title: The Reason I Became a Witch
summary: 02.) Her blackened intentions are so obvious, and yet Hinata can't help but to go along
character[s]: Sakura & Hinata
notes: I have always wanted a confrontation between these two characters on the subject of Naruto. I am a big supporter of SasuSaku, but I do see that Sakura can also love Naruto too because they've been through so much together. I don't really think she'd be jealous or anything if Hinata and Naruto were to date, but I think there would be something off about her friendship with Hinata if that were to happen. It would be awkward for her that two of her friends were dating, just as it'd be awkward for Naruto if Sasuke and Sakura were to start kissing each other. Of course, this is not the scenario of this chapter. Nope. It's a lot more darker and twisted. Hee-hee!

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The Reason I Became a Witch

She bites her lower lip, and she plays with her fingers. She is unable to look at the girl sitting across from her, her eyes shifting here and there. Something has been off about her friend, she knows, ever since she came back. And that very same something intimidates and frightens the Hyuga heiress.

"Would you like anything?" the waiter asks.

"Oh, bubble tea please. Lychee-flavored." Sakura answers, a sweet smile on her face. But even without her bloodline, Hinata can see that the smile didn't reach up to Sakura's now dark and almost glowing emerald eyes. "What about you, Hinata-chan?" And her voice is too sweet, as if she were trying too hard. "Get anything you want. I'm paying."

Hinata wonders if anyone else notices that Sakura was only putting on an act. "Oh, I . . . It's . . ." she stutters for a moment, wanting to turn down her fellow kunoichi's offer, but she sees Sakura's eyes narrowing slightly and that puts her off. "Anything's alright with me," she decided to say instead. It came out almost half-strangled. "You know what I like best."

"Hm, right." Sakura's reply is smug, her lips pulling to the side and her eyes rolling under closed eyelids. She only does this in under a second and turns to bat her eyelashes at the waiter. "She'll have bubble tea, too. Cantaloupe-flavored with a sprinkle of cinnamon on top please."

The waiter is so mesmerized by the femme fatale that he almost forgets to write down the order. He bows his head and returns to the kitchen after promising their orders to be out in five minutes.

The two girls are now back in silence, Sakura inspecting her nails and Hinata just watching with a raised eyebrow. Since when has Sakura been so focused on her apperance? And suddenly, Hinata realizes that, with this new personality of hers, Sakura has undergo so many changes. Her hair, for one thing, is now in a bob reaching up to her neckline. Hinata is now wondering whether or not this is just some innocent tact to get Sasuke's attention.

"Do you know why I asked to speak with you?"

Hinata is snapped out of her thoughts by the icy tone the cherry blossom had taken. "I…" In truth, the Hyuga had been wondering that too. For the past month or so, Sakura had ignored her if possible and even seemed to dislike her company. Hinata doesn't know why it seemed like that, but she has a feeling that she would find out soon.

"From your expression, I can tell that you don't."

Again, Hinata bites her bottom lip as Sakura turns her head and stares elsewhere. Hinata notices that the Haruno is irritated, heaving an exasperated sigh. She is about to ask her friend what was the matter when the waiter comes back with their drinks, and Sakura's act is back on.

"Thank you," she tells him before taking a sip and crossing her legs. Hinata watches the waiter as his eyes travel up Sakura's long legs before leaving.

Sakura's smile drops once he is out of sight, and another silence befalls the two of them. Hinata feels the stiffness of the air around them, and she decides to stir her drink with her straw.

"I want you to stay away from Naruto." Sakura does not even try to cushion her words.

The sentence has Hinata staring with wide eyes and her mouth gaping. "Wh-What?"

"I hope you don't take me the wrong way, Hinata. It's not you." From the way Sakura spoke, Hinata found doubt in her last statement. "To tell the truth, I wouldn't have liked it either if Naruto had been dating another girl."

"I . . . I don't understand. I thought—"

"Whatever you thought is not reality." The pink-haired kunoichi's gaze was almost deadly. "In fact, you know that too, right? The fact that not everyone including me would approve of your dating Naruto?"

"I . . . I know that! I just…"

"Thought you could give it more time?" Sakura inquired, stunning Hinata into shock with her cold tone. "I never thought you could do something so stupid. Why keep delaying the inevitable? It would only have hurt both you and Naruto more when you had to part ways."

"Why would we have to part?" Hinata countered, tears threatening to fall. "We love each other! We could face anything together, be it ridicule or—"

"Don't you dare say that to me when you haven't even told Neji about your relationship yet! You know it, too! I've told you. Not everyone is going to accept your relationship, and you know it! That's why you've kept this from your family."

"I just need more time…"

"I said it before. More time will only hurt you and Naruto more. Hinata, please…" She took the heiress's hands into hers and pleaded in such a sincere voice that Hinata almost gave in entirely. "Understand where I'm coming from. Naruto will become Hokage." Her voice dropped to a whisper, as if she were starting to cry. "It's his dream… It's always been his dream. But . . . he can't fulfill it, if your whole clan hates him for deciding to date their heiress."

"I . . . I didn't know that… Naruto . . . he never told me."

"Why would he tell you?" Sakura asked her. "He doesn't want you to worry about him. Your relationship hasn't even gotten that far yet where you both know each others' secrets. Don't make this harder than it has to be, Hinata. You can protect his dream. It's in your hands whether or not he has the chance to live it out. Think about it."

Hinata doesn't know what to say, doesn't know what else to feel but guilt. What Sakura said is true. Naruto couldn't become Hokage if one clan was against him. He would have to give up his dream to be with her.

"What are you doing?" A gruff and familiar voice comes into the restuarant then, and Sasuke pulls Sakura by her wrist up from her chair.

"It's none of your concern!" she protests in a snarl.

"You're coming with me! Now!"

Hinata has never seen Sasuke so angry before.

But before Sasuke drags Sakura away, his teammate pries his hand off of her arm. There is a short glaring contest between the two of them, and Hinata shrinks into the background, not wanting to be a part of something so ferocious.

Soon, Sakura turns to her once again. "I've asked nicely, Hinata. Don't let me catch you around him again or you'll suffer the consequences." And she leaves the building in a fury, Sasuke glancing at the Hyuga for only a second before following.

Hinata is baffled by what has played out. She is confused by Sakura's antics. First, she was cold. Then, nice and pleading. And now, cruel and cold again. But despite all of Sakura's actions, Hinata knows what her blackened intentions are now. She doesn't know what has changed to make Sakura like this, but she knows the kunoichi that had spoke with her was definitely not her friend. She knows that from the bottom of her heart because she knows that the real Sakura would never have been so selfish. The real Haruno Sakura would never keep her boys away from happiness.

And yet, despite all that, Hinata knows there is nothing she can do but go along with Sakura's—no, not Sakura's but that girl's—plans because she will not be the one to stand between Naruto and his dreams. Never would she think of it.