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True Strength, Writing His Name in the Stars

Their pediatrician sent them to an ocular expert who ruled that nothing could be done, and sent them to another doctor, who in turn sent them to this specialist. The specialist basically told them they were doing everything right, gave them a bit more advice, recommended they put their name in now for a seeing eye dog, and charged them $2,000. Of course there were clinical trials at places like the Mayo clinic, but no one would take on a child so young.

So now Angela was sitting in a rocking chair in Michael's bedroom. She was holding her newborn son and looking at the murals she had painted on the walls. Trains, bugs, baseballs, all bright, colorful, some of her best work, he would never see them Angela thought crossly.

They were perfect, had taken her hours of labor, as she prayed that one day he would get to see them. How would she ever describe colors to him or why art could move people's hearts… Angela picked Michael up out of his crib and stepped out of the room.

Following the doctor's advice she explained what they were doing, "We're heading down the hall. We are passing the guest bedroom, and your bathroom. We're going into Mommy and Daddy's bedroom. Now we're in Daddy's study. Here's Daddy" Angela ended her running monologue.

"Hey buddy" Jack said turning away from his paperwork. "Ange" he kissed her and took the baby. She turned away and exited the study closing the door behind her.

Ange changed into sweatpants and climbed into their king bed. They loved him so much they set the moon on the edge of his crib and wrote his name up in the stars, but he would never see that.

It was just now hitting her, all the things he would miss out on. He would never be able to play in their woods alone, look under a microscope with Jack, play Little League baseball, or stare up at the stars.

She snuggled deeper into the blankets and closed her eyes tight. But visions of Michael swirled in her head, instead of crying she found herself laughing. She was so blessed to have Jack and Michael in her life. A hand grazed her back and Angela's eyes shot open.

"You okay?" Jack asked worriedly.

Angela looked up at him and her baby boy. They could teach him to reach for that moon and dream about those stars later. Right now, all she had to do was love him.

"Yeah" she answered a hand reaching up to caress his cheek. It was enough for now.

Anyone can give up, it's the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that's true strength.

— Unknown

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