Chapter 6: Brother to...

"Okay, Germany, you dragged the awesome me all the way here. What do you want?" Prussia asked, walking along side with his little brother.

"Just be quiet when you see Italy."

Oh how Prussia wanted to define Germany the moment the words left his lips, they have being having that talk for the last seven years, nothing has change. Heading to the main bedroom, to see Italy asleep. Looking very weak?

"What happen to him?"

Germany leaving his love alone, even if Prussia didn't follow right a way, when he open another door, on the far side of the bed. How the room was designed, it made the awesome Gilbert want to see more of it.

"It was kind of shock to us, last night..." Walking to a cot, a set blocker to keep whatever it was from falling out.

"Is that..."

Germany not saying a word, as Prussia, just acted un–to him it was not–awesome and squeal like a girl. Seeing two bundles asleep in the cot. A little boy who look so much like Germany when he was young and a baby girl who was Italy, down to the odd little curl.

Without a second thought, pick one of them up and held the baby girl close to him.

"If I had known, that was going to happen. I would have called you sooner."

"Italy never told you?"

"No, for that I didn't think it could happen. Well, I called Japan for help and he was going on about some Cat Tempel God and his lover, who had the same fate some time ago, that with just the strength of love. And then, we became parents. All a blur, really. If you want the full story, go ask him."

"I see." Rubbing his cheek to the baby girl's. "Ich bin ein Onkel. Ein awesome Unlce ist was ich sein werde."

"Italy and I wouldn't have it any other way." Germany told him with a smile.


"Be right there..." Then looking to his brother.

"Go to him, he's needs you now. I got them."

Prussia knew that Germany was not his baby brother anymore. At first, the thought never set well with him, but Italy needed him and now they had their hands full with two bundles of joy. Which only made his mind know, that Prussia awesomeness was going to visit more often now.

"Hallo, meine kleine Prinzessin Sonnenschein." Kissing the baby girl on the forehead and then moving over to the boy to do the same. "und meine Stronge Ritter der awesomeness." Giving them both a smile.

The End.