vanishing a part of Harry's organs). Minerva had learned a charm from Poppy that would enlarge Harry's bladder should Poppy not be near, but that was only a temporarily solution.

Harry didn't move, except to breathe. Sometimes he would react to the calling of his name. When in a panic attack, he was talked to constantly. They didn't know whether it helped, but it didn't do any harm either.

There were four persons on guard every moment of the day. Minerva would spend eighteen to twenty hours a day in Harry's room. When she wasn't feeding him, she was spending time in her feline form, because Harry preferred that to her human form – as long as she didn't change forms in his room. When in her feline form, Minerva often slept in Harry's room. She slept four to six hours a day in the former-empty bedroom, which was now a room for "backup Harry duty". The room next to the bedroom had also been cleared and was now furnished with a cot and other basic furniture to make it a satisfactory bedroom. Often Minerva couldn't sleep and continued researching and contacting possible Defense teachers at night.

Remus would spend twelve to sixteen hours a day in Harry's room. He was still recovering from the full moon, and therefore spent some time sleeping there. The eight to twelve hours that were left were spent sleeping in his room on the top floor or talking to Hermione.

Hermione hadn't stayed with Ginny yet, and Remus hadn't enforced that, or the promised conversation. He was too worried about Harry, and it was too handy to have Hermione near. Another desk had been added to Harry's room, and Hermione would spend a lot of her time there researching – this was possible because Minerva had brought her the requested books from Hogwarts, and Hermione had the whole Black library at her disposition. Minerva also used this desk, either to read Hermione's observations and ideas or to complete work for Hogwarts. All in all, Hermione spend about twelve hours a day inside Harry's room – she wasn't allowed to stay there at night due to her minority – and she would spend all other time researching, discussing Harry with Remus or sleeping.

Emmeline Vance, Hestia Jones and Tonks would stay with Harry when it was needed and one of them had time. With their respective jobs and the usual Order duty, that wasn't too often, but it came in very helpful. Poppy Pomfrey would stop by every few hours to check up on Harry and to clear his bladder and such.

All in all, Harry had two persons staying with him in his room at every time of the day, although one of them could be found sleeping. At day, there was always at least one other person on the floor, sometimes sleeping, and Poppy Pomfrey could always be called. At night, there were also two persons in Harry's room, one sleeping and one waking, and two people on the floor: a first- and a second- backup duty.

They had entered Arthur a few more times, and that actually went quite satisfactory, as long as someone else (that is, either a woman or Remus) was near Harry and between Harry and Arthur at the same time. While this allowed the other person to relax a little, it didn't relieve anyone from duty and was therefore not very helpful. Still, they kept trying and Harry became a little more accustomed to Arthur's presence.

Minerva took out another sheet of paper. It was Hermione's latest list of possible solutions or otherwise possibly helpful things to remedy Harry's situation.

Try the Imperius Curse. This is entirely non-preferably, because of its illegality and the possibly damaging results to Harry's mind.

Try Veritaserum. You should ask Professor Snape about this, both about possible side effects of the potion and its influence on people with brain damage – I don't say Harry is brain damaged, but if it has a side effect on people who are, then it's possibly dangerous for Harry.

Try an art called "Legilimency". Preferability: see "Imperius Curse".

Call in Luna Lovegood. She is a girl that (instinctively?) knows certain things, and although she appears a bit mad, to speak plainly, she has to be Sorted into Ravenclaw for a reason. She is in Ginny's year. Luna believes in all kinds of creatures whose existence hasn't been proven, but aside from that, she also "knows things." I suspect her of either being a Seer or Prophet, or an Empath. Perhaps she's both, perhaps she's none, but it's worth a try. Her father is Xenophilius Lovegood, the editor of the Quibbler. As far as my deception skills go, she believed Harry last term about the return of You-Know-Who.

It said something about Hermione's sleep deprivation and worry for Harry that the list wasn't written with exceptional eloquence and even with a spelling mistake.

