After their first encounters with their crushes the boys made sure to spend a lot of time by their side.

It turned out Castiel's mother was late because her new job entitled her to work from 8 to 5 o'clock instead of from 7 to 4 o'clock as it was previously.

Castiel didn't mind this though. Although he did mind that Mr. Ackles had to meet his mom that day. He had a special relationship with mom and another with Mr. Ackles and he liked to keep them separate. But him mom explained that her new job came with a new schedule so he was happy that they came to an agreement that Castiel was to stay that extra hour in the library under the watchful eye of the librarian.

He didn't mind it at all.

After Dean's first encounter with Mr. Collins he became very connected with the man.

Mr. Collins not only did scold that other kid but made him apologize to him. Although he too had to apologize for beating him, but it was worth it to see that smile on his teacher's face, or so he concluded.

As the school day's past Dean made sure to spend the lunch break my Mr. Collin's side, in his office where he was always given candy, but he had to write his homework, which was the condition Mr. Collins set if he were to spend his time beside him. Dean didn't feel too eager about it at first, but once he put things into perspective, yeah, it was worth it.

It's not to say that the men didn't notice this.

"Mish!" –Jensen exclaimed in an excited manner, relieved to have finally found his husband in the school. Castiel was always reluctant to be left alone, who he not so subtly showed. Whenever Jensen made a trip to the bathroom, or to get coffee, Castiel's head would snap up in an instant a worried look stressing his childish features.

Jensen though didn't mind as he thought he would. The boy looked so small and fragile, he felt a need to cater to him. He reminded him a little bit of Misha, probably why he had a soft spot for the boy.

Although in times like this, when he could hardly see Misha, he felt a bit unnerved. The main peak in working in the same place as your loved one is stolen kisses on the hallways, cheeky smiles from across the room, occasional drop to the office.

Funny how plans always get messed up somehow.

"Jen!"- Misha exclaimed equally excited as he made a stride towards his husband. He hardly found the time to leave the office with Dean there.

He liked the kid, he really did. Reminded him a bit of Jensen, but more in a pouty, energetic version of him. Still, Dean was a good kid. He was just lost, childhood trauma can do that. So he made it his job to make that boy smile, and if staying in his office and writing homework ( which he noted was very productive ) was gonna do that, then so be it.

But he missed his Jensen. He really did. This was one of the rare occasions when he actually got to see him in the school grounds.

As he made his way to him, he hugged him tightly, feeling the other man's arms wrap around him.

"Where've you been? You said you'd come at lunch?" –Jensen said softly as he broke the hug, but still kept his hands in Misha's own. Now he didn't want to sound like the whiny kids they dealt with here, but come on, a promise is a promise.

"The kids are getting to you aren't they?" –Misha responded with a chuckle, mocking Jensen's remark. Nothing got past Misha.

"Misha."- Jensen deadpanned in his 'don't bullshit me and answer goddammit!' face.

"I know I said I'll come but the kid, he just wanted to talk, man, I couldn't bail on him."- Misha explained with his puppy dog eyes set.

"You're too kind Mish." –Jensen smiled at Misha's words. He remembers the boy, Dean. He pulled a fight while he was handing out books. And just as he'd made his way through the crowd to pull it apart, Misha stepped in and carried the boy away.

Later, as Jensen took the other boy to the nurse's office to get cleaned up and checked, Misha stepped in looking absolutely pissed. Jensen had seen that look on Misha's face twice in his partnership with him. Once when they were at a diner and some assholes made a remark on their sexuality, and the second time when he got canned from his previous job in a bookstore. So immediately he knew something was deeply wrong.

He then proceeded to scold the boy, with a rare fury, even shaking a finger at the boy's face.

He came to understand the reason behind the fight, and even though he too felt like scolding the boy, it was time to be the mother hen, and steady Misha, calm him before they lose this job too.

He never really came to meet Dean, but he felt a sort of fondness for the boy. And if Misha liked him then there was no concern in his mind.

"Say's the guy who spends an extra hour at work to wait for a boy's mommy." –Misha replied mockingly with good humor, to which Jensen blushed but chuckled none the less.

"I don't mind it..." –Jensen trailed of, stepping up to defend Castiel. He couldn't help but grow fond of the owlish boy.

"I mind not being able to see you." –Misha spoke in the same manner, hushed words, as he took Jensen's hands in his own, smoothed his fingers over the knuckles.

"Same here..."- Jensen sighed as he took in the comfort his husband offered.

