Fifteen year old Sage hesitated at the door when she saw who it was. The only thing between the person she feared and herself was a thin piece of glass that he could easily shatter with just a light kick. She turned away and started to run for the front door but there on the other side stood his best friend Peter. Peter was 6'2 and had short cropped blonde hair. He stood there and intimidated her as he looked right into Sage's very soul. She turned and ran up the stairs toward the open two-story high window. She hesitated though as she thought about her newborn baby sister in the room right across the hall. She grabbed her sister Bailey right when she heard the door downstairs shatter. She took Bailey and hid her in the closet among the stuffed animals her sister adored. Sage stood straight as she heard the door open. She knew what these guys wanted and she would die with pride and dignity as she held her wand out and tried to defend herself. These guys had no recollection of the newborn in the closet and that's what kept Sage fighting, for her sister. Bailey stared out of the creak in the door as she saw her sister crumble to the ground. She waited for the men to leave then started to ball and sob into the purple elephant she was placed upon. Their father Sirius came home to see his oldest daughter's dead body sprawled across the nursery floor. Sirius had lost his wife and now his oldest. Remus, Sirius's best friend came up quickly behind him and had tears trickling down his face then it dawned on Remus that the youngest child was missing. Sirius rushed to the closet knowing his eldest daughters thoughts and found Bailey there crying. He held her tight to his chest and slowly walked down the stairs leading outside. The two men and baby walked to the hospital where Bailey was cheeked out and found unharmed.