Chapter 1.

Hello! My sister started this story for me, her FF name is VAMPGURLINLOVE check her story out ;) i feel weird talking about myself, I do not own anyone that you do not reconize from VA.

Rose P.O.V.

''This court session is now in order, your highness,'' screached Rufus,
''I would like to call upon Guardian Rosemarie Hathaway to bring in the guardian view on the age degree.''
I stood high looking around the court room at my family and friends, then to the royalns into the faces or Lissa, Christian and Adrian.
''The guardians beleve that the age degree is the worst possable thing that could happen to the 16 year old novice's attending accademy's at the pressent, your majastey''
''And how might that be Guardian Rosmarie Hathaway?''
''The students might be prepared with combat and test scores but they need the extra two years to prepare mentaly and emotionaly, killing strigoi is something not many get over easy, its stil taking a life even if they are already dead''
''But you were out killing before graduation Guardin Rosemarie Hathaway''
''Only as I had many months with one of the best as you may know, and i wasn't prepared emotionaly, its due to those around me that I was able to get past it and fight during the attack on the accademy''

Just agree with me already, you dont care about us do you bitch!

''ROSE! DONT SAY THAT AND LISTEN TO HER, so we can get home already'' Lissa screamed in my head.
''-You also took moroi into the battle, whom of which is pushing to have offensive magic appoved'' Queen bitch replied, when I FINALLY lissened to what she was saying.
''Your highness, if I can come up with an alternitive to the age degree, would you be willing to give me time to prepare and invistigate it so we can use the idea and not lose a masive amout of guardians to the on going war we are faced with"

''Hopefully I can get Christian and Adrian to gang up on her to approve with offencive magic'' Lissa remnded me.
''I woulde be willing to give you a month to come up with something" she looked at Rufus then back to me with that sweet grin that made me want to hit her.
"This court session is now ajerned'' Rufus announced and left with Queen bitch.

Sitting back down in my chair closing my eyes I was suddenly attacked by two little monsters, both of whom reminded me of my school years with HIM.
Victoria Maddie Belikov Hathaway and Chris Adrian Belikov Hathaway were standing in front of me with massive grins on their tiny six year old faces

"Mummy, that was amazing'' Victoria told me before jumping onto my lap, pulling Chris up on my knee aswell before hugging them I looked to my parents... yes I said parents.