I thought I could save them from luthor but when I did he killed them anyways. But I'm getting ahead oh my self let me introduce my self first, I am spirit Ookamison of superman and wonder women.

Let me explain I was a test subject from luthor in order to see if he can have the perfect solider. He some how took sperm from superman and a fertilized egg from wonder woman. After he placed the sperm in the egg he put inside of my human mother, a dark skinned women named tayuya no last name. She was luthor's old friend and after she raised me for 14 years, 14 fucking years he kills her right in front of me with electricity. After that all my powers including the one's he gave me were unleashed, but all I did was punch him and took my mothers body out of there.

I buried her in her favorite place to take me, the garden me and her grew together right under the lone sakura tree that I planted. So after deciding to train my powers that I find out who really were my parents, so for two years I had trained in all of the powers given to me, and also met some girls that truly like me.

But that changed when Lex luthor and the other villains fought the justices league and it was down to super man ( in space by the sun), wonder woman, batman, flash, cyborg, and hale Jordan the green lantern. Facing off against luthor, circus, joker, death stroke, and dark adam.


Hale is fighting dark adam is currently beating him. Batman and cyborg are concentrating fire on luthor who is using a force field. Wonder woman is fighting a robot at the moment and kicking major ass. Then after she beats the robot things go to hell when death stroke stole her lasso, circus attacked her from behind death stroke. Dark adam has hale on the ropes and is about to destroy the ring, when flash was almost there adam yelled "SHIZAM" and killed hale and the flash. After the blast death stroke had caught batman with wonder woman's lasso and proceeded to beat batman. The joker saw this after getting up and said, "no one kills batman but me!" with that declaration he shot a rocket that killed batman and death stroke. When luthor picked up wonder woman he yelled bring him to me and started to electrocute her she started to scream and it awoke me. Her scream woke up the king of twilight.

this is my first try and need a beta to help with the rest. comment or flame dont matter just give me some idea if I'm doing good or not.