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Guess How Much I Love You

Angela turned to him desperately "Hey, hey. Have I ever told you how wonderful your voice is? It's like hot tea and honey. Any child who has a father with a voice like yours is just…" her voice trails off.

Hodgins immediately continues the speech to reassure her. "Have I ever told you how good your smell and how soft your skin is? And how every time you take my hand, I feel your whole life vibrating with mine" he whispers bending close to whisper in her ear, stroke her hair, and then kiss her forehead.

Dr. Banno watched them in amazement. She could practically feel the energy in the air, the life spilling over, crackling. "My God. You're going to be wonderful parents no matter what happens" Dr. Banno forces herself to speak.

The young parents look up at her in surprise as if they had forgotten they were not alone. Dr. Banno looks at the innocence on their faces, the shining excitement held in their eyes. She has seen similar people shattered after the newborn was not all they had hoped for. A final pregnancy that led to another boy after 5 sons, babies with down-syndrome, babies stillborn, the pain could rip a couple apart. But after all that pain she still glanced up from the chart she had been staring at blankly. She drank in the happiness in the room as the raven-haired almost mother, Angela, kissed the blue-eyed almost father, Dr. Hodgkins? Hodgins? The labor progressed smoothly as did delivery and then it was over. Dr. Banno held a screaming baby boy, a package of hope.

Angela was exhausted but she forced herself into a seated position. Her voice was choked up as she desperately asked "Is he". The look in the doctor's eyes, complete remorse, stopped her from completing her question. Angela fell back against the pillows and swallowed back a sob. Then she sat up again reaching for the baby. The Dr. Banno handed him over carefully. Angela unwrapped the blanket and counted ten fingers and ten toes. She kissed the top of his head, "It's your mommy, Michael. I already love you more than anything in the whole world".

Jack leaned in and stared at his face, light brown hair, and pale blue eyes that matched his own. "He's beautiful Ange" Jack whispered wrapping his arm around her. Angela nodded stroking her fingers along the edge of his face.

The doctor reached for the baby and Angela reluctantly handed him over. "Go with him Jack" she begged worriedly.

Jack nodded and kissed her lightly, "You bet babe".

A little over an hour later the doctor had given Jack the all clear to show him to their friends. Michael was perfectly healthy in every other respect. Jack was pacing in Angela's small hospital room. "What do we tell them?" he asked her.

Angela looked into the crib Michael was sleeping in. "I don't know" she said softly blinking back tears.

Jack paused in mid-stride. "Hey, hey" he comforted "We can do this".

Angela nodded and reached up for a hug. She leaned against him and stared at their baby, their baby. "Tell them we're over the moon happy, shout it from the rooftops happy. Totally, completely in love with him already. That we can't wait to bring him home" Angela said quickly, surprised to find she meant every word.

Jack nodded and picked him up cradling him gently. "I guess I'll have to learn to play the piano" Jack smiled leaving the room.

Jack came into the waiting room and was soon surrounded by the team. Brennan was watching him the most eagerly, Sweets pushing his way into the circle. "Meet Michael Joseph Hodgins" he proclaimed proudly. Everyone congratulates him loudly. Booth thanks him with a grin. The noise wakes up Michael who stirs and blinks sleepily. Brennan's eyes narrowed and she opened her mouth. Jack quickly cut her off, paraphrasing Angela's earlier speech. He then grabbed Brennan by the elbow and pulled her after him. "She's been asking for you" he offers as an explanation. Brennan resists at first and grumbles before urging him to walk faster. Once inside the room Brennan puts her arms out for the baby. Jack looks at Angela and then hands him over. "I couldn't do it" Jack whispers in her ear sitting on the edge of her bed.

Brennan holds her godson and strokes his soft hair. "He's well within the parameters of several golden ratios" she says in awe.

"We think he's pretty adorable too" Ange laughed. She cut her eyes towards Jack. "I think I'll go get a snack" he says quickly getting her message.

"Bren" Ange says drawing her attention from the baby, "Could you come here?" Brennan moves closer to the bed and sits when Ange scoots over.

Brennan looks into her tormented eyes. "He has the gene for Leber's Congenital Amaurosis, doesn't he?" Brennan said saving her the trouble, "His pupils didn't react to the light".

Angela nodded silently reaching for her baby. She rocks him softly and sighs. "I, I love him so much anyways. More than I have ever loved anyone...but I don't know how to explain it to anyone else".

Brennan takes the Michael back and looks down at the baby in her arms, her godson. "I can do it" she offered softly. Angela's eyes lit up for a moment then darkened.

"Does this mean I'm a terrible mom, Bren? For not wanting to tell anyone about it?" Angela says drawing her knees up to her chest.

Brennan shook her head and replied "In many cultures it makes you a good mom, wanting to protect your child. The weakest children would become targets; you just want to stop that. It's a natural instinct". Ange looks at her in sort of a daze. Brennan reaches and tucks a strand of brunette hair behind Angela's ear. "It makes you a great mom" Brennan reiterates staring into Angela's eyes. Angela finally breaks eye contact and nods, reaching for Michael. Jack reenters the room and Brennan excuses herself.

Jack wraps his arm around Angela and smiles. "He's ours" Ange whispers in awe. Michael yawns, his rose pink lips forming a perfect circle.

"He's perfect" Jack agrees kissing her cheek.

She stares at Michael, his bright blue eyes looking towards hers. Angela knows he can't see her, but for an instant it looks like he is looking directly at her. It sends chills down her spine and a connection she can feel in her heart. Angela rubs her nose against his, Eskimo kisses, and Michael scrunches his nose.

"I love you" Jack whispers to the baby.

Angela stares down at him; this was not what she had expected. This was what she had hoped and prayed against every single night. Yet now, if Dr. Banno came back in, to trade Michael for a perfectly healthy baby, Angela couldn't do it. Michael was the perfect combination of herself and Jack. Angela cradled him close and looked into his crystal blue eyes.

"Guess how much I love you" she said softly.

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