Chapter 4: The Saying

"You know this saying, when you love something set it free and if it comes back, your together forever. But it doesn't, it was never meant to be." Prussia said in his drunken state of mind.

"Where is that coming from?" Germany asked, not even feeling a buzz yet. "Prussia, is this about the..."

"Don't say that word." It was a weak threat, but still a threat.

"Okay fine, but your going to have to get use to the thought." Taking a sip of his drink.

"And I will, when you break up and I can breathe at ease again." Taking a long tope of his beer.

Germany just shook his head to his brother's words. At the rate of things, Prussia will never come to expect things with him and Italy. Bad enough, there was already one brother that hated this, now they had two.

Again, really this came out of nowhere, but Italy gave Germany peace of mind. Shocking or not. He wanted his brother to understand, that it was time to let go of his baby brother. It was hard to believe that they went this far. Just telling that Italy said yes and all Prussia did was drink five mugs a beer.

"I don't want to say goodbye."

"Your not, Gilbert, please don't make this sound like I'm leaving you."

"But, you just go without thinking, pop the question, and don't tell me for a month. How else would I have to feel like?"

"I'll come and visit."

"With him, no less." Sinking farther into his seat.

Germany, suddenly rose from his seat. "Look, you can't be mature for five seconds, then don't come. You would have been a waste of space anyway." Paid for his drinks and left, without looking back.

Gilbert, finally awake from his drunken haze, coming to realizing of what just happen. His brother doesn't want him to show up. If he can't get use to the thought, he couldn't come. His body shaking to the core. Feeling like an idiot.

"What have I done?"