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Russian Gods P.O.V.

I looked over at Rose as the council meeting was over and smiled at her happy family. Oh how I do wish I was part of that happy family. People could dream couldn't they? I was sad that I gave that up a few years ago. I sighed and walked out of hte council meeting room and just walked around court.
"Why was I such a dickhead a few years ago?" I wispered to myself.
I sighed and walked to the gym and looked in the door to see Eddie holding the hands of Rozas kids watching Roza sparing with Jason someone. (B/N I forgot his last name! Dx oh well.) She pinned him and I mentally whooped and danced. Roza wispered something to him and bearly grinded herself on him. He blushed and said something back to her and she stood up and walked over to Alexandra Conta and took some money from her and walked over to Eddie and her kids. I walked off shaking my head, mentally kicking myself for being such a dickhead.
"Dimka!" I heard Tasha Ozeras voice yell.
I sighed and walked around the corner knowing she'd follow me.
"Hey Tasha" I smiled.
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walking over to me with a flitashious grin apon her scared lips I thought could you make it any more clear that you want me? but she was still my childhood friend and my charge so I had to deal.

"do you want to go somewhere more private?" she asked as she wraped her leg around mine.
no wonder Roza dident like her
"no thanks Tasha" I said stepping back "I have a shift soon" I dident but I dident want to risk beying alone with her, I know she knows compulsion, but she wouldent use it on me... right?