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Ty's P.O.V

Son of a bitch so 2012 is real! Oh well deuce owes me 20 buck but that's beside the point. I only got a year to prepare! What am I gana do. I thought.

"Uh Ty are you ok. You ain't lookin to good" maxxie asked

"y-ya I'm fine I'm just surprised about the date that's all." I said

"Why what's so special about the date?" maxxie said confused

"I- never mind I'll tell you later." I simply said

"kk" maxxie said happily.

I find it weird that he can go from serious expression to that of a naive eight year old. Well? Come to think of it Flynn acts more mature then maxxie. We entered the pizzeria. It was packed. And I mean like subway packed on a work day.

"Hey! Guys over here!" rocky said from a booth where she and deuce and cece were sitting at

"Oh look it's your sister!" maxxie said while walking to the booth.

As we approached the booth i grabbed an extra chair so maxxie could sit in the booth next to deuce. I have to say I was a bit nervous. I mean who wouldn't be nervous to introduce them to a real life elf that is here to help me save humanity. I mean they might think we're both crazy.

"Hi everyone my name is maxxie!"

He announced

"h-hi maxxie I'm Deuce Martinez." deuce said a bit taken back.

"And I'm cece jones" she simply said

"So maxxie you got a last name?" deuce asked

"Um? Ya it's um -" maxxie was trying to think real hard. He started looking around and then stopped to look at me.

"Ya um- its Ty-son. Ya Tyson. Maxxie Tyson." maxxie said crossing his arms with a satisfied look on his face.

I was just. I don't even have a word for it. There was no way they were going to believe that. I thought

"That's so cool it's like you and Ty were meant for each other!" cece said in amazement.

"So rocky told me you and Ty are dating so where'd you guys met? " deuce asked

"Wait wait hold on you don't sound at all surprised by that at all." I said

"I read your diary." deuce simply said with a smile on his face.

"HEY! First of all it's a journal and second of all is nothing privet anymore."I said outraged

"I read it two and I think Flynn and Henri did too."cece said

"I -I uh! You know what I don't even care anymore.".I Said

"Anyway like I was saying before drama queen over here interrupted. Where'd you guys meet? Deuce said

"In a junk yard" maxxie said innocently.

"Really?"They all said in unison

Oh crap I gota do damage control. I thought.

"Um ya I was trying to get some part for my car and I saw him just walking around and ya the rest is history" I lied

"Wow that's so random" cece said

"What were you doing in a junkyard maxxie?" rocky asked

Maxxie looked like he was Caching on what I was doing so he stated lying to

"Um I was just um well I have no idea. I was just taking a walk. I didn't even know where I was until Ty snapped me out of my daze heh." maxxie said with a smile and an awkward laugh

"Wow this is all kinda hard to believe" rocky said kinda suspicious.

"Ya well I guess it was fate heh" I said nervous rocky might see right through me.

"Hey rocky can you come with me to the bathroom" cece asked

"Why?" rocky simply said

"Come on please you know I hate going to the bathroom alone." cece pleaded

"Fine" rocky said rolling her eyes.

They both got up and headed to the bathroom

"So hey did you guys here that vamp ninja killer 4 is coming out dis week!" deuce said excitedly.

"Holy crap really! Man I don't no if I'm going to be able to afford it though." I said kinda disappointed.

"what's vamp ninja killer 4?" maxxie asked confused

Deuce immediately gasped in disbelief. Hell I'd be gasping too if I didn't know why he's never heard of the game.

"You don't know about the most awesome game on da planet!" deuce yelled

"n-no?" maxxie said unsure what to say.

"Ok then dis is where I will start your lessons. I'm going to teach you every single thing you need to know about vamp ninja killer. Starting off with the arcade game we have in da game room." deuce said getting up and grabbing maxxie by the wrist before maxxie could even say anything.

"you don't mind if I take your boy friend right Ty?" deuce asked.

"naw go right ahead" I said with a smile

The look on maxxie's face was priceless. He looked confused and scared.

