I crawled closer to Izaya and put my hands on his shirt, clinching it tightly in my hands. I couldn't tell if I was crying or water was dripping to wildly from my hair. My face was to numb from the shock this day has given me.

"Izaya?" I whispered, my mind slowly becoming less hazy. Memories still kept popping up in my head, reminding me what happened what seems seconds ago. I began shaking his shirt, trying to wake him up. Come on dammit, Izaya! Wake up!

"Izaya!" I spoke a bit a bit louder this time. I shook his shirt harder. "Izaya!" I yelled now. There was no way I could deny that I was crying now. I could feel the water flowing from my eyes rapidly, my tears were falling at a fast speed. I put my head on his chest, scared. He can't die! Not because of me! I didn't mean for him to die...especially the guy I liked.

Even if he was a bad guy, he doesn't deserve to die! Besides, why did he do the things from earlier? First he always sends me plummeting to my dead, and then is kind to me and says that he loves me? It doesn't make any sense! I want to know why. Why he treated me the way he did. Why he was so kind to me. Why he was showing a side of him that I am sure not many other people have seen, if any.

The sound coughing quickly interrupted me from my thoughts. I looked up at Izaya's face and saw him coughing, his eyes still closed but now more scrunched up. I looked up in bewilderment and hope. He isn't dead? I crawled closer to his head and sat on the shins of my legs. Gently, I lifted his head, placing it on my lap. I had no experience in CPR or anything when it came to healing someone. The only thing I knew I could do was this and to pet his hair, to at least give him some sort of comfort.

"I see you have woken up," He said while coughing roughly "Rio-chan, ne?" He kept coughing for a bit, his chest moving rapidly up and down. His eyes slowly opened, revealing his bloody red irises gazing upon my golden honey ones.. He smiled weakly, obviously trying to make the situation not as bad as it seems. I couldn't help but be mad at him. No, not him, I take that back. I am mad about this whole damn situation! Everything from when I walked out of the cabin. Even when I said those mean things to him too. Everything about me, I just want to end! To end my very existence and cause no more pain for myself and especially others around me.

"You baka! Why did you do that?" My tears and crippled voice betraying the calm look I tried to portray. He chuckled and slowly moved one hand up to my cheek, his hand shaking ever so slightly. He grazed my cheek for a second, feeling my skin, and then put his hand back on the sand by his side.

"To save you, baka. Don't call me the baka, I am your hero, heh." He looked at me with his eyes for a moment more and then continued to close them slowly. I stopped petting his hair and put my hands on the sand to hold me up as I looked over him to see his wounds. They were long cuts. I couldn't tell how deep, however his shirt was drenched in a lot of blood. I very carefully lifted his head so he could look at his wounds on his chest.

"You're bleeding, please don't die. Please don't die." I murmured as my tears got worse. I now hated and despised every part of myself for what I had caused. I did this to him. Not anyone else, but me. I might as well have stabbed him continuously to get this result of which I have now! He opened his eyes again, only being half-lidded.

"It isn't that bad! Don't be sad, I didn't want this to happen. I didn't want you to cry.".

"I should call an ambulance!" Right before I stood up, he moved his hand quickly to mine held it tightly. He shook his head "no".

"Please, don't do that. It wouldn't be necessary. I will be fine, I know that. I am not dying or anything. Trust me on this one, please." Izaya begged. I stared at him, trying to see if I should trust him.

"Fine, but what should I do. Izaya, please help me help you." my tears falling from my face in a rushing manner.

"I know what'll help me." he said. He put his right hand on my cheek, touching it lightly, and moved his head closer to mine as his eyes began to slowly close. Slowly, I mimicked his facial expression and moved my face closer to his, turning mine slightly to the side. Gently and gracefully, our lips touched, yearning deeply for what we have now just done. His opulent lips moving my soft, endearing ones. Nothing can be compared to this moment.

Maybe I am being naive, then again maybe I am not. This eternal feeling is not one that can be resembled to any other felt before. There is one thing I am sure of; I am in love with Izaya Orihara.

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