A/N: My first time writing a Rory/Harmony FanFic. Written for my creative writing class.

Harmony Anderson had just transferred to McKinley High School. She knew no one except for her brother, Blaine and Kurt and Rachel from the NYADA mixer.

"I'm lost, do you know where the Cheerios try outs are?" Harmony asked a guy she saw in the hallway.

"In the gym, it's by the cafeteria except go down a little ways and to the left." The guy said, he had an irish accent.

"Thanks!" Harmony said, as she started to walk towards the gym.

"I never caught your name." He called to her.

"It's Harmony." She said over her shoulder as she turned the corner. She paused for a moment, halfway around the corner.

"Thanks again, Ireland." She smiled and walked off.

"It's Rory." He called after her.

A/N: I know it's really short, but we only had five minutes to write it and I wanted it be short and brief for their first time meeting. I WILL add more chapters as I go along and write.