Chapter one

If you're reading this you should have a pretty high security clearance, so I'm going to assume you know about Gallagher academy it's merging with Blackthorne and about the Circle of Cavern. If you don't have high enough security clearance put this covert operations report down, memory loss tea can make you feel like you have a seriously bad hangover, and they will give you a lot of it.


Now I should probably explain who I am, my name is Cameron Anne Morgan but everyone either calls me cam-cam (the reason for that is a whole other story) or Cammie. I am an UN married women with two kids, they are twins Lucinda and Andrew (Luci and Andy) and they are 5 years old. I work for the CIA and am currently their number one agent My best mates are John Jackson (CIA director) Melissa Jane (head of NSA) Louisa May (head of the secret service) Carl Samson (head of FBI) and Mark Lawson (Secretary of state) You may wonder how my life got this way so I will tell you, even if you don't care.

I went to Gallagher academy for exceptional young ladies (a school for spy's in training) My best friends where Liz Macy and Bex we were unstoppable senior year life was perfect we all had incredible hot boyfriends Zachery Goode (mine) Grant Newman(Bex's) Jonas Carter (Liz's) Nick Johnson (Macy's) school was great and we were all on our way to becoming Spy's for the CIA or nerds for the CIA (Jonas and Liz) about a month before term ended we all got letters saying what training camp we were being sent to, that was the moment when my life got flip turned upside down everyone but me got accepted into TC2 (training camp 2) with years of college they would be some of the best in the CIA. I got accepted in Alpha a college to train and mould people into the future leaders of the USA. I was away from my old friends and made new ones while I kept in touch with the old gang they were no longer my closest friends. Zach and I broke up when we 21 we were at different points in our lives, when I came home from a mission I wanted to feel at home and relax Zach was a college kid trying to make the most of the time he had left as, well a kid. By the time that the gang left school I had turned down the deputy directorship and was a single mother of two.

My close friends often describe me as a mother bear and I guess I am. The old Gallagher gang still mean the world to me and so I got John to give them the best, the best missions, time off and work together. The best thing about this set up in my opinion is that I get to know that they are safe and that I can help them if needed. Luci and Andy are better protected than the presidents and a pro of being friends with department heads is that they have great security.

Now you may be wondering about my baby's, well my eldest sister and her husband were both CIA agents they were killed in action, when the kids where only sixteen months old so I became mommy. I never really talked about my sisters in school and only Bex and Zach even knew I had any siblings. My eldest sister Alexandra more commonly known as Alex was twelve years older than me when dad went missing she was already working for the CIA. My other sister Samantha is 9 years older than me. When dad went missing she had just left Gallagher and decided to have a year off to travel. Like Aunt Abby they sort of disappeared after the phone call that destroyed my world. I used to get Post cards every now and again from wherever they were they were always in the code we developed one summer when we where little. Bex and I occasionally used to talk about our families we both knew what it was like not to know where they were or if they'll die tomorrow. Liz didn't understand that she was from a small family farm in Alabama and she always knew where her family where and Macey hated her family and so we didn't talk about it with her. So that is me I'm 26 and I love my life it is a great one I couldn't ask for much more.

Mr. Smith had been deputy director of the CIA for 20 years and had hoping to give me the position after I graduated from Alpha training, he was disappointed when I turned him down, but I enjoyed the field to much to give it up for the boring part of the job. We had a catch up meeting every Thursday at 1:20pm so I was surprised when he called me into his office that lunch time, and even more so when I got there and saw Zachery Goode in his office. He was sat opposite Smiths desk with an empty spot next to him so I sat down next to him raising an eyebrow at Mr. Smith as I did so.

"Good morning Cameron" the use of my full first name made me feel like an unruly teenager no one called me Cameron, what was he going to do next pull the middle name card.
"Good morning Sir, Good morning Zach" I responded
"morning Cammie" Zach smirked that smirk that always made me weak at the knees I smiled back
"now you are would probably wondering why I called you both here"
"yes" we responded in union
"Well you friend Rebecca hasn't led any missions for us and we think she has the ability to, both of you have led many successful missions of varying importance. So we have decided to send you two and operatives Macey, Nick and Grant with Elizabeth and Jonas as technical support. Mrs Baxter would be in charge but if she needed any help you would be there to help, technically you two are in charge of the team's safety but Rebecca would be in charge over all. You would be gone between three to six weeks working on destroying circle cells in Alaska. Elizabeth and Jonas would go with you because of certain firewalls that mean they will have to be there to do what they usually do here. As they both aren't trained you are going to keep similar names to make it easier for them. He gave the usual spiel about the importance of the mission then handed us a copy of our covers, and a summary of the mission.

"You leave on Sunday be here at 10 sharp. You will be notified when you need to be here for wardrobe and your briefing."

Walking out of Mr. Smith's office we stopped in the hallway and I knew I had never got over him nor will I ever.
"Hey Gallagher girl, how have you been"
"good. You?"
"um it's good to see you again it will be nice working with you say hi to everyone for me" I said extremely nervously.
"Sure good to work with you too Gallagher girl see you later."
I walked away feeling weak at the knees knowing that he hadn't been in a serious relationship with anyone since we broke up maybe just maybe he hadn't forgotten about me. This was before I told myself to buck and get on with my life.