Time skip

We had ordered two pizza and One of them had just arrived. The first to come out was a meat eater. Not one trace of green in sight. The other we orders was a small vegetarian pizza that rocky had ordered for herself. She was a vegetarian and a very stricken one at that. The first and last time she ate meat was the giant meatball she ate. Now she very careful not to ever eat meat ever again. Deuce and maxxie were coming back from the game room as soon as the food got here. Deuce literally has a nose like a hound dog.

"mmmmmm smell so good aw man am I hungry." deuce said while drooling.

They both slid in to the booth.

"So deuce how'd maxxie do on the game?" I asked

"Dude your boyfriend is the coolest! He totally kick ass at vamp ninja killer. He's a natural!" deuce said enthusiastically.

"Really?" I said shocked

"Ya well i guess I'm a fast learner." maxxie said with a smile

"hey maxxie you and Ty should come and spend the night at my place and we can all play vamp ninja killer 4 when it comes out dis week." deuce suggested

"I don't thin-" I started

"OK!" maxxie interrupted

I was surprised he said yes. It's not that I don't want to go. Im just a little worried with the whole elf thing.

"Ok let's dig in!" cece announced

Everyone except rocky and Maxxie grabbed a slice. I knew why rocky didn't want one. She was just waiting for her pizza. But I don't know why Maxxie didn't want any. By the look in his eyes he looked absolutely terrified by it.

"Whats wrong you don't like pizza?"deuce asked

"n-no I j-just c-can't eat m-eat" Maxxie said shuddering.

"Oh yay another vegetarian! Never let him go Ty" rocky said excitedly

"Ya that's why I can't eat m-meat" Maxxie said like he was hiding something

A waitress came over and place Rockys pizza on the table.

"Don't worry Maxxie you can have some of my pizza" rocky offered with a smile.

"U-um ok you sure it doesn't have m-meat in it" Maxxie said like his life dependent on it.

"Don't worry I made sure." rocky reassured him.

"o-ok" Maxxie said still unsure

Maxxie got a slice and took one bite. His face intermediately lit up.


"Wow you act like you never ate pizza before" cece said

"Heh it's that good" Maxxie simply said

I noticed a clomp of sauce on Maxxie's chin.

"Oh hey Maxxie you got a little something right here" I said pointing to my chin.

"Huh oh" he wiped the other side of his chin

"No here" I said while grabbing a napkin and whipping his chin for him

"Thank you Ty" Maxxie said all innocent and happy

"Oh excuse me I have to go to the bathroom" Maxxie said as he got up and went to the bathroom.

"Aw Ty it so cute how you baby your boy friend." rocky said

"What! I do not." I said

"What was with the whole napkin thing huh?" cece asked with an eyebrow raised.

"U-um that was just um"

"Now I know why Ty likes him." deuce said

"Why?" we all said in unison

"Who's you daddy" deuce simply said

"Ha that's it isn't" rocky said

"Um I " was all I could say

"Hey it's cool. We all want to feel needed. But remember he's a nice guy .so be careful." cece said

"Ya and he kicks ass at vmk." deuce add

"and a vegetarian" rocky add to that

"Ya ya I -" I started

"HEY TY WHAT'S UP" Ronda said.

Ronda was your topical preppy girl that wore way to much make up and was stuck up and ever thing you could possibly think of in a popular girl. She was a stereotypical white girl who had blond hair and blue eyes. Everyone at the table hated her. I didn't have a reason to hate her... Yet.

"Hey Ronda what up." I said politely

"Well Ty you have the extreme honor of being my new boy friend."

"More like horror" deuce joked

"No one asked you eyebrow freak!" Ronda said in a hateful way.

"Hey don't call him that! And besides I'd sooner give up dancing then go out wit you."

"What! Why!" she said outages

"Hey everyone what's going on?" Maxxie asked coming back from the bathroom.

"Because I'm dating him" I said proudly

"What!" Ronda simply said

"Ya I'm well- gay ya gay" I said proudly

"No Unacceptable! A hot guy like you can't be gay that's just a waist. This isn't over! I always get what I want. So help me got you will be mine."

And with that she stormed off, bumping into Maxxie on purpose. Maxxie just looked at her leaving and said.

"What just happened?"

"Nothing you have to worry about. Come on lets jus finish eating" I reassure him

"Ok if u says so." Maxxie said happy while sliding into the booth so we could finish eating


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