title: The Reason I Became a Witch
summary: 05.) She has to be careful because she knows the same repertoire won't get through to him anymore. Perhaps it's time to stop pretending to cry.
character[s]: Sakura, Sasuke, and an unnamed voice (who you'll probably be able to guess who it is with the two hints in this chapter)
notes: In chronological order, this happens right after Sakura speaks with Hinata in Chapter Two.
notes 2: AH! I DIDN'T UPDATE THIS IN TEN MONTHS! I'M SO SORRY! SO VERY SORRY! I DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED! I'M SO VERY SORRY! Updates should be a bit more quicker now that I have a better idea of how this story may progress. Again, so very sorry!
notes 3: Okay, since this story was made before the manga revealed Obito was Tobi, any person called Madara in this story is that newly revived Madara, okay? Obito will be called Obito, and Madara will be Madara to avoid any confusion, so the Madara in the past chapters is that newly revived Madara, kay?

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The Reason I Became a Witch

He's angry… She knows he's angry… He's angry with her

She leans against the sink, her forehead touching the mirror, her sigh fogging up the looking glass. Her hands are shaking, gripping the edge of the counter. It's a good thing she's the best at chakra control or she may have destroyed her sink with that inhuman strength of hers.

She lets out another sigh as she thinks, lifting her head from the mirror and then slamming it back against the glass as she tries to think of a way out of this problem.

Honestly, she didn't think this big of a problem would have occured from that little white lie she told Ino—she calls it a white lie because it had essentially gotten her out of a sticky situation when she had told it. Surely, the pig would've kept her mouth shut about something so life-changing, but no! Ino just had to meet up with Sasuke on her way to the Hokage Mansion, and she just had to slap him! She just had to slap him in front of almost half of the Konoha population—half because Sakura knows that those who saw the Uchiha Sasuke getting slapped would gossip day in and out about it—and confront him right there and then!

"Damn it all…" Sakura moans in an attempt to relieve her stress. It doesn't work, and it doesn't help either when she opens her eyes to find herself staring into a reflection with hazel specks in her green irises. "God!" she cries in exasperation, turning on the faucet. It doesn't matter to her if the water's freezing cold because, once the water starts running, she splashes handful after handful of it onto her face. She only stops when she sees that her eyes are back to just being spring green.

"You know, even if you try to push it off as a hallucination, you can't change the fact that it still happened again."

Sakura covers her ears with her hands, trying to block out the voice and forgetting to turn off the water.

"It's not good to hide your wounds."

Sakura presses harder against her ears but to no avail. The voice is still loud and clear.

"Even though I'm looking after you, the consequences of keeping such mental trauma to oneself is still very damaging. You—"

"SHUT UP!" Sakura yells. "Whose fault is it that I'm suffering? Whose fault is it that I'm so conflicted right now? If Obito hadn't tried to use me to ressurrect you then none of this would have happened! I wouldn't have been so desperate! I wouldn't have done the things I did if it weren't for you!"

The voice doesn't speak again, and this only further enrages the pinkette until she finally screams a scream that matches the volume of all that's been weighing on her heart and she collapses onto the floor, her knees hitting the cold floor with a smack against the thin film of overflown water.

"What do you think you're doing?"

Her watery eyes widen when she hears the deep and angry voice. How . . . when did he come into the room without her noticing? Her eyes follow the Uchiha as he turns off the faucet and as he throws towels onto the wet floor to soak up all of the water that has overflown from the sink. He's quiet during all this, and he doesn't even throw a glance at her.

She doesn't know if this saddens or angers her more, but she tries to hold back her tears. She holds them back because crying might worsen her situation—and her mood considerably. She has to be careful now because she knows the same repertoire won't get through to him anymore. She has to be careful, she has to be, or she might lose him too. And that, she cannot have.