Minerva stood and went to find Hestia. Hermione was napping – Minerva had ordered her to and dosed her with a very light Sleeping Draught – and Remus and Emmeline were with Harry. Minerva had to discuss a few things with Remus and Hermione. Minerva thought it a good idea to discuss the first three possibilities with Severus, because he was a master on Potions, Mind Arts and, cru as it might sound, the Dark Arts. If they had a risk of something nasty happening to Harry, she would vote for calling in Luna Lovegood.


Remus agreed with Hermione on calling in Luna Lovegood. While Minerva had never noticed anything particular about this girl concerning het magic and her ability to help people, she had noticed Luna as everyone noticed Luna. Remus, however, knew Luna in another way: as a very creative and instinctual witch. That is, if one didn't mind when she used spells in a way they were not invented for. Remus recalled the first time he had her in class. He had every year start on Boggarts that year, to teach them the importance of laughing at your fears. A student who was troubled was helped by a rather ingenious combination of a Cheering Charm and a Tickling Charm. Besides the Cheering Charm being a third year-spell, the combination couldn't be found when Remus researched it. Neither were there any side effects: the Cheering Charm gave people the courage to face their fears and made it easier to remember the "fun version" of your fear. The Tickling Charm made sure that the effect of the Cheering Charm was short-lived, because it set people off, but it also ensured laughter.

It seemed that Luna had inherited her mother's talents on Charms, but that was not the point here. Remus thought that Luna would be a valuable help. Hermione didn't like the idea of spells and potions (other than potions that would improve Harry's health), and nor did Remus and Minerva. They didn't believe the danger of Luna somehow betraying the Order too big; moreover, the Fidelius Charm made it nearly impossible to do so.

Finally, Remus went to speak with Sirius and Dumbledore to have someone fetch Luna and to reveal the location of the house.

Hermione absently bade Remus goodbye, and went on with her thinking. An idea was forming in her mind. Just when Professor McGonagall told her she had to leave, Hermione spoke up.

"Wait! I've got an idea!" Hermione sounded very enthusiastic.

Halfway amused, McGonagall replied. "And what might that be, Ms. Granger?"

"It can make his situation worse, but it also can make it better.. And it will tell whether his mind and magic is still responsive. It can be damaging, however.." Hermione paused a second. "Because if it's responds to him, he'll see what he fears most. But if you or Remus would manage to defeat the Boggart by actually destroying it, he'll sort of know it's gone." She said the last part quite happily.

McGonagall nodded. "I will inform Mr. Lupin of your idea. Now, if you want to see Harry again before we bring in Arthur, I suggest you go see him." At Hermione's nod, she continued. "You may offer Ms. Vance to leave. Please tell Mrs. Jones she'll be on duty until eight o'clock. Your duty lasts until –" Minerva took out her pocket watch. It was three o'clock. "- dinnertime. I want you to eat down in the kitchen."

Hermione nodded and stood. "All right, Professor. I'll do so." She smiled and left.

Minerva sighed and sat down at the desk in the room. She took out a quill and a piece of parchment.

List of possibilities 6th of August, 1992

Luna Lovegood


Legilimency, Imperius, Veritaserum – ask Severus

Minerva decided to go and find Severus. Albus had informed her earlier that day that Severus had returned the day before from a Death Eater mission. She hoped he had rested and recovered enough to be up to a conversation.


Severus was not pleased. He was tired and his bones ached. He had to brew an impossible amount of potions for the Dark Lord, and an impossible amount of potions for the Order. He couldn't help but worry a tiny little bit about Potter – not that he would admit it, of course. But when Minerva and the wolf (and Granger, the know-it-all) were seriously contemplating the Imperius Curse, they really must be frantic with worry.

And they had to be idiots to consider using Mind Magic on a delicate mind. Whether in the form of a creature (Boggart, Dementor), a potion (Veritaserum), some spell (Cheering Charms, Imperius Curse) or the basic Mind Arts (Legilimency), you couldn't just use those on an instable mind!

It was a bit like atoms, Severus mused. (Yes, he had taken a basic Chemistry and Physics course after finishing Hogwarts.) You couldn't just find out where the electrons were without changing their path.

Severus shook the thoughts of. Here he was, in the holiday, thinking about Potter. That last Crucio had really driven him insane.


