The Cure

Chapter 6

"Have you looked at these terms?" Chase asked, scanning the document for the upteenth time, taking a seat on the end of Thirteen's bed.

"Don't need to."

"It says that this Harry guy is willing to pay us up to three million dollars each for our help. He must really be desperate."

"So take the money. Or don't take the money." She said plainly, not looking up from the charts that she'd been studying.

"Is it really all about money with you?" Wilson asked.

"Of course not." Chase said. "Ever since House-"

"Don't." Thirteen said sharply as James cringed.

"I just need a new life." Chase explained. "M' not gonna lie, money plays a part in that. But this... is a chance to be a part of a whole other world. Cameron was right five years ago to start a new life."

"A new life..." Wilson mused. "I don't even know what that would look like."

"Rainy." Thirteen murmured, glancing out the window.


"Are you sure about this?" Jasper asked from a few aisles away. They were perusing the old house's library.

"More sure than I've been in a hundred years." Carlisle said, scanning a heavy tomb's illegible scribbles. "This is the experience of many lifetimes, to explore the magical world like never before for our kind." His emotions were lighter than Jasper had felt in years.

"Very well."

"You are, of course, free to choose your own path." The earnestness washing out from Carlisle made Jasper want to squirm away.

"Thank you." Jasper said softly. "But I wouldn't rather be anywhere else than with you right now."

"And though I am very pleased by your companionship, I hope you know that I believe that you would do as well without me as with me." Carlisle said, knowing that Jasper could feel his truthfulness. He set down the book and went over to the other man.

"I know you believe that. Sometimes I wish that I could have your confidence." He admitted. "The plane..." Jasper admitted, with a rush of guilt, thinking of the enclosed space. He hadn't taken a breath the whole time.

"Was a test, Jasper, and you passed." Carlisle assured.

"I cheated." He admitted.

"You did remarkably. Sometimes we hold ourselves to impossible standards." Carlisle's hand brushed Jasper's shoulder. "Come to London with us tomorrow?" Jasper nodded once.


"Hullo," Harry said as he entered one of the bigger sitting rooms that Hermione had chosen. He shook his wet hair out of his eyes and went to warm up by the fire.

"Doctor Cullen, Mr. Hale." He greeted the two men.

"Harry!" Teddy jumped off the arm of Hermione's chair and launched himself at his godfather.

"Hey kiddo, how was your day with your grandmother?"

"We went to Diagon Alley, and she took me to Uncle George's shop, and Fortescue's. Then in the afternoon Neville came over and we had tea with Mrs. Longbottom. She sure is getting old." Teddy rattled off. George snorted a laugh from the corner.

"Teddy! It isn't very polite to talk about someone's age." Harry admonished, trying and failing to hide a smile of his own.

"Sorry." Teddy said automatically, and hopped back up on Hermione's chair. "What are you reading about?"

"Wolfsbane." Harry shot her a dark look.

"Oh, are we going to try again?" Teddy said mildly, but there was a strain in his voice.

"No." Harry assured firmly, stepping over to brush the unruly hair from his godson's forehead.

"Wolfsbane?" Carlisle asked.

"It is a potion that werewolves sometimes use to keep their rational mind during transformations. It hasn't worked on Teddy though." Hermione said lightly, but with a dark look.

"Good evening," Dr. Wilson greeted, followed in by Chase and Hadley.

"Hungry, anyone?" Hermione suggested, closing her book. They all went to the dining room, where supper waited.

"Who cooks your meals?" Dr. Hadley asked.

"'Don't think you'd believe it if we told ya." George winked to her, passing a dish.

"Where is Neville?" Dr. Wilson asked.

"He works as a Healer, erm, magical doctor, at St. Mungo's the wizard hospital in London." Harry supplied, piling his plate with food.

"And what do you do Harry?" Carlisle asked.

"I'm an Auror, dark wizard catcher. Sort of like the police, I suppose." Harry said. Jasper noted a slight tinge of bitterness despite the man's easy smile.

"And Hermione?" Wilson asked.

"I work at the government, with magical creatures rights and relations between other magical societies." She answered.

"Joke shop." George supplied when the eyes of the room moved to him.

"I hope you didn't give Teddy anything too mischievous today..." Hermione warned, looking to the red head and Teddy. George exchanged a mysterious look with the boy.

"No ma'am." They said in unison, causing Hermione to huff out a sigh.