"Wait, I got it!"- Misha surprised Jensen with the sudden exclamation.

"Got what?"- He asked cautiously, because no matter how much he loved this man, he had the most terrible, frightening, daring ideas. Who were also genius, but put the accent on the former.

"How we can spend time with each other!" –Misha responded in that overly excited voice of his, almost glowing with glee, which really shouldn't look cute on a grown man.

"Ok, I'll bite. What's the plan?"


Dean was feeling a little bit sour to be made to leave the office, but still his hand was clutched in the rough hand of Mr. Collins so he couldn't really let himself feel anything but glee. Mr. Collins said he wanted him to meet someone special. So, naturally he agreed, if anyone was special to Mr. Collins he must be amazing!

They walked through the hallways and made their way to the library. Dean's never really been to the library. He liked stories, he did, he just didn't like reading them himself. It felt bothersome, he felt it was much more enthralling when someone else's voice sounding the words.

He looked questionably at Mr. Collins , who just gave him a reassuring smile.

Just as they stepped inside, by the counter in the far corner sat another man. Dean saw him to have a kind of dirty blond hair, noted that he appeared to be bigger than Mr. Collins. The man's head snapped up as the door closed behind them, and a teeth baring smile immediately settled on his face, waving them over enthusiastically.

"That's Mr. Ackles, the librarian. He is the person I was talking about. " –Mr. Collins bent down to Dean's level, and explained in a quiet manner, as there were already some students there reading in quiet.

Dean nodded in understanding, and felt a sudden wave of bashfulness wash over him. If he was special to Mr. Collins then he would have to be really amazing, and he himself, didn't think he was very special. It was intimidating to meet this special man.

"No need to be scared. He's just a loony like me." –Mr. Collins said with a chuckle, and Dean found himself blurting out a giggle, at the statement. He quickly slapped a hand to his mouth remembering to be quiet.

"It's ok. Come on." –Mr. Collins prompted him, and they made their way to Mr. Ackles, who awaited them with a blinding smile.

"So is this the famous Dean Winchester?" –Mr. Ackles crouched down to Dean's level looking welcoming, as Dean noted. He somehow felt a strange bond with this man, noting the freckles that also spotted his cheeks, connecting them to his own.

Dean only nodded, filled with directionless embarrassment.

"Well, I'm Mr. Ackles and I'm the librarian here." –Mr. Ackles said and offered his hand to Dean who eyed it for a moment, remembering his hand was still clutched in Mr. Collins's. He decided to take a leap of fate, and left the reassuring warmness of his teacher's hand and grasped the offered hand. Mr. Ackles shook it with confidence, which Dean noted was how his father taught him to greet people.

"Now, Dean, you see that boy over there?" –Mr. Ackles said, as he pointed to the opposite wall of the room, where a boy had his head slumped in front of a book.

Dean nodded back at the other man, still, feeling too shy to use his voice.

"Well, he's a good buddy of mine, and I think you'd make great friends." –He said with a smile, to which Dean turned back to Mr. Collins seeking his reassurance.

"It's ok. Go meet him. I'll be right here." –Mr. Collins said with a smile and Dean smiled back, getting back the approval he sought, deciding to go meet this particular boy.

Making his way down the tables, he felt a little bit apprehensive. He didn't know this boy, he might turn out to be an ass. But if Mr. Collins said go, and Mr. Ackles is a special person to him, then they have to be right. Right?

He made to stand beside the table, but the boy still didn't leave his book.

Dean decided to try catching his attention, dropping an M&M's bag on the table, the continents landing with a ring.

The boy raised his head at this, a bit startlingly fast, and Dean finally got to see this boy.

But Dean didn't expect his reaction. He felt his chest tighten for a moment, then release as if there was a momentarily stop.

The boy had very soft features, his cheeks were puffy, his lips were pink, plush and parted, his eyes were unusually bright, blue as sky, and his hair was a big disarray, akin to a crow's nest.

He immediately thought this boy to be very pretty, prettier than all the girls in his class.

"Can I help you?" –The boy spoke for the first time, and Dean thought his voice to be very peculiar. His choice of words was also strange. Too polite for a little boy, he thought.

"I, um, I have M&M's. If you wanna share?" –Dean spoke cautiously afraid to scare off the boy with big, unblinking, blue eyes.

"Sharing is good." – The boy said as he scooted his chair to the side, making place for Dean to pull out his own, to sit beside each other.

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