Chapter 2

Kat's elevator stopped at the inside of his large cat condo. He stepped out of the cat house, and slowly made his way towards the living room.

As he walked down the stairs he could hear the sounds of Millie's footsteps as she searched through the room.

She's persistent for such a little girl.

Kat sat in the entryway of the living room as he watched her search around the couch. Her body was swung over the back of the couch as she searched behind it. Kat laughed quietly to himself as she almost fell over the back of the couch. He watched as she flaunted around like a mad bird as she tried to keep her balance.

I should probably stop this.


Millie's head shot up quickly to look over the edge of the couch. In her haste to get off the couch she accidentally flipped herself over the edge, causing her to land her head on the other side of the couch. Kat rushed over to her side as her body slowly flopped to the ground.

"Oooww!" Millie groaned loudly. Millie rolled over on her stomach and pushed herself up into a sitting position, rubbing her head tenderly. Kat could hear small whimpering sounds coming from her as she did so.


Kat stepped closer, standing on his back legs he placed his paws on her should to inspect the bump forming on her forehead.

It's going to bruise. It'll hurt but it should be gone by tomorrow.

Millie continued to whimper as she rubbed at the tender bruise on her head.

"Ow, ow, ow," Millie said as she touched it with her finger. Kat sighed softly and swatted her hand away.

She's such a little kid.

Kat looked back at the bruise and then at Millie's teary eyes. He lifted his paw and softly pat her on the head. Smiling to himself he placed three small licks at the top of her head, where the bruise was. Millie smiled at him and stroked him down his back.

"Thank you, Mr. Kat." Millie said. Kat meowed appreciatively and purred happily as his back was stoked. "Let's go find the bruise cream, then we can play outside!" Millie said excitedly, pushing herself up to stand. Kat meowed happily as he was gently picked up from the ground.

"Once we're outside, Mr Kat, we can play with the new tea set Daddy bought me."

Kat's body tensed in her arms.

Oh no.

"And I've got the perfect outfit for you! It's upstairs in my room. You can wear it to our tea party!"

Oh no.

. . .

Kat bared his teeth in a silent growl as a frilly pink dress was shoved over his head and onto his body. It took every ounce of his self control not to rip the dress to pieces as soon as she had taken it out of her little plastic purse.

"Oh, don't you look so cute!" Millie squealed happily.

I look ridiculous.

Unknowing of her pet's thoughts, Millie picked up Mr. Kat and made her way back downstairs towards the backyard.

Kat groaned as he was bounced up and down as Millie skipped her way down the stairs.

Next time, I'm hiding under a rock until she stops looking for me.

As they made their way through the kitchen, Kat lifted his head to take a glance out the door. Coop and Dennis could be seen playing catch out on the yard. Kat tensed as Millie continued to walk closer to the doors.

Oh please don't let those two idiots see me!

Millie happily skipped to the back doors and opened them with a flourish, to which the two boys paid no mind to.

Thank goodness they haven't seen me yet.

"Presenting the glorious, adorable, and intelligent, Mr. Kat!" Millie bellowed. Kat flinched at the volume of her voice and was unhappy to see the two boys turn in their direction. Their faces took on a moment of shock before their expressions broke out into wide grins.

"Nice dress, Kat! Are you applying for the pretty princess position?" Coop said mockingly. Kat's arms tensed tightly as he felt his claws starting to come out.

"Don't mind them Mr. Kat. They're just jealous that you look way better than they ever will." Millie said, sticking her tongue out at the two of them. "That's why neither one of them have girlfriends" Millie whispered into his ear. Kat smirked deviously at her comment.

This girl will grow to have a sharp tongue.

Millie turned her back to the both of them, and with her head held high she walked over to the small plastic tea set up to the right of the patio. The tea set came complete with a small yellow plastic table and two small plastic chairs.

Kat was placed at the opposite end of the table as Millie placed her little bag around the back of her seat. In the distance he could still hear Coop and Dennis snickering at this display.

"Hey Millie." Dennis called from across the yard. "I think Kat's outfit is missing something."

Millie blinked in surprise before raking her eyes over Mr. Kat's appearance. She gasped in realization.

"I forgot the bonnet and matching booties!" Millie said loudly. She quickly grabbed her bag off the back of her chair and hurriedly searched through it.

"I'm sorry, Mr Kat. How silly of me." Millie said as she pulled out four little slippers and a matching bonnet. Kat felt the impulsive urge to run as Millie proceeded to place the booties on his paws.

"Now the bonnet." She said tying the bonnet on his head, forcing his ears to lay uncomfortably flat against his head.