I walked into my office it was just 3.5 meters down the hall. It's A corner office with special windows that made so I could see out but others couldn't see in. (they just saw an empty office) Sitting there at my desk was John.
"Hey mate" I said.
"I think you'll find its Sir."
"Really I think you'll find this is my office you cheeky bugger"
"Fine fine you win. I gave you that mission, well your friend is leading a mission, with her friends, now I know you didn't mean you but I also know you wish you where her friend again. She is being called into Smith's office now then you all will meet at the airport on Sunday and Louisa and I will babysit the kids"
"Thanks John" He got up gave me a small hug
"No Prob" and with that he walked out the door.

I looked at the Manila folders Smith gave me and began to study them I had two days to memorize everything in here.

Agent Cameron Anne Morgan's cover
Mission: 3496
Operation: Snow cloud.

Summary page

Name: Camilla Len Parks more commonly known as Cammie or Cam
Aged: 22
Date of Birth: 14th January 1989
Mother: Jessica Mariel David (maiden name Len RE married to Samuel David)
Farther: Mark Stanley Parks (deceased)
Pre-School: N/A (Had Nanny's)
Primary School: St Matthews Christian school
High school: St Margret's finishing school For privilege Young ladies
University: Harvard university English literature
Occupation: Independently wealthy
Religion: Christian Baptist though not a regular church goer
Relationship status: Long term boyfriend Zacharias Smith(Zach)
Background information on relationship: low self-esteem and lack of confidence in self, She is very reliant on those around her to make her feel good about herself and needs to have the attention of Zach if she doesn't have his attention then she will do whatever it takes to get it. PDA is needed for her to feel good and tries to be as close to Zach as possible at all times she is very jealous and feels threatened easily. Zach does what he can to make her feel less threatened by being as affectionate as the situation allows.
Friends: Rebecca Samson (Rebecca Baxter) Macey Clearwater (Macey McHenry) Grant Sean (Grant Newman) Nicolas Harrison (Nick Johnson)
Relationship with friends: very close with the girls although they tend to push her into situations she wouldn't normally want to get in. Very Close with Nick as understands the loss of a father
Relationship with family: Has never forgiven her mother and step father for their affair and let's this known with her interactions with her.

Personality: Facade: Slutty, up herself attention seeker with far too much money Reality: Shy, loyal book worm.
Dress: Revealing and outlandish.
Make-up: Black eye liner, Lash lengthening Mascara, Red Lip stick, Blusher, foundation and concealer. Eye shadow light green
Hair: Curly near ringlets Bottle blonde (naturally brown) but straitens it.
Eye colour: Green eye's
Skin: Light with freckles (try to cover up)
Likes: Peace and quiet though pretends to be a party girl. Reads allot and enjoys personal time with friends and/or boyfriend Vodka cruisers Pizza
Dislikes: being completely alone, loud noises, Corona beer, Chilli and tomatoes
Reason for being in Alaska: going away with friends for a skiing vacation for what they think is ruffling it.

They're where pages on my mum and dad my friends apparently I met the girls at high school and the boys in college we are all rich society kids. The other girls are all similar to my facade with different realities, the boys are stereo typical stuck up rich kids again with realties that differ from the facade.

I left my office at 2:20 to go pick up Andy and Luci from school it was their first week and I just can't believe that they grow up so fast they have already hacked into the Mongolian embassy and now they have started school. Walking out of the office I heard Liz's southern twang
"So what does Mr Smith want to talk to Bex about?"
I would love to stop and listen but my baby's need me to pick them up walking out of the building I saw the head office behind me and continued to walk straight down the road after about 45 minutes of walking I arrived and saw Luci and Andy sitting on the top step while the other kids where playing tag and riding bikes.
"Mommy" they both cried
"Hello" I crouched down on the ground and they ran into my arms. taking one of their hands each I started walking them home.
"So how was school?"
"Terrible it was boring and we didn't even learn anything"
"well what did you study"
"we learnt about full stops and finger spaces, got read a really boring story coloured in and did addition to 5"
"well did you learn what the kids in your class are called? Where the bathroom is?" they both nodded
"then you learnt something then. I know it's boring, you just have to give the other kids time to catch up."
"OK mummy but will you still teach us stuff at home" Luci said
"Of course I will"
"Good" Luci started to skip beside me and spin under my arm and we all laughed. When we finally got home my kids put their bags away and got the homework I set them yesterday they where translating a conference in Florence last month every member was now in CIA custody thanks to me and I must say I am proud of myself. I started to cook white chocolate chip pancakes with blueberry sauce and banana's Andy just had plain white chocolate pancakes Luci had pancakes and blueberry sauce and I had white chocolate chip pancakes blueberry sauce and banana's, which according to both of them is totally disgusting. I put on some Wham! Wake me up before you go girl and if you don't know it you tube it like now! My dad use to love this music it reminded me of times when I was young dancing in our kitchen. Luci and Andy walked into the kitchen and started dancing with me Luci was spinning under my arm when Andy held out his hands in away Madame Daphne would be proud of.
"May I have this dance"
"why yes you may kind sir" I ducked under his arm spinning and so did Luci he spun us and we danced around the kitchen having a blast while I cooked. When lunch was eventual done we sat down to eat the language of the meal was Spanish Cuban accent and dialect. (Yes I do make my kids change accents and language like this it will help them when they go to Gallagher academy for exceptional young adults.)
"Hey guys I'm going to be working I leave on Sunday."
"How long will you be gone mommy?"
"Between three to six weeks. Uncle John and Auntie Louisa will take care of you. You will behave for them won't you?"
"Yes mummy of course we will"
"So paper scissors rock who gets to choose who gets to choose where we eat tonight." They did paper scissors rock and Andy won.
"La Tandor" he always choose La Tandor