A Mingling of Magics Introduction

It is October 2010, and Dave Stutler is having a rough week. After trying for ten years to forget the magical events of the birthday that landed him in therapy, the NYU physics major finds that the two sorcerers responsible for those events have returned, entangling him in a war that will decide the fate of the world. One in which he, the Prime Merlinean, is at the center. Dave, having finally had enough, was resolved to abandon his training… Until his magic ring dropped two strangers at his feet.

The first is Miles, a 17-year-old Avalon High honors student and fellow fledgling magician, who has had his fair share of evil plots and destinies to deal with himself (though he won't go into details).

The second is… well… Merlin. Which does not bode well.

As the three become involved in a battle of good and evil that has been raging since Merlin's era, they discover foes of Camelot's past, startling truths about their destinies, and a connection to each other that proves their meeting to be more than accidental. Time travel, crossover, and reincarnation fic. In Merlin's timeline, this takes place between Series 3's "The Sorcerer's Shadow" and "The Coming of Arthur, Part 1."


A/N: Hey there! I know this should be under crossovers, and I may put it there once I've finished, but I'm posting this on the main Merlin page so that it gets some notice. It's going to be a pretty short multi-chapter, and encompasses three continuities:

In the Merlin universe, I'm setting Merlin's age at 20 here, based on the fact that in Series 4's opening, Merlin is now a young man rather than boy, and 21 is considered the age of manhood based on what happened with Arthur, making Merlin 20 in Series 3.

Dave Stutler is from The Sorcerer's Apprentice, inspired by the famous Fantasia short, in which the 20-year-old NYU physics student is called upon to learn magic and save the world. He is 5' 11 ½".This takes place right after Becky's talk with Dave as he is about to give up magic, which I'm setting in late October 2010. I'm aiming for this fic not to mess up the rest of The Sorcerer's Apprentice plot too much. Let's just call it AU from that point onwards to be safe.

Miles is from the 2010 Disney Channel Original Movie Avalon High, based on Meg Cabot's novel of the same name. The end of the movie is very different from the novel, and there will be major spoilers for this ending in the story. If you want to watch, you can find the whole movie on Youtube (the link is on my profile). The movie version centers around new girl Allie Pennington, who with Miles discovers a plot to destroy the school golden boy who's believed to be the reincarnation of King Arthur. The story takes place a few weeks after the movie's ending, which I figure to also be in October due to what I know about high school American football season (apologies if I'm wrong about this). Miles is probably 16 or 17 and is 5'5".

So, now that all the info dumping is out of the way, please move on to Part 1! Enjoy!