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Kat sat frustrated in his chair as the face of the Emperor faded from the screen. He could feel the hot waves of anger flowing through him as his body started to shake. He lifted his arm and slammed it back down onto the arm of his chair, completely destroying the left armrest. The pieces were now scattered across the floor.

"Dammit!" He yelled in rage. He clutched his right fist tightly in his other paw as he swore under his breath.

What remained of the chair started to vibrate as his body shook in rage. He could still hear the Emperor's voice as he sneered down at him through the monitor.

. . .

"Do you wish to explain yourself Agent 27B?"

"What do you mean, your grace?" Kat said evenly. The Emperor's lip curled in annoyance.

"Would you like to explain how two humans have been able to thwart you in your plans to conquer this planet time and time again and you have yet to destroyed them!?" The Emperor bellowed. Kat's ears twitched slightly at the noise but other than that his face remained devoid of emotion.

"I do admit that these humans," Kat sneered, "are becoming quite the nuisance, but if my lord were to give me more time I would quickly dispose of them." Kat said smoothly. Though his face remained blank his heart was beating at a rapid tempo.

The Emperor growled deep in his chest and let out an angry hiss.

"No! Unless you can prove your worth to me within the next 5 Earth days I will personally have you shipped off to the Litter Mines for the rest of your life! Do I make myself clear?!" He said in finality.

Kat's eyes narrowed slightly as he placed his paws behind his back.

"Of course my liege." Kat said, his paws clenching tightly as he physically tried to restrained himself from speaking out of turn. He could feel the blood pounding in his ears as his anger started to take over his senses.

The Emperor sent one last sneer through the monitor before shutting off his end of the transmission, causing the screen to fade into black...

. . .

Kat gritted his teeth tightly as he thought through his options.

Could he pack up the rest of his items and research and go into hiding? No, he berated himself. There would only be other invaders sent to look for him. Invaders who would probably tear through the entire town just to find him, as well as cause a global panic in the process.

He stood quickly from his seat to pace around the room.

He had 5 days to impress the Emperor. That meant he had five days to think of a possible escape or a damned good lie. One believable enough to satisfy his royal highness' royal expectations.

He growled in anger as no ideas seemed to come to him. As he paced he didn't notice he was walking towards the corner table until his knee painfully hit against it. The table and the items resting on it shook violently. One of the three photos started to slide and fall off the edge of the wood. Kat saw this and quickly dived down to catch it before the glass were to hit the floor. The frame landed safely in his paws and he breathed a sigh of relief as he looked down at the photo.

The picture was of a smaller cat. Her skin, a few shades darker and pinker than his, but they shared the same violet eyes. He smiled down at the picture before gently placing it back on the table to look at it some more.

That was when the idea hit him. His sister!

He quickly ran to his bookshelf and searched through the labels until finding a thick packet of plain white paper, the label reading Invader Rules and Regulations. He took it down from the shelf and quickly flipped through the pages, stopping to read through one passage in particular.

"A high ranking invader of any class may be provided an assistant. This assistant must be proven worthy in assisting the invader to the accomplishment of their most current mission."

"This assistant may or may not be another invader as long as he/she has been approved of by either the commanding chief or the Emperor."

Kat smiled thoughtfully as a plan started to form in his mind.

Yes, this could work!

Kat quickly placed the book back on the shelf before returning to his monitor. Kat turned on the monitor and quickly typed in his sister's address code. He waited impatiently as the monitor started to ring.

Pick up, pick up, pick up!

Kat glared at the monitor as three more rings had sounded.

Dammit Sis!

Kat was about to end the transmission when the screen flashed into picture.

On the other side of the monitor stood his little sister. Her paws were covered in oil, and behind her he could see a table covered with tools. She looked at him with a joyful smile.

"Well you don't usually call," she said with a grin.

"Sorry," Kat said sending her an apologetic smile. "Am I interrupting something?" Kat asked glancing at the table of tools and her oil stained paws.

Always up to something I see.

"I was just about to take a break. Besides Aiden, you can call me anytime ."

"Thank you Sis," Kat said. "The Emperor has become agitated with my lack of success recently. I was hoping you could come to Earth to help me."

"Really?!" She said, her eyes lighting up with excitement. Kat smiled warmly at his sister's enthusiasm.

Well isn't that cute.

"With your help I think I can convince him to let me stay on Earth," Kat said. His sister stopped her smiling and looked down at him worriedly.

"Aiden, what exactly did he say would happen if you didn't prove yourself?" she said. Kat's eyes moved across the room nervously. "Aiden!?" she yelled through the screen. Kat let out a long sigh. He closed his eyes and rubbed his paw down the side of his face.

"He said that if I don't prove myself useful within the next 5 days I will be sent to the Litter Mines, permanently," Kat said tiredly.

His sister's eyes widened for a moment before she closed them softly. She let out a long sigh and placed her paws over her eyes in frustration.

"What exactly do you plan to do about this?" she asked. Kat smiled at her encouragingly.

"That's where you come in. I want you to come to Earth to help me. I'll tell the Emperor that I've taken on an assistant, one that will greatly improve my chances of success on this planet, as well as make it more inhabitable for us. The Emperor doesn't know that the planet is already ready for us to inhabit, so telling him that it isn't will give us the extra time we need to finish."

"But the Emperor won't let you take on an assistant if he knows it's me."

"Yes, but he won't know that it's you," Kat answered. "I'll tell him that I'm taking on a recruit from the scientist division, and that since you're new you don't have your Science Lab ID yet."

"Why would taking on such a new recruit convince the Emperor to let you stay?"

"I'll inform him that you are also trained in environmental studies, so you will be able to help me make this planet the perfect new home for our population." Kat said proudly. His sister looked at him with astonishment before her expression changed to a sly smirk.

"You've thought this through." she said.

"Naturally." he said with a smirk. "I'll call the Emperor as soon as possible to get this through. You'll need to disguise yourself. He'll want to see this new recruit and we don't want him to recognize you as my sibling."

"I'll start getting ready."

"Good. I'll call you back in-"

"MR. KAT! Where are you?!" Millie yelled, interrupting Kat. Kat cursed under his breath and looked back to his sister, who was snickering to herself.

"Was that Millie?" she asked through her snickering. Kat grumbled under his breath.

"Unfortunately. I'll call you back as soon as I'm done with her," Kat said irritably. She laughed loudly as Millie could be heard yelling for her Mr. Kat.

"Have fun," She teased between her laughs.

"Goodbye Megan," Kat said irritably as his finger went for the off button. Megan's laughter could still be heard as the monitor screen went black.

"WHERE ARE YOU?!" Millie yelled from some part of the house.

Kat pressed one of the buttons to the right of the monitor. The monitor flashed into life, showing the surveillance fee from the nine tiny cameras he had set throughout the house. The screen was split into nine different box screens, each one showing the surveillance from each room in the house, including the the hallways and backyard. Kat looked through the different screens before stopping at the image of the Living Room, where Millie could be seen searching for her beloved pet Kat.

"MR. KAAAAT!" Millie's high pitched yell sounded throughout the house. Kat put his paws over his ears to protect himself from the noise. He let out a sigh of defeat as he made his way towards the elevator door of his lab.

Kat groaned loudly as he stepped through the sliding doors.

How such a small girl's yell can break through soundproof metal walls is beyond me.