Chapter 3

At 6:30 my alarm clock blared, Luci and Andy were both asleep in my arms, something that only seamed to happen the night before a mission. I really didn't want to get up but I knew that I had to. It always took a long time to get the kids ready right before I had to go away, they would drag the feet and needed help with things that they didn't usually did on their own. After having finally gotten them dressed packed and fed, we piled into the car. Andy seemed more nervous than usually and wouldn't let go of Luci's hand, I would have to deal with than once we got to my office.

Piling up the stairs to my office John was already sitting on the couch waiting for us Luci and Andy gave him a hug before re-attaching themselves to my sides.
"Well do you guys want to watch a movie before mommy has to go?"
"Uh huh" Luci said with a toothy grin. Andy merely nodded into my side.

John put on Shrek and we cuddled on the couch until I had to go with hugs and kisses all around I striated my clothes and left the room this was always the hardest bit leaving my little ones behind and putting on the mask of indifference that I had to wear. I walked into the deputies' office. Before the start of every mission I have to in here and get reminded that if I said yes to the job them I wouldn't have to leave. It's a choice that I will always wonder on. The Gang was already sitting in the office chatting, Liz looked petrified not surprising considering she's new to field work.

Zach P.O.V

After Seeing Cammie she was all I could think about anything else, I never stopped loving her and I felt so guilty that I hadn't been there for her all those years ago that.

I should probably explain a bit about myself. I am Zachary Carlos Goode. I am 26 year old male with brown hair, Emerald green eyes, broad shouldered, muscular And an assassin slash spy. I went to Blackthorne institute for boys a school for assassins in training. It merged with Gallagher academy for exceptional young ladies a school for spy's renamed Gallagher academy for exceptional young adults when we came.

I was dating a girl named Cameron Morgan the chameleon the girl that could disappear. The girl that's dad had gone on a mission and never came back. My roommates were dating her roommates and together we ruled the school, until the letters came. My roommates, Cammie's roommates and I got put in training base 1 in 5 years we would be some of the top CIA operatives or nerds. Cammie got put in Alpha in 2 years she would be one of the top operatives and well on the way to being an official leader. She broke up with me when I was still in Training base she had already left her base. She was mature I was immature that was the way it was but I never forgot her I have loved since I first laid eyes on her I could never get over her and this mission I was going to win her back.

I had a messed up child hood my dad left my mom when he found out she was pregnant he hadn't wanted anything to do with a child. My mother had loved my father and had blamed me for her loosing the only person she had ever loved and ever did love. She had beaten me repeatedly and had forced me to kill from an early age as soon as she was able to she dropped me off at blackthorn where she left me until she found out that I was in love with a target of hers Cammie. So she dragged me around the country trying to kidnap Cam more as a punishment for me than anything else, for what? You may ask, for being alive.

I just found that Cammie has two kids twins five years old one with my hair colour one with my eye colour. Five years ago Cam and I were dating so either she cheated on me or I have two kids that I have never met. Isn't that great news (Note sarcasm).

I had always wanted kids so I could show them the love I never had. I don't want my kids if they are my kids to think I was like my dad. Allot of my early memories are of terrible moments. I still wake up in the middle of the night having remembered something that had happened to me when I was young. I remembered allot from then and I know that even if I came into their life's now they would remember a time without me or maybe Cam has moved on and they already had another dad and they would remember a time that the other guy was there only dad.

"Oh my gosh. Cammie." Liz rushed over to Cam and hugged her tightly Cammie hugged her back and laughed.
"Same old Lizzie you look beautiful by the way." Then she went over and hugged Macey
"How have you been?" Macey asked not quite letting go of Cam.
"Good. You?" She hugged the girls asking how they were they and greeting the guys with a peck on the cheek, until she got to me.
"Hey Zach. How you been?"
"Good. I am guessing by the fact that everyone else has asked how you were your good."
"Yes I am how did you know?" she said with fake shock.
"Spy" I said pointing at myself smirking.
"Gosh you still do that?" She said
"Well considering I just did you should have known I still do that."
"It was a rhetorical question, they both were actually. Honestly you call yourself a spy and you can't even notice a rhetorical question." She laughed and so did and it was just like the good old days. I want her back I'm ready for the stability she wanted and I love her with all that I am, but now thing have to be complicated.
"We should probably sit down the deputy director will be here in a second." Everyone immediately sat down.
"How do you know?" I asked her.
"To quote a friend of mine 'that is for me to know and you to never find out.'"
"I hate it when he says that." Mr. Smith
"I love it because. He then get's really annoyed when I find out or get him to tell me."
"No surprises there." He laughed and so did Cam and the rest of us where just sitting there like what the hell. "Now I believe we have a briefing to get on with your covers are on the plane printed on evaporating paper you all know how it works so I don't need to explain that your suitcases are in Miss Morgan's office, he insisted" He looked at Cammie as he said this last part. I have no Idea what he insisted means. "A car will meet you outside to drive you to a private air field where you will be in the air for 72 hours and will eventually land in Vancouver. Where you will collect your cars and drive to the house you are renting it is just outside of the city a five minute drive to the bars and clubs which your covers insist you go to but far enough away from the city that you can talk if there are no bugs in your house. Your mission objective will be in at the back of your new revised covers. How you do this is up to agent Baxter. You are of course free to go you need to collect your luggage from Agent Morgan's office." We all got up to leave obviously having been dismissed. "Cam you honestly have him wrapped around your little finger. Actually that is wrong you have all of them wrapped around your little finger, you are probably one of the most powerful and knowledgeable people in the world."
"I didn't ask him to do this Luci probably did though" What the hell powerful people in the world who's wrapped around her little finger. Please explain someone.
"You'll see later" Mr Smith said
"I'm sorry what sir?"
"Who's wrapped around her little finger but I assure you, you will know who they are."
"Of course Sir."
"You going to the Connie's birthday next month?"
"Should be hopefully you will to. I believe Miss Baxter's team can manage it. I believe in you all of you."

Cammie P.O.V

I am glad I get to be working with Zach but I am also very annoyed about it. I mean he obviously knows about Luci and Andy, Bex and Grant would have told him about them but what do they think, would he be upset I mean right now he probably thinks I either had his kids without him knowing, or cheated on him. So he probably isn't my biggest fan.
"To your office Cam and then you have some explaining to do."
"Sure follow me."I walked down the hall and into my office. When they saw my office they looked kind of shocked I have the 3rd best office in the C.I.A and the best out of all field agents. I saw John sitting on the couch with Luci and Andy still watching the movie.
"Mommy." They ran up to me and hugged me very tightly.
"Hello my beautiful angels. Hi John."
"Don't I classify as a beautiful angel?" he said in a shocked tone.
"I'm hurt." I gave him a hug and a kiss in the cheek. As I hugged him he pulled me closer and whispered in my ear
"Andy's worried about your safety he overheard some talk in the office" Andy's strange behaviour made sense now.
"Why did you call me back? I mean I don't mind but why?"
I bent down "what is it hun?"
"You forgot to pinkey promise" I almost burst out laughing right there. My daughter held up and important mission because I forgot to pinky promise.
"I'm sorry baby" I held out my pinky fingers to both of them and kissed their cheeks. I pinky promise that I will be back here as soon as I can."
"Aunty Bex" Luci cried out and soon she was giving a hug to Bex. Andy stayed in my arms and I ended up holding him he gave a shy wave and then put his head in my neck. Luci was whispering something to Bex and John was talking with the others. This was working quite well.
"beep beep" a watch alarm went off signalling the car was here