I could feel light warmth on my face, warming my skin by the soft touch of the sun. I began to blink a few times, wanting to try to skip the blurry eyed part of waking up. When I just opened my eyes, the blurry part of waking up is still there.

Annoyed, I began to look around, trying to see my room like usual. I wasn't being paranoid, just curious and normal for me. Everything in my room was the same I guess. I tried to move my arms, but then stopped. They were being held down by something.

Scared, I began to blink rapidly to get rid of the blurriness. Once it was gone, I looked down and saw an arm around my waist and holding onto one of my hands. The was holding onto something fuzzy yet soft. I shot up from my bed, now sitting up straight. I looked to my right and then saw someone stirring. No, this wasn't someone, this was Izaya Orihara.

Instantly, my memories began shooting back up about everything that went on yesterday. He moved his head off the pillow and let go of me. He rubbed his eyes and then looked at me with a plain, emotionless face. He observed me for just a second, and instantly his casual smirk came back on his face.

"Ahhh, good morning Rio~chan." he said in a quiet, content voice. He began to stretch his arms above his head as I just looked at him, simply a bit astonished. Oh yah, I slept with him last night, wait not like that! Not at all like a perverted sense. I shook my head at that thought, feeling like a pervert. A soft blush came on my face.

"What are you doing in my bed?" I asked Izaya. He smirked even more, I could tell he just knew I was going to say that. He then lean in close to me and hugged my waist close to him. He laid his head on my stomache.

"I wanted to be with you 3!". I froze a bit and didn't know how to react. I still can't believe any of this is true, everything that happend. I put my hands up to my hair and gripped onto my hair tightly, but careful of not ripping any hair out. What am I to do? Should I tell him to leave? I don't want him to leave though, damn what am I saying?

After a few seconds, I felt my hair getting lose. A bit confused, I felt my pigtails and notticed the hairties were coming out. A bit annoyed, I pulled them out and let my hair down. Hmmm, surprisingly my hair wasn't even knotted at all. It was like it was still brushed. As stupid as that is, that did make me feel a bit better.

"Awww, I have never really seen you with your hair down. How cute~!" he said looking up. I gave him a confused look and then grabbed his arms, trying to push him off of me and to get him to let go. I know it was unlikely to happen, seeing I was terribly weak and he was so much stronger than me, but heck was I going to try.

"Get off of me you pervert!" I whisper~yelled at him. He chuckled and shook his head no.

"Why? I am not allowed to hang out with my love? So cruel Rio~chan~!" he smirked while saying that. Tired from trying to push him off, I gave up. Love me? I bet you he doesn't! He shouldn't lie about stuff like that.

"Stop joking around and get off of me!" I said, still tired from attempting to push him off.

He chuckled and said "Who said I was joking?". Quickly, he leaned his head up towards my face and smirked into it. I blushed more at his actions. I then began to wobble. Before I knew it, I was falling off the bed. To my luck, Izaya caught me with one arm around my waist.

I closed my eyes, just still a bit scared I would fall. Once I felt my whole back against the mattress and I was safe from falling, I opened my eyes. Then, I notticed Izaya was on top of me on his hands and knees, like a lion with its prey.

"Get off of me!" I yelled at him. Izaya just chuckled and shook his head no. After a few seconds, he sighed and let go of me. Then, he stood up and put his hands in his pocket.

"Alright, but you have to get dressed and ready, we are going on a date.". I looked at him as if he had 4 heads, totally not seeing where that statement had come from. He cockiness was nausiating and...THE HELL DID HE COME UP WITH THAT IDEA! Stop trying to play around like you actually like me, that is cold Izaya.

"No way! I still barely know you!" I said, crossing my arms in front of my chest.

He chuckled and said "Exactly, and when we go we will get to know each other. Perhaps even more, like more skin deep." He chuckled as I blushed.

"You perverted idiot!" I yelled.

He just chuckled some more and said "It was just a joke, but you probably wish it wasn't head!".

My face darkened and I said "Of course I don't you idiot! Stop putting false words in my mouth!". He just laughed at me as my blush got worse. You are just a cruel, perverted, tease.

He put one hand out of his pocket and stretched it out towards me. "Now, come on." he said with a smirk, but yet calm voice. Of course I wouldn't comply, but for some reason my body didn't want to say 'no'.

Deep down, I did kind of want to go. I want to know more about him and why he is the way he is. As to why he plays with people. I know it may be dangerous, but my heart doesn't want to turn down this oppurtunity. I may not get a chance to ever do this again, but then again what if he has something in store for me, a plan that would torture and torment me forever...or perhaps worse.I hesistated at first, but then eventually moved my right hand, ever so slowly, and took his hand.

"Alright." I complied. His smirk turned into a devious grin.

"Good!". Instantly, he yanked my arm closer to him. I began to fall forward and off my bed, until he took his other hand out of his pocket and grabbed my waist. Before I had a chance to fall,he grabbed me close and hugged me, one of our hands intertwined and held at level to his face to his side.

He chuckled and said "Isn't this more comfortable, ne?". I blushed even more and tried to move out of his grasp. He just chuckled and held a bit tighter, not that he had to since I was so weak. I gave up after a few seconds, as he then let go of me. he began walking to the door as I stood there, emotionless, with a slight blush still visable. "Well, be ready within fifteen minutes Rio~Chan, we have a lot to do today~!". I rolled my eyes and nodded. He smirked and then walked out my door, closing it behind him.

I just know this is going to be a long day...