"Hello Professor Lupin. I hadn't expected to see you for some time."

Remus hadn't expected this reaction either: after all, Luna was sitting by the stream with her back to him. He smiled. "Good day, Ms. Lovegood. What are you catching?"

"Plimpies, Professor. But that's not why you're here." Luna stated while turning to face Remus.

He smiled at her perceptiveness. "That is true. But there is no need to call me professor. I don't teach anymore."

Luna patted the grass next to her. "Will you sit down with me?" Remus did so. "If one never stops learning, one never stops teaching either. After all, it's often quite hard to learn without people teaching you in some way. But I won't call you professor if it makes you uncomfortable." She studied Remus for a minute. "You are worried. Is that why you came here? It's quite peaceful here. It may decrease your worries."

Remus looked down and shook his head. "I am worried, but I actually came here for you. I hoped you could help me."

Luna's smile grew. "Of course I'll help you! Only Dad, and Mum" her voice grew somewhat sad with these two words "ever asked me for help. It's something friends do." At the end of the sentence, her voice had nearly reached its usual sound, although it was still a little sad. "What can I do to help you?"

"Before I tell you, I have to ask you not to tell anyone what I am about to tell you." Luna nodded.

"Oh, that's not very difficult. Dad thinks it's very exciting for a young girl to hide something anyway."

Remus nodded. "I trust you know Harry Potter?"

Luna shook her head. "I have seen him a few times, but I have never spoken to him. He wasn't very happy last term, but I suppose that was to be expected. With Cedric, and Voldemort and all."

Remus nodded. "That's right. But something else happened this summer. He went through something very traumatic, and now he doesn't respond to almost anything. Sometimes he responds to his name or some commands, but he never answers to questions or does something without being ordered to."

Luna nodded in understanding. "That can be very worrying. Where do I come in?"

"You have quite a different view on things. We were hoping that you could do something to help him."

She smiled. "Of course I'll try! Where is he? When can I come? Do you have a bed there or will I return here in the evenings? What do I tell Dad?" Luna became enthusiastic. No one had ever invited her to stay before!

Remus smiled. He was glad she was so enthusiastic. "He is in a house under the Fidelius Charm. Do you know that one?"

Luna nodded. "Hidden from everyone but the Secret-Keeper and the ones he told."

"True. I am not the Secret Keeper; the Headmaster is. That house is under the Fidelius because it's the Headquarters of a society that fights Voldemort." Luna didn't flinch at the name. "Apart from the Order, there are also some Hogwarts students: Hermione Granger and Ginny, Ron, Fred and George Weasley."

"I know Ginny, she's in my year. She is nice; she isn't mean when she calls me names." Luna was once again being painfully honest. Remus flinched – the girl couldn't mean that? But of course she did.

He nodded. "It's nice you already know someone. The house is owned by an escaped prisoner, but he is innocent. He also resides there. His name is-"

"Sirius Black?" Luna asked. "We did an article about him some years ago. Mum said she thought Peter Pettigrew was the Secret-Keeper of the Potters, not Sirius Black. Mum was very good friends with Lily Evans, you know."

Remus was surprised at that first bit of information. "I knew that last part, yes, but not the first. It's true, though." He paused for a minute, not finding it adequate to answer the girl's other questions so quickly after the mention of her mother. "You can come as soon as you want to, and your father should, of course, permit it. We have a few beds left – one on Ginny's room, but if one of you has problems with that I am sure we can find another solution." He nodded. "You can, of course, return in the evenings if you want to. You can stay as long as you like, and I suggest telling your Dad a schoolmate of yours needs your help would do? I'd prefer not to mention which schoolmate, though."

Luna nodded. "That's easy to understand. People tend to go haywire whenever he is concerned. I think it has to do with Nargles recognizing their former owner." Noticing that Remus wanted to go back to Harry, she decided to cut the conversation on that point. "Shall we go and ask Dad if I can come? Then you can perform a packing spell on my trunk and we can go to Harry."

Luna stood up, offered Remus her hand to help him stand, and they left for the house of Luna and her father.

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