Hello all!

Since I was unable to finish a new chapter in 2020, I wanted to post a few little snippets of what I've got coming.

Of course some (if not most) of it is subject to change since I tend to fiddle with wording quite a bit. But I hope you enjoy this little preview!

Marco sighed. "I'm still not sure we stand a chance. But," he said with a smirk, sauntering over to clap a hand on Dave's shoulder, "I wouldn't miss it for the world."

Dave raised an eyebrow, lip curled. "...Thanks? I think?"

Merlin chuckled. "Trust me: If he's anything like his past self, the harder the odds, the more he enjoys himself."


Merlin fidgeted. "I was thinking, the only times I've ever seen the future on my own was with a crystal from the Crystal Cave."

"Crystal Cave?" Allie clicked her tongue, eyebrows furrowed. "That's going to be tough to swing in a pinch, Merlin."

"But this Drake Stone, the one who owned this place, was a Morganian, right? Even if it's not from the Crystal Cave, he might have some sort of crystal I could use."


Becky pursed her lips. "Yeah, maybe." Her shoulders hunched under her jacket. "I just wish I could do more to help. You can fight. Dave can do magic and physics - which is incredibly ironic to me, by the way." She sighed, glancing down at the black, fathomless stone floor. "I'm just a music major."

"You're still here," Allie said. "And, unlike the rest of us, you're not here because of a prophecy. That counts for something."

Becky leaned on the doorframe. "Not if I just get used as bait again."

Allie mouth twisted into a wry smile. "Join the club." She fixed Becky with a steady gaze, blue eyes suddenly seeming older than sixteen. "Y'know, the forces we're up against, they think ordinary people and their dreams don't matter. They want to destroy us. But you don't need a destiny to make a difference, Becky. Caring is enough. Being you is enough."


"Seeing the future before didn't turn out well for me or for Camelot. I wasn't able to stop what I saw in fact I only made it worse. If I look into that crystal, whatever I see will come to pass somehow someway and I can't... I can't... I can't do that to you. Or to Miles."


The minute her back was turned, Bennet grimaced, glaring down at the offending phone. Who the hell would call him at this hour?

He skimmed the caller ID. He sighed. 'Of course.'

Jabbing Call, he huffed, "Bad time, Dave!"

"Bennet!" the reedy voice of his roommate, Dave Stutler, needled in his ear. "Thank God you answered. Listen, I have a real emergency on my hands. I need you to meet me at my lab right now!"

And with no other word, the call ended.

Bennet cursed.'It better be a real emergency, or I'm punting his ass into next week.'

Happy New Year, all!


~ Astraea