WOW. Chapter five... I've written many storys but never keept going... im running out of ideas and will need help from other people. My Beta needs help with this storys aswell were both out of ideas. And FYI to everyone wondering... VAMPGURLINLOVE is my sister... now... If you dont know any of these people from the Vampire Academy series then they are frigments of my imagination or are close friends... man I wish I owned me a russian god... Now on with the story/random imagination of mine.

Abe P.O.V

Sitting in the room with my one love and family, and my ex girlfriend who just happens to rule the Vampire world in which we are all apart of. Looking at my daughter, then back to my love then to my ex I wonder what if everything would of been diffrent if I only had of stayed with Janie insted of thinking I loved Tatina. I kept in touch with Alberta, Janies best friend since they were five and started school togther at Saint Vlads academy. With making many donations to the school I was kept in the loop about Rosemaries grades and spent two years looking for her and the princess when they dissapered, thats around the time I asked belikov to help me as he was already at the school and was assigned to the princess. Now that I have both of my girls back im going to ask Janie to marry me and continue on the Hathaway/Muzar line, rising at the end of the court session I relised I hadent heard a thing of it. Oh well ill ask Janie later, she would of listened knowing I wassent.