Author's Note:

This is the sequel to my former Tron fic "A Little Gift From ENCOM"

You are highly recommended to read that one first to follow the sequel's happenings properly. ;) Apart from this you would miss something if you don't... *grin*

This sequel, like the first part before, contains strong erotic content (and some language)! You have been warned. Also I like to point out that I - still - know NOTHING about computers LOL So forgive me my naivety in this departement... (If you spot something very, very embarrassing and wrong I wrote about computers please feel free to report me that LOL) And: English is not my mother tongue.

Disclaimer: I do not own Tron / Tron: Legacy nor it's characters (not even Ed... damn!) and I'm not making any money with the writing of this story.


Judith, walking in and out of his office, discussing work with him, offering him coffee, a muffin, time, her pure presence, looking so beautiful, so adorable... Every time she was walking in it was as if the room got a little bit brighter, work flew a little bit easier, the day got a little bit richer, more filled, more meaningful. And the way she was smiling at him, the twinkle in her eyes, the pure life and warmth in her every expression. Her energy; like a never lapsing burn deep within her body and her soul.
It was late evening now and they both soon would clock out. And the later it got the warmer were her glances at him, her gestures, her smiling. A subtly increasing, low and surreptitious ardency, a soft seduction almost, growing stronger with every minute passing.

Ed wasn't someone who let himself being distracted by a woman, and even Judith couldn't manage to let him loose his concentration on work with her attractiveness and charms. Besides this he knew that distracting him wasn't her intension anyway for they both shared the same conception of professionalism at work – they hadn't even leached a hint of the fact of their relationship at ENCOM. But yet he noticed that sweet, soft glowing hunger in her eyes like a prelude, a subtle promise, and her anticipation for finishing time, for taking him home. Or wanting him to take her home, for they weren't living together.
And there was indeed one little thing that distracted him from work... Not Judith. Not her smile, not her beautiful legs, not her delicious body or her sunrise-smile, but the fact that he knew he had to reject her for this time. Like many a time … And remorse was a sore pain in his chest.

And there she was walking in again, her purse already shouldered, closing the door behind her, drawing nearer in her smooth, swaying walk while he was just about to shut down the computer. She had opened her hair as if in a symbolic but unwitting gesture of initiating her home time.
As he was walking round his desk she was bowing over to him, whispering, sweetly: "Let's go to my place, Ed. I'll fix you something for dinner… dessert included…" The scent of her hair; a whiff of a perfume non-existing.

"Thanks for the invitation, but no, I'm sorry", he dryly spoke, then heading for the door.

Judith still was smiling at him, slightly sassily while leaning against his desk. "You didn't get the double meaning, do you?"

He turned around. "I did, Judith. But I can't. Not tonight. I'm tired as hell and I can't move a limb." Uncomfortable with having such a conversation – like always – he was walking towards the door again at a brisk pace.
Judith followed him, holding him up just as he reached out for the doorhandle. "There's only one limb you have to move, and that one I will take care of."

He sighed impatiently. "I'm not going to move anything tonight. You don't seem to be aware of how much energy a man has to raise for this."
For a moment there seemed to flash up a hint of disappointment in her face. Or was it only imagination? Ed couldn't tell.
"You understand that, don't you?"

Judith was patting his cheek, smiling softly: "Sure I do. I'm a grown up woman. I can deal with that." Her voice was reassuring, her words warm with honesty. But yet Ed felt as if he had shoved her two steps away from him. He regretted it so much it nearly broke his heart, but he just couldn't have decided else. All or nothing was his devise, for he knew that he probably would have failed if he had given in to making love tonight. And nothing was more humiliating for a man to fail in this department… He preferred to relinquish any sexual action rather than not being able to satisfy his lover properly. And in his opinion Judith was a woman who didn't deserve things by halves.

But there was one thing Ed was not able to realize: That for Judith this wasn't as crucial as he thought it was.

Dextra… Since almost a year now Ed has been working on it, a new mainframe computer program ENCOM has assigned him to create. A revolutionary, highly intelligent, autonomous, autodidactic and ever-evolving program to administrate various sectors of the company autarchically – to reduce the error rate, to save costs, to save time, to make more money.
And while Ed totally backed that project, the idea itself, for it perfectly went along with his business philosophy, he had asked himself in the beginning, when Sam and Alan had became that profit oriented… Although no one actually got fired because of Dextra, the working places were being rationalized and no new ones were created.
But soon Ed got to know the management's ideas and intentions behind saving money. In several board meetings they made clear that they wanted to support independent projects and small companies, wanted markdowns on products, advance the wages, and other social oriented stuff Ed thought it wasn't worth Dextra's genius abilities. But he was in the minority with his opinion. And after all he could at least extract his own advantages of creating Dextra, for he could use the program's autonomy and intelligence to delegate some of his own work to it, work he considered as boring because it wasn't exercising his mind, administrative, dull, but yet necessary work, work he hadn't even a secretary for. So with Dextra as his right-hand, which knew and handled, organized every step he wanted to do in advance, he gained the liberating opportunity to finally concentrate on aspects of his work which were more important, more interesting and more challenging to him.

And… not to forget the one other reason why Ed was so eager about creating Dextra. An inofficial, concealed, self-serving and very personal reason: More time and energy for Judith.

Now, finally, Dextra was completed, or at least the programming part of it, for actually Dextra was an ever-growing, data-absorbing, never accomplished program which could be either fed with new input or could absorb new knowledge and abilities single-handed, without any interaction from a human being, just by learning from other programs and creating its own solution processes. And the most genius part of it: Dextra was able to generate new synapses like a human brain…

Ed was brimming with proud of Dextra. It was sublime, extravagant, ingenious and unequaled. And, oh, the praise he earned for it… The praise and the recognition on the board, in the media, among the employees, even from Flynn. Not that Ed gave a single damn about being in the limelight – actually he hated it. But to earn praise from Flynn, to know that his abilities were towering over Flynn's, was a satisfaction Ed probably could draw on for the rest of his life.

Early morning.
Ed's office was filled with the grey, pale light of a rainy Monday. Billions of rain drops scattered over and trickling down the wide floor-to-ceiling windows, spreading a faint, delicate, vitreous pattern on every object in the room
A cup of hot, steaming coffee in his reach he was sitting in front of his computer, typing in some codes, as suddenly a message was popping up on his screen.

Grid visit from User required

That was Dextra calling him up!
He was utterly astound, for actually this was only meant to be an emergency call in case there was something crucial happening that only the User could fix directly in the Grid.
He was starting a quick check of the whole program to see if there was any error or bug. But he could barely imagine, for Dextra was made for fixing any mistake by itself. That was one of the abilities that actually made it so unique. Ed was shaking his head in disbelief.

Grid visit from User required

was Dextra summoning him again. He sighed, leaning back in his chair, rubbing his forehead. He didn't like it… going to the Grid… interacting with the programs. Still, even after years, this was too odd, too strange, to alien for him. He preferred typing in codes and commands with his keyboard. Talking to programs was beyond his realm of understanding. It wasn't logical. And yet it was reality, it was the future, it was important.
So he sat up and was following Dextra's call, heading the Grid Operating Department.