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Last time when we left our three human protagonists they were knocked unconscious yet again and carted off through the way gate network that the apes had built. Shawn was the first of the group to awaken here woke the inside of a plain gray tent. What surprised Sean most was that the tent was standard Army construction. Inside with him was a table, a simple stool, and the bed he was laying on.

'What the fuck that was one weird ass dream' he rose to a sitting position rubbed the sleep from his eyes then proceeded to reach under the bed for his gear the only problem was he realized it wasn't there he then proceeded to look under the bed. 'No no no no no… This is not happening' he then rushed the door of his tent and stuck his head out he then observed high wooden walls. As he observed the wall he noted the positions of several sentries then along the bottom of the wall he noted the positions of several guards watching the prisoners he then came to the realization that he was in an enemy prisoner of war camp.

Shawn then felt someone put their hand on his shoulder he turned around wondering a look at being came face to face with a female cheetah Shawn promptly passed out.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SEXY LINE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Spyro awoke quite differently he awoke to black. More specifically he awoke to a bag over his head. When he tried to move he found that he was tied to an object this object felt uncomfortable to him the object he was tied to was none other than a chair meant for a human. Next he heard the door slam open and someone walking into the room. He heard someone set a chair directly in front of him.

"So Spyro the great purple dragon of legend." A voice said tauntingly, sounding distinctly like an ape. "You have something we want and you will give it to us."

"Why would I give anything to you." Spyro said sounding a lot braver than he felt.

"Because if you don't." Spyro heard a click noise and all of a sudden the room was filled with the sound of Cynder screaming.

"CYNDER CYNDER!" he screamed her name out.

"Oh yes Cynder a little Cynder, she can't hear you, can you really think we would give her a reason as to why she has to go through pain or don't worry you will suffer as well and I will enjoy making every moment of that happen."

Well mostly back this is a little chapter 6 teaser for you I hope to see you soon now that this is no longer on hold.