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Chapter 1

Ty P.O.V.

Ah! This day cannot get any worse! I thought while walking down the Chicago streets headed towards krustys. I just found out I failed my math final. I got rejected for a dance commercial I would have been great at. And I just found out I'm gay. What else is gana get thrown at me. I was walking past an abandoned lot. The next thing I knew I felt something. Something weird. I just can find the right words to describe It. Like something was calling me but I couldn't hear anything. Nothing. I started walking towered this empty lot. As I got closer I felt the feeling get stronger. Here we're all these cars that were crushed and stacked on top of each other. I turn a corner and see a something under a black blanket. I go closer and that feeling gets stronger. Under the blanket was. A guy. A naked Guy.!The blanket had a weird white gothic cross on it. The blanket reached from his waist to his knees. I soon as I laid my eyes on it that weird feeling vanished. I crouched down on the Side of him and started shaking him.

"Hey dude wake up". I got closer and got a real good look at him. He had Black hair with blonde highlights. His skin was pale and his ears were pointy. They looked like elf ears. His lips were pink and kinda like deuces were. He looked like one of those pretty boys like gunther.

"Hey you ok? Come get up." I shouted. I was getting ready to call an ambulance but that feeling came back. Something tells me calling the ambulance wasn't a good idea so I did the next best thing. I Lifted him up put him over my shoulder and carried him to my apartment.

Travel skip Ty's room.

No one was home yet so I got him inside my room and tucked him in my bed. He was sleeping peaceful. I felt tired from having a long horrible day so I grabbed a pillow, locked the door and laid on the floor and fell asleep.

Time skip 8:00 P.M.

I fluttered my eyes open only to be staring the stranger face to face him top of me with a big smile on his face.

"Ahhh!" I yelled surprised that he was on top of me pining me to the floor

"Hey! Master you sure do sleep a lot don't you!. The stranger said in a cheery voice

"What master? Who are you? And why are you on top of me.?"

"Oh my bad I'm just so happy that I finally get to met you after all these years" he said while we were both standing up.

"Wait what do you mean after all these years?" I asked confused. Then my face got red. I just realized this guy was still naked.

"Um can you cover yourself please!" I said trying real hard not to look.

"why? I feel really comfy. Why are you covering your eyes? You obviously want to look so go ahead you can look. You can even touch me if you like too" he said all innocently and naively

I started To blush really bad when he said that. I took one peak and I got an instant erection. He had a thin athletic body with a six pack. His nipples were hard and pink. His chest was smooth and i could see his pelvic bone. He was hairless all but his crouch. His cock had to be at least 7 inches and it was ready to go if you know what I mean.

"Oh hey Master do you need help with that. The stranger said while pointing at my crouch.

"Don't worry I know how to fix that." he said cheerful almost like a little kid

He stepped closer and crouched down and unbuttoned my pants and took off my jeans and my boxers in one motion.

"Wait stop I'm not going to do this wit someone I just meEEEt AHHHHH!"

I was too late he already took my full cock in his mouth. My legs got weak and I fell on my bed. I was lying down while this kid was licking the head of my cock and gently biting it.

"Ssssss ahhhhh muhaaaaa" I moaned

He was moving his head up and down my dick Lick down my shaft. He put his left hand on my thigh and his right on my stomach using his middle finger to play with my belly button. His mouth was so warm . He swirls my cock in him mouth and sucks real hard for maxima pleasure .My moans got loader and loader . I couldn't take it anymore.

"I'm GonnA cum IM GOnnA CuM I-m a Ahhhhhhhhh!" I yelled as I released my seed in his mouth.

He simply swallowed it and wiped his mouth with his hand and licked the rest that was left on his hand.

"You taste really good master. Well did I make you feel good?" he simply asked. I pulled up my pant and stood up I was blushing really hard. He sat on my bed and waited for my answer. I can't believe that just HAPPEND!. I only just found out I'm gay and I get a blow job from a complete stranger? How does something like this happen?

"Ok it's time you tell me who you are now!" I demanded

"huh? Ohhhhh! I thought they would have told you by now." he said rather confused.

"Know what!" I yelled

"I'm your magic elf servant!" he said cheerfully

I was stunned at his response.

"My what?" I said

"Your magic elf servant" he said with a smile

"No way are you bullshiting me right now?" I said skeptical

"No. Here I'll prove it. "He said.

He closed his eye. He looked like he was concentrating real hard. Then and orange glowing circle with an array appeared on his belly. The gothic cross was in the center but in orange.

He opened his eyes and said

"See this is the spell that binds me to this world and you!" he said happy

I was just in shock a real life magic elf. This is crazy.

"Ok you know what here put on some cloths." I handed him some underwear a pair of shorts and a tank top. He did what I asked him to do. He put them on and sat right back down on my bed

"Ok let me get this straight you're a magic elf that's my servant" I asked still unsure

"Yep pretty much"

"How old are you?" I asked

"15 I was created one year after you were born" he said happy

"Wait you were created? Ok tell me everything about you and what the hell is going on"

"Um ok. Well I was created to serve you. Not many people get the honor to get an elf servant. They are picking ever so hundred year. Usually they are the people that help humanity recover after the world ends."

"Wait wait wait hold on. THE WORLDS GANA END!" I yelled

"Ya ya hold on master I'm getting to that." he said

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