"Now you look perfect!" Millie said happily as she hugged him close.

Now I look as ridiculous as I feel.

Kat could hear the two boys laughing loudly as Millie sat down to pour him a cup of tea.

"Here's some tea," Millie said pointing to the cub she placed in front of him. Kat looked down into the cub, sniffing it. The strong scent of orange infiltrated his nostrils.

Orange juice? Hm.

"Do you like your tea?" Millie asked from the other side of the table. Kat meowed sweetly and bent his head down to drink out of his little cup. Millie smiled at his enthusiasm and began to drink out of hers as well.

Kat could feel the hot sun shining down on him through the thick fabrics of the dress.

I'm forced to wear a thickly layered dress on a hot springs day, while sitting in a plastic chair. Oh what did I do?

Kat groaned quietly as the heat started to cause his stomach to turn. The smell of the odd perfume Millie had sprayed onto the dress was starting to get to him. He was about to run to the nearest tree and hide when his eyes were drawn to a small flashing light from inside the house.

Kat turned his head quickly to see the small light he'd installed on his food bowl flash green, signaling that he had a call waiting for him on his monitor. Kat smirked happily as he let out a breath of air.


He already knew how to leave without drawing Millie's attention.

As Millie drank her "tea" Kat used his nose to slowly tilt the cup forward in his direction, causing the drink to spill all over the sparkly pink dress he wore. The cup fell off the table making a soft clicking noise as it hit the patio floor. Millie looked up from her drink to see Kat staring back at her with the biggest sad puppy eyes he could make.

"Oh, Mr. Kat! Your dress is filthy!" Millie said as she stood from her seat and walked towards him. She quickly lifted the dress off of Mr. Kat and draped it across her arm. "I'll have to find you a new outfit!"

"Don't worry, Mr. Kat. I'll put this in the dirty laundry and be right back!" Millie said, skipping back into the house. Kat smiled happily as he saw the small girl's skipping form disappear into the house.


Kat quickly opened the door and quietly walked his way to the stairs. Making sure not to run into Millie as she skipped to the basement, he quickly sprinted up the stairs. Entering Millie's bedroom he jumped into the entrance of his private labs, breathing a sigh of relief as the elevator door closed with a whoosh.

Kat stepped out of the elevator as soon as the doors reopened themselves and walked over to the monitor screen. He pressed the on button.

"Megan?" Kat asked wide-eyed.

On the other side of the screen sat a small dark purple cat with piercing blue eyes. The cat winked at him and gave him a familiar smile.

"How do I look?" Megan said spinning around. Kat stared at her wide eyed some more before shaking his head to clear his thoughts.

"Perfect. I almost didn't recognize you. Now all we need to do is—what are you staring at?!" Kat asked suddenly. Megan's face was screwed up in a way that looked like she was going to cry from laughing to hard.

"Pft, pff! What the heck are you wearing?!" Megan said before bursting out into a fit of laughs.

Kat looked at her strangely before looking at his reflection in the monitor screen. He growled, annoyed as his reflection came into view. On his paws were still the pink booties Millie had placed on him and on his head sat that atrocious pink bonnet.

Kat angrily ripped the bonnet off his head and lengthened his claws to shred through the booties. Within seconds both were laying in shreds on his laboratory floors.

Glaring down at the remains he could still hear his sister's laughter as she tried to pull herself together.

"Are you done yet?" Kat asked with irritably. Megan raised her paw and took in a deep breath of air before stopping, a single tear shining in her eyes from her laughter.

"OK, I'm done," she said.

"Good. Now as I was saying," Kat said, dragging out the syllables for emphasis. "We will be contacting the Emperor shortly. I need you to put everything I've told you into memory so we can make this sound believable. If we are able to successfully convince him then he may just let me stay on Earth, and then you can stay with me until we are done."

Megan nodded her head in understanding, her back straightening and her eyes narrowing with determination.

"Alright. I remember what you've told me. I put it all to memory as soon as you had said it."

Kat nodded. He had no doubt in his mind that she had already did so.

"Okay. I'll contact the Emperor through a three way call."

Kat pressed one of the buttons on his keyboard and the screen split into two. One side showing his disguised little sister, and the other waiting to be taken up by the Emperor. He could feel his body tense ever so slightly with nervousness.

"Aiden," Megan said softly. He glanced to his sister questioningly.

"It's okay." she said with a reassuring smile. He could feel some of his nervousness float away as he looked at her. Though her appearance was changed, her smile and soft words had stayed the same.

Kat gave her a small nod of thanks before the other side of the screen flashed to life, the figure of a cat coming into view.